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    Relationship AssessmentBasic tools for Key Account Management

    Olivier Riviere ConsultingMay 2011

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    Scope of this document




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    Position in global KAM/GAM Methodology

    Value of a precise analysis of the relationship

    Understand the internal dynamic of the client

    Provides an overall picture

    Allows in-depth analysis of all human factors

    Strategic planning on the account

    Tactical planning & execution, preparation of specific negotiations

    A crucial part of KAM!

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    Reminder: the buying centre


    Initiators Gatekeepers Buyers Deciders Influencers Users

    In reality, all playersin a buying centerhave some sort ofinfluence

  • What you should know

    About your client contacts Their charter, how they are measured Their personal agenda and goals Their style and taste Current and future key projects What they think and feel about you and your company

    About your own companys material and activities All marketing material and activities that can be personally

    relevant to each of your contacts A sense of when to deliver them the right content

    Relationshipassessment tools Page5

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    Basic tools for relationship assessment

    Orgchart +RelationshipMatrixofkeycontacts+driversforengagementMapofpositiontowardsvendor/projectEcosystem/ContactmapResultsofclientreviews/satisfactionsurveys(notfeaturedhere)


  • Orgchart + Relationship (example)

    Relationshipassessment tools Page7


    MTS DivisionGMs name

    VOIP DivisionGMs name CFO Name

    Corp Comm GroupVPs name

    Sales TeamSales Dir. name

    Mktg TeamMktg Dir. name

    Sales TeamSales Dir. name

    Mktg TeamMktg Dir. name Internal comms PR Manager

    Star Sales Managername

    Local Sales Agencies???

    Other sales managers???

    Currently opposedSome level of interestCollaboration

    Unaware or neutral

  • Page8Relationshipassessment tools

    Matrix of key contacts and engagement plan

    Name /Function

    Attitude towardsyour company

    Areas of interest Engagement

    All existing contacts but also important persons who should be contacted

    1. Not aware2. Opposed3. Neutral4. Advocate

    Key drivers for this person

    Also, personal goals and data on internal politics

    Goal and planned actions with their timelines

    A solid account plan must include this matrix(the number of columns may vary according to the desired depth of analysis

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    Mapping influencers ( Account management)

    Courtesy eoKAM (KamUp! Application)

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    Mapping influencers (Account Management)

    Courtesy eoKAM (KamUp! Application)

  • Page11Relationshipassessment tools

    Passive Active




    Sleeper Ambassador




    Rarely Often

    Mapping influencers (PA, PR, KAM)

    Courtesy Grayling

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    Courtesy Herwig Rollet CEO, XohanDeveloped with the Consideo Modeler

    Ecosystem map exampleSpecialized internet portal

    XOHANAis an intelligentportal focusing

    on very specificMarket niches

    This map featuresboth the

    constituenciesand the channel

    to reach them

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    Internal Influencers programme matrixComplexity Analysis & Planning Engagement



    Description of buying centre featuring each player with motivation and attitude

    Selective distribution of relevant information and content


    Precise account map with status of relationship with key contacts

    Same as above plus:Explore agenda and deep motivationLeverage external influencers (individuals)(If already clients): regular meetings with all key stakeholdersClient Reference Programme


    Networking and influence-building plan covering all relevant contacts

    Same as above plus:Executive sponsorVendor of Choice Prof.Customer ClubCustomer Advisory Board

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