Research Grants and Projects Discovery Service ANDS Webinar 12th August 2015 Monica Omodei, ANDS

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Research Grants and Projects Discovery Service ANDS Webinar 12th August 2015 Monica Omodei, ANDS Slide 2 Where did all the grants go ? research grants and projects are no longer in the default RDA search a separate Explore service just for research activity has been part of RDA since April this is a pilot service needing your feedback so we can meet different communities needs Slide 3 Whats in it and how did it get there? Research Data Australia aggregates: o research grant information supplied by funders o research project information supplied by research institutions Funders via offline supply of spreadsheets o NHMRC o ARC o Others Data Contributors via an ANDS feed of Activity Records Slide 4 Pilot search service demo demo Slide 5 Why do we bother ? project descriptions provide extra context for the published datasets most past research projects have no published datasets but may have produced data that can be re-used the grant identifier can pull together related datasets and publications funders want to see research outputs from their funding programs reported one-stop shop for oz research which can be aggregated into global research discovery portals Slide 6 Why is the grant identifier important? To connect all published research outputs from the same grant Funders grant IDs are only unique for that funder Research sector needs persistent, resolvable and globally unique grant identifier PURL identification system chosen with format: e.g. currently resolves to the view page in RDA but could resolve to the ARC pageARC page Slide 7 Why is the Grants API important? enables institutional systems to include grant look-up selection in their data entry forms enables inclusion of Australian research grants in other discovery services (discipline, institutional and global) enables analysis of research funding across multiple funders and institutions Slide 8 Connecting data collection to grant(s) Add grant identifier(s) to metadata about the data collection in repository Alternatively Connect data collections to projects and add grant identifier(s) to project metadata If no grant identifier Add funder Add funders grant ID Add title/description if possible Slide 9 9 The following screenshot is from the University of South Australias DMPS (Data Management Planning System) Slide 10 10 Slide 11 Connecting a publication to a grant Add grant identifier to the metadata about publication in the institutional repository IR publications are harvested by Trove ANDS harvests this connection from Trove See Trove guide Tagging publications with ARC and NHMRC grants Tagging publications with ARC and NHMRC grants Slide 12 QUT IR example screenshot Slide 13 Example grant views in RDA Slide 14 More grant details from more funders Ongoing engagement with ARC and NHMRC to obtain public identifiers for investigators obtain all institutions (not just administering organisation) improve automation so grant data always current Working with Federal Department of the Environment to obtain descriptions of grants Approaching funding bodies on National Competitive Grants Register to request grant descriptions Slide 15 Current Status Most data collection descriptions do not contain the related grant identifier(s) Most research project descriptions do not contain the purl grant identifier, their start and end dates or the managing institution Limited coverage in RDA of research grants from funders other than ARC and NHMRC Limited coverage in RDA of research projects (past and present) undertaken at Australian research institutions Slide 16 Our Message research institutions can now provide descriptions of all their research projects to RDA more funders will be supplying grant information to RDA institutional systems have look-up widget for quick selection of grants (rather than free text input) please give us feedback on how to improve this service Slide 17 References ANDS Guide to Research Grants and Projects Research Grants API Documentation Grant Lookup Demo Widget ARDC Activity Infrastructure Content Providers Guide - Activity Best Practice FundRef Tagging Publications with NHMRC and ARC grants Slide 18 18 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia License ANDS is supported by the Australian Government through the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy (NCRIS).