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SAMSUN İL MİLLİ EĞİTİM MÜDÜRLÜĞÜ SAMSUN ÖLÇME DEĞERLENDİRME MERKEZİ 7. SINIF İNGİLİZCE OCAK AYI ODAK GRUBU TESTİ OCAK - 2020 Bu testteki soruları hazırlayan öğretmenler : Ali Yılmaz - Salıpazarı İmam Hatip Ortaokulu Bilgehan KATİPOĞLU - Avut Ortaokulu Ebru FİDİ - Atakum İlçe Mem. Ebru TÜRK - Akşemsettin İmam Hatip Ortaokulu Elif GÜMÜŞ - Acısu Şehit Muharrem Konu Ortaokulu Gökben CEBECİ - Hasköy Ortaokulu Tuğba KIZILYALIM - Hüseyin Mescit Ortaokulu Tülay BAYINDIR - Kabaceviz Yeni Mahalle Ortaokulu Yeşim ZENGİN TAN - Çarşamba İmam Hatip Ortaokulu

SAMSUN OCAK İL MİLLİ EĞİTİM MÜDÜRLÜĞÜsamsunodm.meb.gov.tr/meb_iys_dosyalar/2020_02/12111224...A) What kind of movies do you like watching B) How often do you watch TV C)

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    OCAK - 2020

    Bu testteki soruları hazırlayan öğretmenler :Ali Yılmaz - Salıpazarı İmam Hatip OrtaokuluBilgehan KATİPOĞLU - Avut OrtaokuluEbru FİDİ - Atakum İlçe Mem. Ebru TÜRK - Akşemsettin İmam Hatip OrtaokuluElif GÜMÜŞ - Acısu Şehit Muharrem Konu OrtaokuluGökben CEBECİ - Hasköy OrtaokuluTuğba KIZILYALIM - Hüseyin Mescit OrtaokuluTülay BAYINDIR - Kabaceviz Yeni Mahalle OrtaokuluYeşim ZENGİN TAN - Çarşamba İmam Hatip Ortaokulu

  • 1. Eric : Global warming is a big problem. Manyanimals are losing their habitats. We need to stop it.

    Bill : We should not cut down trees. Some animals live in there. If we cut them down, they lose their home.

    Pam : We are polluting lakes and rivers. We throw garbage into them. Sea animals are becoming extinct because of this problem.

    Ali : There are many endangered animals today. Hunting is one of the reasons for this. We should stop it.

    Which picture is NOT related to the

    information given above?

    A) B)

    C) D)

    2. Below is the result of a survey in a high school.


    Which of the following is TRUE according to the chart?

    A) Students never watch western movies.B) Students love action films more than sci-fi.C) More than %15 of the students love scary

    films.D) Action movies are more popular than horror


    3. Students are giving information about theirTV programme preferences.

    Patrick : Quiz shows are my favorite TVprogrammes.

    Melinda : I prefer sitcoms to TV series. David : I rarely watch talk shows. They

    are not interesting. Jennifer : I never watch soap operas.

    According to the given information, which of the following is FALSE?

    A) Patrick prefers watching educational


    B) Melinda likes situation comedies more

    than TV series.

    C) David thinks talk shows are boring.

    D) Jennifer likes programmes about the

    same characters in a continuing story.


    Find the correct match.

    A) I-d, II-b, III-a, IV-c, V-e

    B) I-a, II-d, III-b, IV-e, V-c

    C) I-a, II-e, III-b, IV-c, V-d

    D) I-d, II-c, III-a, IV-e, V-b

    5. Ted likes watching real people. He doesn’t like

    watching role plays.

    Frank prefers watching educational programmes.He doesn’t like nonsense things.

    According to the information above whichTV programme can they watch?

    Ted Frank

    A) Reality shows Series

    B) Soap operas Discussions

    C) Reality shows Quiz shows

    D) The news Soap operas








    I- How long do tigers live? a- For 18-20 years.

    II- What do crocodiles eat? b- Near rivers.

    III- Where do hippos live? c- Because of globalwarming.

    IV- Why are polar bearsbecoming extinct?

    d- About 2000-4000kilograms.

    V- How much do elephantsweigh?

    e- They are carnivores,and eat meat.


  • 6. Below is the chart about teens’ preferences of TV


    Which one is CORRECT according to the chart?

    A) They like watching soap operas more thanthe others.

    B) Teens prefer sports programme to soapoperas.

    C) They watch the news more than reality shows.D) Teens prefer reality shows to soap operas.

    7. Emily : Hey Richard, what do you know about elephants?

    Richard : They are enormous animals and they are herbivores.

    Emily : What does “herbivores” mean? Richard : It means that they ----.

