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Ganoderma ------CONTACT ON----RAMJI SINGH,SADIQ NAGAR,NEW DELHI.110049. MOBILE NO. 8882367544

Testimonials-(CancerPatients) (1) Mrs. Nalini - Small lump -1 biopsy taken at CMC Vellore - was diagnosed as breast cancer (right multiple lymph nodes + axillary + surgical procedure with chemotherapy was given. Patient's general condition became very weak, lost all hair with nutritional deficiency. Advised Ganotherapy and started from Sep 2000 1 pair to start with than increased gradually RG-2, GL-4 (6-6-6) for 2 months with regular follow up. December 2000, patient's general condition improved. RG-4, GL-8 (12-12-12) for 2 months with Gano coffee thrice. General health improved, weight gained, skin improved and good hair growth. CT scan chest and upper abdomen liver, gall bladder, spleen pancreas reveals no abnormality. No evidence of any enlarged nodes seen in the lower abdomen portahepatis and in relation to retro peripheral vessels. When compared with previous scan 04.09.2000, there is very minimal increase in the number of lesions. No evidence of any enlarged nodes in axilla.Patient clinically free from metastasis. Advised to be on RG-2, GL-4 (6-6-6) for 3 months, Gano coffee 3 times with regular follow up.

(2) Mrs. Rajini Sarma, Karnrup, Assam. - She was suffering from Cancer of Oesophagus (Middle third) since last 1999 and was treated with Radio therapy in Dr.B. Barooah Cancer Institute, Guwahati, Assam and 8 months later again. She felt difficulty in swallowing both solid as well as liquid and recurrance of the same was seen. After necessary examination, she was advised to continue for a course of Chemo-therapy again and discharged with regular medical advice. But gradually her weakness increased to ten fold, and wide spread metastasis was noticed in association with paralysis of both the lower limbs and a big bed sore on thelowe back. Patient does not want to take food and drink and crying all the time (day & night), tendency to take food is almost decreased except a few sips of water or liquid in some moments. As the day progressed, her general condition worsened and developed a kind of suicidal tendency scatting, "please give a poisonous injection so that I can die without any trouble to the family" or "hit me with a bullet".. etc. Ganotherapy was started on 28th of January 2001with 2 pairs of RG + GL twice daily (consuming the capsule with milk/water) and noticed keenly. After two days, she could recover her hunger, felt very relaxed and sleepy on 6th day she asked for semi-solid food (masked rice with dal) and 9th day she asked to put oil on her hairs and wanted to sit in early sun-light. Gradually her bed-sore reduced in size and feeling much better than earlier.

(3) Mrs. Puttayamma, 60 years, referred by Dr.Malathy Ramani. 5th May 2000, cancer cervic, HB treated with radiotherapy. Biopsy poorly differentiated squamous cells, cancerous wound in vulvovaginal region, severe pain and purulent discharge. 21.09.2000, 1 pair for 1st week and 2 pairs morning and evening till 31.10.2000 and 3 pairs for one month. Patient general condition improved very well, side effects of radiotherapy had come down. 27.11.2000 started RG 2x2x2 for 6 days, GL 4x4x4 for 6 days. Patient was looking healthy. Pain had come down. Scan revealed the Tumour Mass had come down and no further spread. 04.12.2000 RG-3, GL-6 daily. General condition improved very well. 10.01.2001 - RG-2, GL-2 till April 2001. 15.07.2001 - General condition good, no weight loss. 17.11.2002 Scan revealed uterus atrophic size reduced, no free fluid. General condition good, 2 pairs daily for maintenance.

(4) Shanthi - Suffering from Cancer, left breast since 2001 May. Had undergone the operation chemotherapy and radiation within 7 months. During the periodic check up at Adayar, they found that there is some growth in the right breast. Both fine needle aspiration test and the biopsy showed some calcification. I came to know about Ganotheraphy inMarch 2003 and started taking it regularly. I took RG 2+GL 4 twice daily with Morinzhi syrup. I believe that the RG and GL and Morinzhi has made everything normal and above all God'shelp. Presently I am healthy and I am now working as nurse and social worker, working among the women groups> I visit my villag regularly and I feel I am alright.

