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  • 7/27/2019 Runas (Em ingls)


    Old High German: fehu, fahuOld English: feoh

    Old Nordic: fe, fehu, feuGothic: faihu, fe

    Feoh byth frofurfira gehwylcum;

    sceal eah manna gehwylcmiclun hyt doelan

    gif he wile for drihtnedomes hleotan

    Feoh is a help to everyone,Though every man should deal it out freely,

    If they wish before the Lord to cast dooms lots.

    Runic Galdr

    f f f f f f ffaa faa faa faa faa faa - ffffa ffffa ffffa ffffafee fee fee fee fee fee - ffffe ffffe ffffe ffffe

    feu feu feu feu feu feu - fffeu fffeu fffeu fffeufeeehuuu - ffffeeeehuuuu (or fffaaiihuuu)

    Fehu is the power of the domesticated cattle. The form of the Rune reminds a horned animal. Turned itresembles Wodens Raven. This cattle was a symbol of wealth and a vital part of the life in northern europe.

    The Rune also symbolizes the primordial fire.

    The battles at the end of the great migrations are symbolized, too. The roots of indoeuropean languagePei- (to harm), peik- (cutting, marking) and the old english feoe as well as the old high german feha (tofight) are traces to this meaning.

    Magic Powers

    Strengthening of psychic powersUsed for sending or receiving energiesAttracting the power of the sun, the moon and the stars into the own sphere

    Improving social and personal development and growing of personal wealthDestroys the positions of your enemyInfluence over movable thingsAmulets against financial weakness and threatstalismans for material growing and enrichment

    Healing Powers

    Sphere of influence: thorax and for/against respiratory diseasesGives Power during times of disease and of psychic problems. Heals affected legs

    Meaning in Divination (after B. King)

    Financial Strength and Wealth in the present and near future. Possessions gained.

    Numerical Meaning: Unity

  • 7/27/2019 Runas (Em ingls)


    Old High German: ur, uruzOld English: ur

    Old Nordic: ur, ururGothic: urus, uraz

    Ur byth anmodond oferhyrnedfelafrecne deor

    feoteth mid hornummre morstapa

    thaet is modig wuht

    Ur is savage and greatly horned,A very fierce beast - it fights with its horns,A well known moor walker that is a bold wight.

    Runic Galdr

    uuuuuuuuuuuuuuur uuuuur uuuuur - uuurrr uuurrr uuurrr

    uurruuss uurruuss - uuuruuus uuuruuus

    The Aurochs was a extinct bovine. It was untamable and the largest bovine to ever live. It symbolizesstrength and power and measured up to seven feet at his shoulders.

    The picture of the rune shows the horns of the Ur and can be seen as the gate to the Lower Worlds

    During rites of Passing young men hunted the Ur to proofe their virility and power. The trophies had auseage in ceremonial drinkings.

    Uruz also symbolize the well of Urd. The well of Urd gives Healthiness, Vitality and reveals the Inner Self.Ur- as prefix in german language meaning "of great age".

    Magic Powers

    Inventive creation and manipulation of the outer circumstances with the power of imagination and will.

    Maintaining and healing of a healthy body and mind

    Attracts favorable outer circumstances

    Induces geomagnetic power

    Makes aware of the causality as well as the recognition and understanding of the Self

    Improves concentration, Protects from laxity and untrustworthiness at material activities

  • 7/27/2019 Runas (Em ingls)


    Earthing and organic empowerment, Increasing of vitality

    Talisman for stabilizing and concretizing of business matters and for securing of the ground.

    Healing Powers

    Sphere of Influence: Muscles and physical Strength

    Enhances healthy constitution and the power of resistance

    Meaning in Divination (after B. King)

    Physical Power and Quickness. Can be related to the questioner or to other persons.

    Numerical Meaning: Two horns

  • 7/27/2019 Runas (Em ingls)


    Old High German: thurisaz, thornOld English: thorn

    Old Nordic: thuris, thurisar, thursGothic: thauris, thyth

    Thorn by earle scearpegna gehwylcum

    anfeng ys yfylungemetum rethemanna gehwylcume him mid reste

    Thorn is very sharp for every thameWho grabs it, it is eviland immeasurably cruel

    For every man that with it rests.

    Runic Galdr

    uuurrriiisssaaazzz - uuuuriiiisaaaaz

    uurr uurr uurr uurruu uu uu uu

    Briars and hedges are borders, thus offering protection, demarcation and restriction. Thorns are a natural

    protection against animals. In some legends thorny hedges are being mentioned.