    A) eat small animalsB) hunt other animalsC) eat both meat and plantsD) only eat plants

    8. Nowadays, there is a big fire in Australia.Many people and animals died because of thefire. Many animal species are in danger andthey are almost becoming extinct day by day.Also, the fire is still destroying forests. Climatechanges caused the fire. We should protectthem and our world. We should ----.

    Which option can be true?

    A) hunt wild animalsB) stop global warmingC) pollute the environmentD) keep our world dirty


    According to the information above, which

    one cannot be a pray for black mamba?

    A) B)

    C) D)

    10. Ali : ----?Ayşe : Sometimes.Ali : ----?Ayşe : I like horror movies and love stories.Ali : ----?Ayşe : Because I love romances.

    Which of the following questions does NOT Aliask Ayşe?

    A) What kind of movies do you like watchingB) How often do you watch TVC) How many hours do you watch TVD) Why do you like romantic movies

    11. İpek doesn’t spend much time watching TV.She only watches an hour a day. But shelikes quiz shows a lot. When she sees thesetypes of programmes, she can’t leave TV.Also, she prefers watching documentariesbecause she is interested in some topics likehuman body, our world and wild animals. Shewants to learn everything while watching.

    Which question does NOT have an answer

    in the text?

    A) When does she watch TV?B) Why does she watch TV?C) What types of programmes does she watch?D) What kinds of topics is she interested in?

    Last night, I watched a documentary

    on TV. It was about black mambas in

    Africa. When they bite their pray, the

    pray dies in a very short time. They

    hunt for small chickens, rats and bats.

    It’s also the fastest snake in Africa.


  • 12. Hi, I’m Rita. My father is Frank. He loveswatching TV. He comes home at about 6.30 inthe evenings. Then, we have dinner together.After dinner, he watches 3-4 hours of TV onweekdays. At weekends, he goes out with hisfriends and never watches TV. Sportsprogrammes are his favorite. Last night, hewatched his favorite football team's match andthe final score was 2-1. They scored the last goalin the last five minutes of the match. He felt greatabout the score and sang songs.

    Which one is TRUE according to the text?

    A) Frank watches television every day.B) Frank was very happy after the match.C) Frank thinks football is a boring sport.D) Frank's team lost the match last night.


    Which one of the following is NOT related to the pictures?

    A) There were many spectators in the basketballmatch last night.

    B) We wake up early in the morning and doexercise to stay healthy.

    C) My favorite football team had a match andthey won it.

    D) I always eat healthy food. It helps me to keepmy body fit.

    14. (I) I love doing sports and team sports are myfavorite. (II) Football is very popular in Turkey.(III) I always play football in the school gardenwith my friends. (IV) It is very fun activity to do inbreak times.

    Which one is the odd sentence?

    A) I B) II C) III D) IV

    15. Tina : ----?Derya : I prefer basketball to others.Tina : ----?Derya : We play it every Sunday with my

    friends. Tina : ----? Derya : In the court of our school.

    Which question DOES NOT have an answer in the dialogue?

    A) When do you play basketballB) Why do you like basketballC) What is your favorite sportD) Where do you play basketball

    16. It is an individual sport. It is a winter sport andyou can do it on snowy places. It is a funactivity but you need to be careful. If you falldown, you can injure your leg or arm.

    Which picture is about this text?

    A) B)

    C) D)

    17. Emily : I prefer animations and comedies. They are exciting and amusing.

    Michael : Romance is not for me. I prefer horror films. They are thrilling and I love them.

    Cenk : I find action movies exciting. My favorite film is fast and furious. But I hate love stories. They are boring.

    Zeynep : I am interested in watching comedies. They are fun to watch. But I hate scary films.

    Who can watch a film together?

    A) Emily-Cenk B) Michael-ZeynepC) Michael-Cenk D) Emily-Zeynep


  • 18. Most of the children are TV addicts. (I)Theywatch cartoons for long hours. (II) They preferplaying toys all day. (III) Parents should limit theTV hours of their children. (IV) If they don’t dothis, their children will become couch potatoes.

    Find the odd sentence.

    A) I B) II C) III D) IV

    19. Betty : What is on TV tonight?Kim : There is a documentary about a wild

    animal. Betty : Which animal is it about? Kim : They live in South Africa. They eat leafy

    material. They give birth to their babies every four years. You can guess it now.

    Betty : Oh yes. It is a(n) ---- and ----.

    A) carnivore- mammal

    B) herbivore- insect

    C) reptile-carnivore

    D) mammal- herbivore

    The table below shows some students’

    preferences of TV programmes and the time they

    spend watching TV.

