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  • 8/18/2019 RM- Axis Bank


    Axis BankComparative Analysis

    Chaitali Kambli


  • 8/18/2019 RM- Axis Bank



    Axis Bank Limited (BSE: 532215, LSE: AXBC) is an Indian financial serices firm t!at !ad

     "e#$n %&erati%ns in 1'', after t!e %ernment %f India all%*ed ne* &riate "anks t% "e

    esta"lis!ed+ !e Bank *as &r%m%ted -%intl. ". t!e Administrat%r %f t!e S&ecified

    /ndertakin# %f t!e /nit r$st %f India (/I0I), Life Ins$rance C%r&%rati%n %f India (LIC),

    eneral Ins$rance C%r&%rati%n Ltd+, ati%nal Ins$rance C%m&an. Ltd+, !e e* India

    Ass$rance C%m&an., !e riental Ins$rance C%r&%rati%n and /nited India Ins$rance

    C%m&an. /I0I !%lds a s&ecial &%siti%n in t!e Indian ca&ital markets and !as &r%m%ted man.

    leadin# financial instit$ti%ns in t!e c%$ntr.+ As %n t!e .ear ended 31 arc!, 2412, Axis Bank

    !ad an %&eratin# reen$e %f13,3 cr%res and a net &r%fit %f 22 cr%res+ 617 Axis Bank(erst*!ile /I Bank) %&ened its re#istered %ffice in A!meda"ad and c%r&%rate %ffice in

    $m"ai in 8ecem"er 1''3+!e first "ranc! *as ina$#$rated in A&ril 1'' in A!meda"ad ".

    8r+ anm%!an Sin#! , t!en t!e !%n%ra"le 9inance inister + !e Bank, as %n 31st arc!,

    2412, is ca&italied t% t!e extent %f ;est + 13+24 cr%res *it! t!e &$"lic !%ldin# (%t!er t!an

     &r%m%ters and 8;s) at 5+4

  • 8/18/2019 RM- Axis Bank


    Company History

    In 1''3 t!e Bank *as inc%r&%rated %n 3rd 8ecem"er and Certificate %f "$siness %n 1t!

    8ecem"er+ !e Bank transacts "ankin# "$siness %f all descri&ti%n+ /I Bank Ltd+ *as

     &r%m%ted ". /nit r$st %f India, Life Ins$rance C%r&%rati%n %f India, eneral Ins$rance

    C%r&%rati%n %f India and its f%$r s$"sidiaries+ !e "ank *as t!e first &riate sect%r "ank t%

    #et a license $nder t!e ne* #$idelines iss$ed ". t!e ;BI+

    In 1''< t!e Bank !as 2< "ranc!es in $r"an and semi $r"an areas as %n 31st >$l.+ All t!e

     "ranc!es are f$ll. c%m&$terised and net*%rked t!r%$#! ?SA+ A serices are aaila"le in

    2 "ranc!es+ !e Bank came %$t *it! a &$"lic iss$e %f 1,54,44,444 %+ %f e@$it. s!ares %f ;s

    14 eac! at a &remi$m %f ;s 11 &er s!are a##re#atin# t% ;s 31+54 cr%res and ffer f%r sale %f

    2,44,44,444 %+ %f e@$it. s!ares f%r cas! at a &rice %f ;s 21 &er s!are+ $t %f t!e &$"lic iss$e

    2,24,444 s!ares *ere resered f%r all%tment %n &referential "asis t% em&l%.ees %f /I Bank+

    Balance %f 3,,

  • 8/18/2019 RM- Axis Bank



    e as&ire t% !ae a ?al$e "ased s%ciet.+


    e c%mmit t% $se ed$cati%n as an instr$ment, t% $s!er in a al$e %riented enir%nment+


    % c!annelie %r#aniati%nal eff%rts t% inc$lcate a sense %f s%cial res&%nsi"ilit.+

    % emer#e as a centre %f excellence in &r%fessi%nal ed$cati%n, c%ns$ltanc. and researc!+

    % f%ster incl$sie #r%*t! *e &r%ide %&&%rt$nities t% all as&irin# and deserin#+

    % ex&and t!e !%ri%ns %f as&irants and ena"le t!em t% *%rk in cr%ssDc$lt$ral enir%nment ". creatin# a r%"$st f%$ndati%n %f attit$de, kn%*led#e and skill+

  • 8/18/2019 RM- Axis Bank



     ame %tal Assets

    Axis Bank 2,

  • 8/18/2019 RM- Axis Bank


    Een recentl., *!ile t!ere *as sm%%t! leaders!i& c!an#e at "%t! ICICI G F89C *it! !%me0

    #r%*n exec$ties, Axis Bank !ad t% "rin# in ICICI eteran S!ik!a S!arma f%r t!e t%& &%st+

    Axis Bank needs t% m%e m$c! @$icker *it! &ainf$l decisi%ns like *!at ICICI Bank did *it!

    t!eir H%S terminal diisi%n recentl.+ After a ra&id innin#s %f #r%*in# t!eir H%int %f Sale (H%S)

     "$siness t% 1+< lak! terminals D t!e c%$ntr.s lar#est, ICICI Bank decided t% sell t!e entire

     "$siness t% 9irst 8ata, citin# increased &ress$re fr%m s!rinkin# mar#ins+ Axis Bank is still t%

    take a call %n t!is, een *!ile !ain# %nl. l%*er mar#ins, and a H%S "$siness %f 1+2 lak!


    And een *!ile Axis Bank finds it c!allen#in# t% c%m&ete *it! ICICI Bank and F89C, it is

    facin# increased &ress$re fr%m &$"lic sect%r "anks (HSBs)+ HSBs are lendin# at 11 D 12+25=,

    a#ainst Axis Banks 12+5 D 1=+

    ne &r%"lem *it! Axis Bank seems t% "e its s&lit %*ners!i& "et*een 0 LIC, IC, e* India

    Ass$rance, riental Ins$rance, /nited Ins$rance, G S&ecified /ndertakin# %f /I (S//I)+

    Een recentl., %ernment !ad t% interene *!en m%st %f t!e &artners &r%tested LICs "id t%

    take %er t!e stake %f S//I+

    !cop& o' th& (&port

    0 Hr%ides all t!e cr$cial inf%rmati%n %n Axis Bank Ltd+ re@$ired f%r "$siness and c%m&etit%r

    intelli#ence needs

    0 C%ntains a st$d. %f t!e ma-%r internal and external fact%rs affectin# Axis Bank Ltd+ in t!e

    f%rm %f a S anal.sis as *ell as a "reakd%*n and examinati%n %f leadin# &r%d$ct

    reen$e streams %f Axis Bank Ltd+

    08ata is s$&&lemented *it! details %n Axis Bank Ltd+ !ist%r., ke. exec$ties, "$siness

    descri&ti%n, l%cati%ns and s$"sidiaries as *ell as a list %f &r%d$cts and serices and t!e latest

    aaila"le statement fr%m Axis Bank Ltd+

    0 S$&&%rt sales actiities ". $nderstandin# .%$r c$st%mers "$sinesses "etter 

    0 J$alif. &r%s&ectie &artners and s$&&liers

    0 ee& f$ll. $& t% date %n .%$r c%m&etit%rs "$siness str$ct$re, strate#. and &r%s&ects

    0 "tain t!e m%st $& t% date c%m&an. inf%rmati%n aaila"le