    Thor or Donar was an agricultural deity which fertilized fields, drived off the giants and looked after lawand order. The other side is symbolized by this rune, too. The giants as a symbol of the primitive instinctsand obsessions which are a threat to the order of the world.

    Magic Powers

    Active Defense

    Elimination of enemies


    Translate will into action

    Prepares the development in all areas

    Love Magic

    Lore of the Unity and Separation in all things

  • 7/27/2019 Runas (Em ingls)


    Threefold Thurisaz Rune = Trollish Runes which inverse the influence of the following runes

    Amulet against violence from the enemy

    Talisman for loving pairs

    Healing Rune

    Sphere of influence: HeartShielding of unhealthy influencesAgainst problems with the virility

    Meaning in Divination (after B. King)

    conflicts and aggressive confusionsUntrustworthiness. Inclination to changings.

    Numerical Meaning

    Triangle, enclosed energy (the classical evocational triangle)

  • 7/27/2019 Runas (Em ingls)


    Old High German: ansuz, asOld English: os

    Old Nordic: ss, s, asurGothic: ansuz, aza

    Os byth ordfrumalere sprce

    wisdomes wrathuond wintena frofurand eorla gehwameadnys ond tohiht

    Os is the primal source of all speechWisdoms support and wisemans help

    And every earls riches and happiness.

    Runic Galdr

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaassss aaaaassss - aaaassssaaaa aaaassssaaaa


    The cloak of Odin can be seen in the form of the rune as well as the

    bird of the soul.

    Old Icelandic "Oss" as three meanings: The Ases, The One on adice and a mountains top. It symbolizes the axis mundi or the world tree. Another meaning of this rune is theLanguage, including Communication, Breath, Words and the Wind (of Woden).

    Magic Powers

    Increases the activ and the passive magical energies of clairvoyance.The power of persuasion and the magnetism of the spoken word, power and suggestion of the hypnosis.Communication with the Divine, ecstasy, the achieving of creative wisdomBannishing of Death and Angst through the Lore of WodenIncreases the inspiration and persuasiveness, opens ecstasy and creativityAmulets against intrigues and vile gossipTalisman for linguistic activity and increasing of Intuition and Sensitivity

    Healing Rune

    Sphere of influence: Mouth, Teeth and speech disorders.Treatment of the vocalising organs and their diseases, helps healing suggestions.

    Meaning in Divination (after B. King)

    Blessings in connection with religious belief. Consolation within religious belief.

    Numerical Meaning: Universal creation

  • 7/27/2019 Runas (Em ingls)


    Old High German: raidoOld English: rad

    Old Nordic: rat, raiu, ri, reiGothic: reda reda

    Rad byth on recyderinca gehwylcum

    Sefte ond swithwteme sitteth on ufan

    meare mgenheardumofer milpathas

    Rad is in the hall to every warrior

    Soft, and mighty hard to him that sits uponA mainhardy mare over miles of paths.

    Runic Galdr

    rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiii - rrraaaiiiuuu

    rrraaa rrreee rrriii rrrooo rrruuu

    This is a travelling Rune, including Riding and the adventure of the quest. The wheel is

    another hidden meaning of this rune. The cycle of the year in its order and harmony. Thecyclic processess are symbolized by Jera.

    Magic Powers

    Increase ritual skills and experienceOpens up the door to "inner guidance"Enforcens the consciousness for natural processesFusion with the peronal rhythm and the rhythm of the worldReceiving JusticeIncrease mobilityAccelerating cyclesStrengthening of the own centre

    Protection on journeysVictory at trialsAmulets against loosing trials and accidents on journeysTalismans for trials and journeys

    Healing Rune

    Sphere of Influence: Legs and buttocksUsed for restoration of holistic order of mind and body. Treatment of rhythmic disorders

    Meaning in Divination (B. King)

    Physical and paradigmatic journey. Making the correct decision and its carrying-out.

    Numerical Meaning: Universal Life

  • 7/27/2019 Runas (Em ingls)


    Old High German: kaunaz, kenaz, kano, kienOld English: cen, ken

    Old Nordic: kaun, kauna, chaonGothic: kusma, chozma

    Cen byth ewicera gehwancuth on fyre

    blac ond beorthlicbyrneth oftust

    r hi thelingasinne restath

    Cen is to all of the living known by its fireShining and bright burns it oftest

    Where the princes rest inside.

