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Recces of Music Video-E20 This room is perfect for our scenes that we will be filming within here as when cleared we are able to have an open space to work with. We can also use the green screen to create our setting. The lighting within the room is available to create our spot light. It is big enough for our camera crew and actresss as we will be using everyone (all crew & all actresss). When filming we will be able to book the room our so that no pupils will be effected or disturb while filming is taken place. It is also next to the editing suite so we can access our work when needing to which will be convenient. When in this room we will be using a smoke machine and having this size of space will be able to effectively create the atmosphere appropriate to our work.

Recces of Music Video-Music Room We will be filming in the music room to record our singer singing the soundtrack. We need to use this room because it has all the appropriate equipment to show it is a music room eg the guitars and drums. Also we will be filming her writing and thinking of the lyrics which shows the process of the song. The advantages of this room is the pure fact it is really a music so we didnt have to buy any props or change a huge amount to the room. The room has no windows which could use to our advantage as there will be no glare on the window or have the danger of anyone walking past. The disadvantages is the lighting. As it has no windows there is only artificial lighting which could look harsh on screen and no natural light coming through. It is also a very small room so if there is a fire it will be hard to get out. As it is very small its hard to move the cameras around. After looking at the advantages and disadvantages we believe it is a suitable environment to record both the visual and the vocal recordings.

Recces of Music Video- Recording roomWe will be where we are recording our singers voice to the Mac so we can use a females voice to suite our story and footage. This is the perfect room to record as it has all the appropriate equipment. We are also recording her singing while she is recording to create a studio effect. The advantages of this room as the equipment is correct and there are black curtains around so there are no distractions in the background. The disadvantages of this room is there is no natural lighting so we have to use artificial lights which could make the screen a luminous color if too bright. Also the room is on the small side so it will be hard to move around with equipment as well.

Recces of Music Video- RooftopWe are using this location for our ancillary tasks for our photo shoot. We used this rooftop because is gave us an open space, no public distractions and it gives us a rustic feel. The advantages of this location is the lighting is perfect (if its not raining), its a wide space to get a good variety of angles. Its not a public place so there will be no distractions. The background is very rustic which was the feel we wanted to go for which is perfect. The disadvantages to this locations is the dangers of being on a roof top. There are no barriers on the edge so we have to be extremely cautious.

This editing suit is ideal for us to do all the post filming editing for both the music video and both ancillary tasks. There is plenty of room and more than enough computers for us to even have two each. There is the most up to date software on the apple macs including Live Type, Garage Band, Final Cut and Photoshop. The screens are large, so we are able to zoom in and edit precisely. There is also a television in the room so we are able to view our work as our audience would.