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Reported Speech

Direct SpeechReported Speech


Will you open the door?She asked him to open the door.

Can you open the door?


Would you like to visit us?She invited him to visit them.

What about visiting us?

Lets go out tonight.She suggested going out that night.

That sounds a great idea.She accepted the invitation


Shall I make you a coffee?She offered to make him a coffee.

Yes pleaseShe accepted the offer.

No thanks.She refused the offer.

Asking for Advice

What would you do if you were me?She asked him to give her advice.

What shall I do?

Giving advice

You should get up earlier.She advised him to get up earlier.

Why dont you get up earlier?She suggested that he (should) get up earlier.

If I were you, Id get up earlier.


Hello.She greeted him.

Good morning.

ByeShe said good-bye to him.

See you.

How are you?She enquired about his health.


Im sorry Ive broken your vase.She apologized for breaking his vase.

Its OK. I never liked it anywayHe accepted her apology and explained

that he had never liked the vase.

Short Answers

Yes, I doShe said she did.

No, I dont.She said she didnt.


DamnShe swore.

Blimey.She shouted angrily.

Ouch!She shouted in pain.

Wow!She shouted excitedly.

Congratulations.She congratulated him on his success.

Sorry?She asked him to repeat what he had said

Im really sorry.She expressed her sympathy.


1. Change the following mini dialogues into reported speech.

Hi Joe. How are you?

Fine thanks.

Would you like to go dancing tonight, Jane?

Sorry I cant. You know Im preparing for a hard test.

Ive just had a row with my girlfriend. How could I make it up for her?

Why dont you take her to that new Italian restaurant? Im sure shed be happy to go.

Im ever so sorry but Ive forgotten to post your letter.

Never mind. It wasnt that important.

Ouch! Ive hit my hand on the heater.

Im sorry. Shall I give you a painkiller?

No thanks. But could you carry my bag, please?

Yes, certainly.

Guess what! Ive just got an A+ for my history project.

Well done!

Shall I help you with your Maths homework?

Will you? Its very kind of you. What about meeting at my place later this evening?

Well, not tonight because Im busy. Lets meet at my place tomorrow morning.

OK. Ill be there. Bye.

2. Reconstruct the original dialogues.

Joe telephoned Jill and asked her to go with him to a concert. She refused the invitation because she was expecting some relatives. Joe was disappointed and suggested going out on Friday night. Jill accepted the invitation and hung up.

Max apologized for arriving late at Marys party. He gave her a bunch of red roses and a box of chocolates. Mary was delighted with the presents and showed him the way to her house, where she introduced him to her friends.

Stacey visited her old friend Sarah, who was very nervous because she couldnt find her bank card. Stacey offered to help her find it, and suggested that Sarah should contact her bank as soon as possible.

Bob was very disappointed because he had put on some weight recently. He asked Bill to give him some advice on how to lose weight. Bill advised him to take up a sport and invited him to join his football team. Bob refused to take the advice because he was bad at football. Bill didnt believe it and suggested that Bob should give it a try. Bob was not really sure about it, but in the end they agreed to meet on Wednesday afternoon at the football work-out.