    Runic Galdr

    k k k k k k k k kkeeennnaaazzz - kaaauuunnn - kaaauuunnnaaazzz

    kaaa keee kaauu kiii

    The Rune symbolizes the fire, but not the primordial fire or the solaric flame. The Rune shows the humanaspects of the fire. On one hand the torch of wisdom, on the other hand the inner fire of illness and disease.

    Magic Powers

    Increasing of all abilitiesCreative inspirationHigher polarization as mediumProcesses of regeneration and healingLove - especially sexualProtection against fireCalming of choleric temperCounterattack, active defenseAmulets against fire, fever and inflammationTailsmans for increasing of creativity and sexual success

    Healing Rune

    Treatment of inflammation, suppuration, burnings and high fever as well as veneral diseases, healing of eye-diseases

    Meaning in Divination (B. King)

    Possibility of health-problems and infirmity of mind, body or uneasiness.

    Numerical Meaning

    Divine Intelligence - FENRIR

  • 7/27/2019 Runas (Em ingls)


    Old High German: gebo, gifoOld English: gyfu

    Old Nordic: geboGothic: giba, geuua

    Gyfu gumena bythgleng and herenys

    wrathu and wyrthscypeand wrcna gehwan

    ar and twiste byth othra leas

    Gyfu is to men glee and praiseSupport and worship and to every wretch

    honor befitting and sustenance

    that would otherwise be left without.

    Runic Galdr

    g g g g g g ggeeebooo - giiiffffoooo


    In old high german "gebo" means "giving". Giving and Taking appear as two aspects of the same thing:The Sacrifice.

    The rune is the a cross, used in mathematics for multiplication.

    Magic Powers

    Sexual magickInitiation by sexual magickMystical unionIncreasing of magic powerHarmony between siblings and loversMagical influence in the realms of deities and mankindGaining wisdomProtection against infiltration and discord

    Love magickAmulets against miserliness, stiffness and unauthorized demandsTalismans for love and wealthiness, for binding magic as well as blessings or curses

    Healing Power

    Sphere of influence: PoisoningStrengthening of the centre, disintegration of blockadesOpens the inner channels, harmonizes sexual disorders

    Meaning in Divination (after B. King)

    Presents/gifs meant as sacrifices as well as generosity. Anything having to do with exchanges, personalrelationships and contracts, too.

    Numerical Meaning: Lucky seven, a gift - LOKI

  • 7/27/2019 Runas (Em ingls)


    Old High German: wyn, wynne, wunna, wunnoOld English: wyn, wenne

    Gothic: winja, uuinne

    Wenne brucethe can weana lytsares and sorge

    and him sylfa hfthbld and Blysse

    and eac byrga geniht

    Wenne one enjoy that knows little of wantSores and sorrows and himself hasBlead and bliss and bury enough.

    Runic Galdr


    wwwaaa wwweee wwwuuu wwwooowwwuuunnn - wwwuuunnnaaa

    The Rune Wunjo represents joy and well being. Wunjo symbolizes a couple in sexualunion (or a spike). He as the earth, she is standing over him (imagine the rune turnedaround 90)

    Magic Powers

    Strengthening of bondings and solidarityConjuration of harmony and friendshipAgainst alienationFortune and well-beingLore of the multi-layered nature of the relations between all thingsIncreasing humour, well-being, serenity and increasing of your own charismaAmulets against depressions, pessimism and despairTalismans for fortune, well-being and unity in families and other social structures

    Healing Rune

    Sphere of influence: breathing problems and painUsed for cheering up and increasing of high spirits.

    Meaning in Divination (after B. King)

    Bliss, joy and the possibility of exaggerating. If cooled down: success and esteem.

    Numerical Meaning

    Balance - HELA

  • 7/27/2019 Runas (Em ingls)


    Old High German: hagalaz

    Old English: haeglOld Nordic: hagl, haal

    Hgl byth hwitust cornahwyrft hit ofheofones lyftewealcath hit windes scura

    weortheth hit to wtere syan

    Hagal is the whitest cornit whirls from heavens skyRolled by winds showers

    it worths water then.

    Runic Galdr

    hhhaaaagaaalllaaaasssshhhaaalll - hhhaaagaaalll

    hhhaaa hhh hhheeehaaagaaalaaas

    The rune turned 90 shows the rain, falling down from the sky.

    Hagalaz is a rune of the winter. The winter is time of sleeping, darkness andsnow. Battles and other activities as travelling were impossible during thistime. The cold purifies and heals. Another form of this rune symbolize asnowflake.