(5) Mrs. Rajini- India - Cancer : Monocytic Leukemia Terminal Case : WBC TC: 800: Hb: 5.1g. Presenting symptom : Bleeding gums, bleeding rectum, bleeding pervagina, Respiratory Distress, Every 5th day required blood transfusion. (Patient advised by cancer inst. to undergo bone marrow transplantation costing around Rs. 11 lakh failing which they can't assure her life beyond 5 days) 22.02.00 General Condition improved : WBC TC: 1200, Bleeding gums, PR & PV stopped completely. 29.02.00 WBC TC: 2400, Blood transfusion given Hb: 9.7g. 07.03.00 Hb: 9.1g, WBC TC: 2200 clinically stable. 15.03.00 General condition further improved, patient able to do all her work independently including outside work. 23.03.00 Additional protein mix given. Patient felt energetic and could handle her SIL's FIL's dealt with work load as a normal person. Hb: 8.7g WBC TC: 3300 23.04.00 Same condition, therapeutic plateau 09.05.00 Hb reduced, blood transfusion given after two months. Condition stable WBC : 1800

(6) Mr. Ramalah - India - Cancer : Carcinoma both vocal cords. Treated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Patient all right for 3 months. On routine checkup, found out at cancer Inst. Recurrence of growth in left vocal cord. Advised immediate operation costing Rs. 30,000/- that the patient can not afford. 10.04.00 Condition Same 17.04.00 Condition improved with change of voice. Patient able to talk clearly. 23.04.00 General well being felt by patient. Patient attended his work without problem. 01.05.00 After taking Lingzhi coffee along with RG-GL, patient developed increased appetite, gain weight and speed is normal. 25.05.00 Status Quo : Patient okay.

(7) Mrs. Meng Yunqing - China - I was informed I had colon cancer in Dec. 2001. In Jan. 2002 I was operated on and started chemotherapy. In 2003, I was re-examined and operated on again, but only to find that the cancer had spread all over my belly. The doctor said that no therapy was needed and I left the hospital. I stayed in bed all day long and could not eat anything. My belly ached. Then, I took Ganoderma Lucidum. After Ihad taken one bottle, the ache decreased and my appetite increased. I could even walk about in the room.

(8) Mrs. Xie Yingyin - China - I was found bleeding, nasal obstruction, tinnitus in 2002. After examination, the report was that I got N-P.C., and started the chemotherapy in the Center Hospital . During the period, I had thirstily, sore-throat, WBC reduced & lost her appetite. When my husband got the news that Ganoderma Lucidum has a good function of anti-tumor, I started to take it. After taking it 10 days, the number of WBC increased obviously, while the side effects diminished. As a result of these, the chemotherapy took over successfully. Now I can work normally.(9) Mrs. Qian'xiaochun - China - In July 1999, I got rectum cancer. After operation, I started three stages of chemotherapy every three month. But the side effects of the decrease of leukocyte were so sensitive that I became very weak. I had to stop chemotherapy. In Feb. 2002, one of my friend introduced Ganoderma Lucidum to me. After taking it, my body recovered, and my appetite improved. Since I took Ganoderma Lucidum, I have never had cold. My sleep improved. In June 2003, I was re-examined thoroughly, and everything went well. I am a healthy person now.


Ganoderma study found that treatment of AIDS help

Referred to as "the killer" of a new AIDS treatment support. Yesterday, reporters from the Institute of Microbial held in Guangdong's "edible fungi on the international academic progress report" on that, from China, Canada and other countries scientists to the anti-fungus Ai Experimental results show that the fungus has a supporting role AIDS treatment, Become expensive anti-retroviral drugs Another option, or be used for anti-retroviral drugs with an adjuvant treatment, the AIDS so that more people can afford.

For a long time, there is no AIDS treatment and effective drug therapies, AIDS prevention has become a national government in place before a major topic. Lingzhi in China has 2000 years of application of history, has been widely used in the treatment of various diseases, including cancer, infection, inflammation, high blood pressure, caused by abnormal immune diseases, and so on. With the in-depth study of Ganoderma lucidum, the value of Ganoderma lucidum has gradually get international recognition. In recent years, an increasing number of international research and found that, Ganoderma lucidum for the treatment of AIDS is of special effects. According to the University of Toronto medical pathology for the Department of Professor Yang Bohua "Ganoderma new anti-tumor research progress," the academic report, showing in detail, leading-edge research results of Ganoderma lucidum. Yesterday, the internationally renowned mushroom expert of Professor Zhang Shuting report said that he and a professor of Tanzania, a team of scientists in Africa launched a pilot on the preparation of Ganoderma the treatment of AIDS clinical tria