    Magic Powers

    Perfection and equilibrium of forcesMystical and divine knowledgeOperation of development and evolution, protection.Furtherance of fertility and germination on all levelsHarmony, bannishing of foreign influences, active defense or counterattackAmulets against attacks and catastrophies of any kindTalisman for growth and activities

    Healing Power

    Sphere of influence: wounds, cuttings and blood diseases.Restoration of the harmony with cosmic forces, the disturbance of which is being signalized by the disease.Increasing of healing powers and harmonizing the auric energy.Furtherance of fertility.

    Meaning in Divination (after B. King)

    Uncontrollable forces within the unconsciousness or in the physical universe (especially weatherphenomenons).

    Numerical Meaning

    Nine worlds - IORMUNGANDR

  • 7/27/2019 Runas (Em ingls)


    Old High German: nauthiz, not

    Old English: nydOld Nordic: naut, nauir, naur, nau

    Gothic: nauthz, noicz

    Nyd byth nearu on breostanweortheth hi theah oft

    nitha bearnumto helpe and to hle gehwthre

    gif hi his hlystath ror

    Nyd is narrow on the chestthough worths it oft to mens children

    To help and heal however

    If they listen to it early.

    Runic Galdr


    nnnnnaauuiissss - nnaaaaauuuuuiiiiizznnniii nnnaaa nnnooo nnnuuu

    This rune is a binding and a separating rune. The knot leads to the web offate, the three norns are knoting. The firedrill is another interpretation of thisrune. It showes the necessity of this tool for survival in former times.

    Turned 90 the rune shows the sunset.

    Magic Powers

    Overcoming of pain or negative fateDevelopment of magical willpower and spiritual powersConscious use of the forces of resistance to achieve magical goals.Sudden inspiration, elimination of hate and quarrelsDesire and wishings for orderRecognition of individual necessitiesProtection- and Love-magickCounterattacks to weaken and consumption of the enemy

    Amulets against emergencies and physical attacksTalismans for strengthening the power of resistance and increasing the fantasy as well as formastering material problems

    Healing Power

    Sphere of influence: the armsResistance and avoidance of many diseases. Helps at depressive sydroms, dullness and lack of vital forces.

    Meaning in Divination (after B. King)

    Reduction through necessity, hard works leads to lessening of the pain through financial help.

    Numerical Meaning: Potential Force

  • 7/27/2019 Runas (Em ingls)


    Old High German: is, isa

    Old english: is, isarOld Nordic: iss, is, isar

    Gothic: iiz, eis

    Is byth ofercealdungemetum slidor

    glisnath glshlutturgimmum gelicust

    flor forste geworuhtfger ansyne

    Is is supremely cold, immeasurable slickIt glistens like bright glass, most like gems

    A floor wrought of frost is a fair sight.

    Runic Galdr

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssaaaa - iiiiiiiiiissaaaaaaaaa


    A rune, symbolizing the static, the freezing of any movement and development. Anothermeaning is the Ego which consists of frozen pictures and so creating the manifestation ofidendity.

    The rune shows the icicle.

    Magic Powers

    The first Rune to be practiced in Marbys Runic Gymnastics.Development of concentration and willpowerControlling and bannishing of undesirable, dynamic forcesIntegration of the Ego within a balanced multiversal systemMastering and controlling of other beings

    Conquering of outer and inner hectic states and restlessnessCreates thoughtful silence and regenerationAmulets against paralysis through bad influences and situations as well as against restlessness and laziness

    in activitiesTalismans for willpower and persistance as well as for increasing of telepathic skills.

    Healing Powers

    Sphere of influence: Freezings, paralytic states and physical numbness. Revitalizing of frozen life forces.Cools down hyperactivitiesTherapeutic immobilizationBlocade-breaker rune

    Meaning in Divination (after B. King)

    Psychic blocks in thoughts or actions, even sorrow. This rune emphasizes the surrounding runes in runecastings.

    Numerical Meaning: Static Force

  • 7/27/2019 Runas (Em ingls)


    Old High German: jeraOld English: ger

    Old Nordic: ar, jaraGothic: jer, gaar

    Ger byth gumena hihtonne god lteth

    halig heofones cyninghrusan syllanbeorhte bleda

    beornum ond earfunn

    Jera is mans hope, if God lets,Holy heavens king, the Earth giveBright fruits to nobles and needy.

    Runic Galdr

    jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjeeeerrrraaaa - jjjjaaaarrrraaaa

    aaaaaarrrrrrjjjjiiii jjjjeeee jjjjaaaa jjjjoooo jjjjuuuu

    This rune is a binding and a separating rune. The knot leads to the web of fate, the three

    norns are knoting. The firedrill is another interpretation of this rune. It showes the necessityof this tool for survival in former times.

    Turned 90 the rune shows the sunset.

    Magic Powers

    Fertility, Creativity, Peace, Harmony, Enlightement.Realizing the cyclic nature of the multiverseRealizing the secrets of the omnipresent cyclesManifestation of alternative concepts in the physical universeFurtherance of projection and ensuring the harvest and fertilityOvercoming of stagnative states

    Amulets against damage through othersTalisman for overcoming of stagnation, problems with time and furtherance of success in long-term planings.

    Healing Powers

    Sphere of influence: Intestines and indigestionRestores the natural cycle, corrective at rhythmic problems.

    Meaning in Divination (after B. King)

    Expecting and hoping for peace and wealthiness. The prophecy of success. Realization of results, achievedby former activities.

    Numerical Meaning: Twelve months, harvest

  • 7/27/2019 Runas (Em ingls)


    Old High German: ehwaz, eiwazOld English: eoh

    Gothic: eyz, egeis

    Eoh byth utanunsmethe treow

    heard hrusan fsthyrde fyres

    wyrtrumun underwrethydWyn on ethle

    Yew is outwardly an unsmooth treeHeld hard, earthfast, fires herd

    Worts underwreathe joy on the estate.

    Runic Galdr


    aaaaaiiiiiwwwwwaaaaazzzzzeeeeyyyyzzzz - eeeegeeeeiiiissss

    The yew is a tree which life can span centuries. Its wood was used for longbows andarrows. The poison of the yew was used to creat a poisoned arrows. The yew is evergreenand its wood also was a favorite for amulets and runestaffs. The mysteries of the yew are the

    death trance, the madness, the inspiring madness of the fool.

    The picture of the rune is the bow.

    Magic Powers

    Initiation in the wisdom of the world-tree (axis mundi)Recognition of the mysteries of Life and Death and the releasing from the Angst of Death

    Furtherance of spiritual endurance and strong willpowerSpiritual visions and creativityProtects from desastrous forcesCommunication between the worlds of YggdrasilRecalling ancient forms of existence in our physical line of ancestors

    Increasing of Endurance, forceful Protection against wizardryBannishes unwanted influencesAttacks and destroys enemies (Yews are powerful antimagic trees in folks believes), reveals diversions.Amulets against charmings, cheating and fraudTalisman for magical protection as well as love- and bondingspells.

    Healing Powers

    Sphere of influence: eye-diseasesIncreasing of endurance and power of resistanceDiagnosis of psychsomatic diseases.

    Meaning in Divination (after B. King)

    The impulse of achieving, which gives motivation and determination.

    Numerical Meaning: Unlucky, destruction - creation

  • 7/27/2019 Runas (Em ingls)


    Old High German: peordOld English: peord, peor

    Gothic: pairtha, petra

    Peor byth symbleplega and hlehter

    wlancum (on middum)ar wigan sittath

    on beorseleblithe tsomne

    Peord is always play and laughterAmongst bold men, where warriors sit

    In the beer hall, blithe together.

    Runic Galdr

    p p p p p p p ppeeerrrrrrooo

    peeeeoooorrrr - peeerrrrchtaaaapii pee paa poo puu

    This rune is a binding and a separating rune. The knot leads to the web of fate, the threenorns are knoting. The firedrill is another interpretation of this rune. It showes the necessityof this tool for survival in former times.

    Turned 90 the rune shows the sunset.

    Magic Powers

    Divination, Amulets against bad luckTalisman for gambling and furtherance of divinationsBonding spells

    Healing Powers

    Sphere of influence: female breasts and genitals, good for delivery. Activates lust for life, especially inpatients with chronical diseases.

    Meaning in Divination (after B. King)

    Female matters and mysteries of female fertility. Creativity waits for fullfilling.

    Numerical Meaning

    Involution, spirit enters matter

  • 7/27/2019 Runas (Em ingls)


    Old High German: yr, ybe, iwaOld English: eohl

    Old Nordic: yr, algir, rGothic: alga, ezec

    Eohl - secg eard hfthoftust on fenne

    wexe on waturewunda grimme

    blode brenebeorna gewylcnee him nigneonfeng gedeth

    Elk sedge grass has a home, oftest in the fenIt waxes in water, it wounds grimAnd burns with blood any man

    That in a way dares grab it.

    Runic Galdr

    rrrrraaaallllgiiiirrrr - eeeeoooohllll

    iiiiiwwwwwaaaaa - eeeellllhaaaazzzzaaaallllgiiiizzzz

    The Elk was the donor of the name of the rune who lives in theswamps and the fen. The mentioned reed possess sharp leaves. Asimilarity to tracks of the crow is obvious.

    Magic Powers

    Protection and DefenseStrengthening of vital forcesCommunication in general

    Reveals illusions and suggestionsAmulets against limitation of the sphere of influence

    Talisman for wealthiness, intelligence and wisdom

    Healing Powers

    Sphere of influence: Brain and Head, madnessUsed for enforcing the sealf healing powers and for healing of othersGeneral strengthening of the vital forces

    Meaning in Divination (after B. King)

    The impulse of protecting yourself and others. Holding tight the success or keeping of achieved or earnedpositions.

    Numerical Meaning: Destiny

  • 7/27/2019 Runas (Em ingls)


    Old High German: sowulo

    Old English: sigelOld Nordic: sol, sowelu, sol

    Gothic: sauil, sugiol

    Sigel semannumsymblebith on hihteonne hi hine feriath

    ofer fisces bethoth hi brimhengestbringeth to lande

    Sigel by seamen, always is hoped for When they fare henceOver fishs bath till the brime steed

    They bring to land.

    Runic Galdr

    sssssssssssssssoooowwwwiiiilllloooo - soooowiiiilllloooo

    ssssssoooooollllllssssiiii sssseeee ssssaaaa ssssoooo ssssuuuu

    Sowilo is the solar rune and symbolize any solar aspects, usually seen in connection withthe sun. Another aspect is the flash which is divine fire from the skies. The rune can be seenas a ray of sunshine or a lightning bolt.

    Magic Powers

    Strengthening of psychic centres and spiritual willpowerGuiding the path, enlightement

    Victory and success through your willpowerProtection of vitality, Ensures collective activitiesAmulets against loss of honor and powerTaliman for strengthening body and mind.

    Healing Powers

    Sphere of Influence: Burnings and skin-diseases

    Harmonizes and strengthens the ChacrasRestoration of overstrained nervesTreatment of hysteric nervosity and psychic disorders

    Meanings in Divination (after B. King)

    The vital force. Good health and other positive circumstances and forthcoming harmony. Relationshipbetween the higher Self and the subconscious.

    Numerical Meaning

    Divine Power

  • 7/27/2019 Runas (Em ingls)


    Old High German: teiwaz

    Old English: tir, tyrOld Nordic: tiu, tiwar, tyr

    Gothic: teiws, tyz

    Tir bith tacna sumhealde trywa welwith thelingasa bith on fryldeofer nihta genipu

    nfre swiceth

    Tir is some tokenit holds troth well

    With princes - aye it is on courseOver nights mists - it never swikes.

    Runic Galdr

    t t t t t t t t t ttiiiiiiuuuuuu - tiiiiiwwwwwwaaaaaarrrrr

    trrrrrtiii teee taaa tooo tuuu

    The rune symbolizes an arrow or a spear and stands for battle. The Tir-starcan be identified as the polar star, which is the "Notnagel", holding the worldson their places.

    Magic Powers

    Achieving of righteous Victory and successBuilds up spiritual willpowerDevelopment of the power of positiv self-sacrificeDevelopment of the power of believe in magic and religion

    Increasing of loyaltyDefends against misbelieve and quarrelsActive defense, fight a battleFurtherance of collective teamworkAmulets against forthcoming conflicts

    Talisman for Victory.

    Healing Powers

    Sphere of influence: Wrists, hands and fingers and arthritis.Restores the organic equilibrium. Used to heal through recognition

    Meaning in Divination (after B. King)

    Knowledge of the own true powers. General success at legal affairs. Honor, justice, leadership and authority.

    Numerical Meaning

    Wisdom, immortality

  • 7/27/2019 Runas (Em ingls)


    Old High German: berkana, brica

    Old English: beorc, beorkOld Nordic: bjarkan, brica, bercana

    Gothic: bairkan, bercna

    Beorc bleda leasbereth efne swa eah

    tanas butan tudderbith on telgum wlitig,

    heah on helmehrysted fgeregeloden leafunlyfte getenge

    Beorc is shootless, it bears even soTines without fruit, it has shining branches

    High in its crown, fair adornedLoaded with leaves it touches the sky.

    Runic Galdr

    b b b b b b b b bbeeeerrrkaaaannnnaaaa - brrrriiiicaaaa

    beeeeoooorrrrcbrrriii brrreee brrraaa brrrooo brrruuu

    biii beee baaa booo buuu

    Berkano is one of the tree-runes. It symbolizes the birch, which was one of the first trees returning afterthe icy age. The rune itself shows two breasts, mountains or waves.

    Magic Powers

    Spiritual reincarnationStrengthens the power of the secretRituals of protection and concealmentKeeping of other powersProtection of the home and the surroundingsEnsures supplying

    Protection against illusion

    Amulets against threat of the ownership and against insidiousnessTalisman for furtherance of increasing richness and general fertility

    Healing Powers

    Sphere of influence: fertility problemsIncreases physical constitution, bone structure and musculatureIncreases general power of resistance

    Meaning in Divination (after B. King)

    Physical and spiritual fertility, individual development, success of activities.

    Numerical Meaning: New beginning, new nine worlds

  • 7/27/2019 Runas (Em ingls)


    Old High German: eh, eihwazOld English: eh, eohGothic: egeis, eyz

    Eh byth for eorlumthelinga wyn

    hors hofum wlancr him hleth ymb(e)

    welege on wiegumwrixlath sprce

    and bith unstyllumfre frofur

    Eh is for earls an princes pleasure,A horses hooves are bold, when around it heroes

    Wealthy on war horses, exchange speech.And is for the restless ever a help.

    Runic Galdr

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeoooooh - eeeeeiiiiisssss


    The Rune symbolizes friendship and partnership. The horse (pictureof the rune) as a partner of the human is being mentioned within therune poem.

    Magic Powers

    Helps at shamanic journeys and OOBERecognition of the unity of body and mind

    Gives confidence and loyaltyIncreases quickness in generalFurtherance of cooperationEnsure escaping waysIncreases sensuality and directness

    Amulets against immobility, restricting attacksTalisman for unity, loyalty and trustworthiness

    Healing Powers

    Sphere of influence: back-aching and general problems of the spine.Furtherance of mobility, harmonizes symbiotic processes of body and mind

    Meaning in Divination (after B. King)

    Social status, personal status, a message from the gods. During casting the rune confirms the surroundingrunes.

    Numerical Meaning: Sol and Luna, transmission

  • 7/27/2019 Runas (Em ingls)


    Old High German: mannaz, man

    Old English: manOld Nordic: man, mar, mannar

    Gothic: manna

    Man byth on myrgthehis magan leof:

    sceal theah anra gehwylcorum swican

    foram drithen wyledome site

    tht earme flsceorthan betcan

    Mann is in mirth, his kinsmens dear,Though each shall others swike

    When the Drighten wishes in his doomThat poor flesh betaken to the earth.

    Runic Galdr



    mmmmiiii mmmmmeeee mmmmmaaaa mmmmmoooo mmmmuuuu

    The picture of the rune is the double-axe or two half-moons.

    This is the rune of mankind. In the past this rune was often seen asthe symbol for males only.

    Magic Powers

    Furtherance of reasoning, memory and general psychic powersBalances the "poles of personality"Opens the inner eye (hugauga)

    Defense against false estimation by others

    Amulets against separationspellsTalisma for Lovespells and uniting

    Healing Powers

    Sphere of influence: Feet and ankles, strains.Removal of self-delusion and madnessHarmonizes motoric control

    Meaning in Divination (after B. King)

    The individual or the race. The attitude of the others towards yourself and your attitude towards the others.

    Friends and foes.

    Numerical Meaning

    Actualized force

  • 7/27/2019 Runas (Em ingls)


    Old High German: laguz, lagu, laukazOld English: lagu

    Old Nordic: lagu, lagur, lgrGothic: lagus, laaz

    Lagu byth leodumlangsum gethuht

    gif hi sculun nethanand hi sythaswythe bregath

    and se brimhengestbridles ne gym(e)

    Lagu is to people thought longIf they should go thence on a shaky ship

    And the sea waves strongly terrifyAnd the brime steed obeys not its bridles.

    Runic Galdr


    lllliiii lllleeee llllaaaa lllloooo lllluuuulllaaaguuuzzz - lllaaauuukaaazzz

    Laguz is the Rune of the water. Translated it means sea, ocean. Laguz stands for largebodies of water and laukaz stands for rivers and streams. Laukaz is in connection with goodlaws.

    Magic Powers

    Increasing of magnetismDevelopment of clairvoyanceGuiding and assistance during difficult initiationsHigher vitality and life forceConcentrates raw magical power for structuring processes and shaping by the willpowerProtection against cowardice, betrayal and lack of flexibilityProtection against poisoningAmulets against poisoning and against accidents

    Talisman for increasing of perseverance and secure travelling

    Healing Powers

    Sphere of influence: Nephropathy and skin-diseases.Used against poisoning and gaining of herbal lore. Healing of paralysis and immobility.

    Meaning in Divination (after B. King)

    Successfull gainings and journeys, possibility of loss. Imagination and parapsychic affairs.

    Numerical Meaning

    Flow, facilitation of will

  • 7/27/2019 Runas (Em ingls)


    Old High German: inguz, ing

    Old English: ingGothic: iggws, enguz

    Ing ws restmi East-Denumgesewen secgunoth he sian estofer wg gewatwaen fter ranus Heardingas

    one hle nemdun

    Ing was first among the East Danes

    Seen by men, but he since went backOver the wet way, his wagon ran afterThus the Heardings named the hero.

    Runic Galdr



    Ingwaz is the Rune of the deities Freyr and Ingwi (Ingwi=Agni), thus symbolizes

    the heard-fire and fertility.

    Magic Powers

    Rites of fertilitySudden release of energyTransformation and safekeeping of energy for ritual purposes

    Concentrates energy and thoughtAmulets against development disturbancesTalisman for fertility, organic success and ensuring of rests

    Healing Powers

    Sphere of influence: male veneral diseases.Used to help in problems during pregnancy and for prophylaxis. Increasing of fertility and repair ofmaldevelopments. Used againnst autism, healing of paralysis.

    Meaning in Divination (after B.King)

    Male fertility and expectancies on material level. Matters of health, family and offsprings.

    Numerical Meaning

    Connection, expansion

  • 7/27/2019 Runas (Em ingls)


    Old High German: dag, dagaz

    Old English: dgGothic: dags, daaz

    Dg byth drihtnes sonddeore mannum

    mre metodes leohtmyrgth and tohiht

    eadgum and earmumeallum brice

    Daeg is the Drightens sender - dear to manThe Metods great light, mirth and hope

    To rich and poor, for all to enjoy.

    Runic Galdr

    d d d d d d d ddaaagaaaazzzz

    daaagssss - daaaaaazzz

    Dagaz and Othala are exchanged in succession. Dagaz is being translated as "day" -including the night as a part of day. The celtogermanic day starts at the sunset. Theappearance of the rune shows the polaritites, as well as the holy axe of the megalithic cultureand of the indoeuropeans. The gestalt of this rune can also be seen as butterfly and then it

    symbolizes transformation.

    Magic Powers

    Mystical InspirationInvisibilityOpens the doors to higher selfDecreasing of narrow-mindednessAmulets against doughtful situations of misunderstandings or bad companyTalisman for increasing of persistance in accomplishing important goals in life

    Healing powers

    Sphere of influence: anxiety states, psychic disorders and despondency. Used to strengthening ofhealthiness and anchoring within the higher Self.

    Meaning in Divination (after B.King)

    Ensurance and security. Clearance of the daylight in contrast to the uncertainty of the night. Time to start orplan activities.

    Numerical Meaning

    'Weird' number, acausal

  • 7/27/2019 Runas (Em ingls)


    Old High German: othil, othila

    Old English: ethelGothic: othal, ural

    Ethel byth oferleofghwylcum men

    gif he mot r rihtesand gerysena onbrucan on boldebleadum oftast

    Ethel is very agreable to every manIf he may straight away keep whats fit

    And brook in his house, increase often.

    Runic Galdr


    Othala symbolizes the estate and the household as well as the ancient heritage. Thingslike great emigrations, ancient cultures or the early palaeolithic age are seen there.

    Magic Powers

    Maintenance of order in social structureGaining of wealth and richnessFurtherance of matters of inheritanceEnsuring the ownings, helps with matters of real estateContact to the knowledge and wisdom of the ancestorsAmulets against loss of possessions and against material threats

    Talisman for collective wealthiness and access to anient lore

    Healing Powers

    Sphere of influence: hereditary diseases and inherited disabilities. Used for general earthing and stabilisingof the vital forces

    Meaning in Divination (after B. King)

    Inheritance. Your home, including paternity. Spiritual heritage, experience and fundamental values.

    Numerical Meaning

    24 hours in a day