    TV programs Time in front of TV

    Ali The Simpsons- Humorous

    Five hours in a month

    Jenny Tolgshow - Funny Two hours in a week

    Chai Love Story-Emotional

    Four hours in a week

    Polly Who wants to be a millionaire?-Educational

    Six hours in a month

    20. According to the table who watches TVmost?

    A) Ali B) Jenny

    C) Chai D) Polly

    21. According to the table who can watch one ofthe TV programs together?

    A) Ali – Jenny B) Jenny – Chai

    B) Chai – Polly D) Polly – Ali

    The graphic below shows the TV preferences

    of the students in Avut Secondary School.

    22. According to the graphic which one isFALSE?

    A) 5th grade students prefer watching

    cartoons most.

    B) 6th grade students like different types of


    C) 7th grade students prefer romances more than

    the other students.

    D) 8th grade students prefer sports programmes

    more than 5th grades.

    23. Which of the following questions does NOThave an answer in the chart?

    A) How many students watch educational


    B) Do the students prefer funny programmes?

    C) What kind of TV programmes do they like?

    D) Why do the 7th grade students watch drama most?

    24. Leo is talking about the harms of watching TV.

    Which one isn’t suitable for the blank?

    A) is bad for your mental developmentB) improves your creativity and mental healthC) makes you lazy and overweightD) causes a less social and less active life











    Educational Animated Emotional Sports

    5th grades 6th grades 7th grades 8th grades

    20-21. soruları tabloya göre cevaplandırınız.

    22-23. soruları tabloya göre cevaplandırınız.

    Watching too much TV ----.


  • 25. Bertha is preparing a picture dictionary about the4th unit, Wild Animals. This is an extinct animal. They became

    extinct because of the climate change. Theywere reptiles.

    This is a long poisonous reptile. They hunt forsmall animals and live in jungles.

    This is an enormous mammal with big ears. Itis herbivore. It lives in Africa.

    Read and find which picture can’t she use in her picture dictionary?

    A) B)

    C) D)


    Which one is FALSE according to the table above?

    A) Olivia and Pamela prefer watchingeducational programmes.

    B) Martin loves watching programmes about realevents and people.

    C) Louis wants to watch funny films that makehim laugh.

    D) Pamela and Lois are interested in watchingscary movies.

    27. Rob is 10 years old and from America.He

    likes sitting on the sofa for hours every

    day,watching TV and eating junk food.

    Rob ----.

    A) cares about his healthB) has a good social lifeC) harms his mental developmentD) improves his creativity

    28. Lisa is playing a game. She should choose

    the correct moves and find Tom’s favorite

    wild animal.

    What is Tom’s favorite wild animal?

    A) B)

    C) D)


    A) documentaries / news / sitcomsB) news / documentaries / sitcomsC) documentaries / sitcoms / newsD) news / sitcoms / documentaries

    Programme Preferences

    Olivia Documentaries Romances

    Martin Discussions The news

    Pamela Action movies Quiz shows

    Louis Science-fictions Comedies

    Hi. I am Zeg. I really enjoy watching TV,

    but I have some preferences. I watch

    the ---- because I can learn about the

    world. I’m interested in biographies of

    people so I prefer ---.When I need

    some fun, I watch ----.


  • 30. Ekin, Joe and Melissa went to the National

    Zoological Gardens of South Africa last week.

    They saw many wild animals and now they are

    describing them to their classmates.

    Which animal DO NOT they talk about?

    A) Snake B) Lion

    C) Giraffe D) Crocodile

    31. There is an interview between Teoman and

    Bruce Pitt, a zoologist.

    Teoman : Welcome to our school radio

    programme, Mr. Pitt. Today I want to

    talk about extinct animals. ---?

    Mr.Pitt : Dodo Birds, Tasmanian tigers,

    Dinosaurs, Passenger Pigeons etc.

    Teoman : ---?

    Mr.Pitt : Because people hunted them and

    harmed their habitats.

    Teoman : ---?

    Mr.Pitt : Yes, they did.

    Which question DOES NOT Teoman ask Mr.


    A) Which animals are now extinct

    B) Were dinosaurs more dangerous than

    Tasmanian tigers

    C) Why did they become extinct

    D) Did dinosaurs become extinct earlier than

    Dodo Birds?

    32. There is a graphic about TV Programme

    preferences of Nina’s Family.

    According to the information above, which

    one is WRONG?

    A) Nina watches series more than her parents.B) Nina and her mother spend the same

    amount of time for watching the news.C) Nina’s father watches quiz ahow less than

    the other family membersD) Nina watches documentary more than her father.

    33. Enormous Nile crocodiles live in Africa. Theaverage size is 4 meters and 500 kilograms. Theyare dangerous for people and other animals, theycan wait for hours to find a pray. A zebra, a bisonor a deer can be a good pray for Nile crocodiles.

    Which question does NOT have an answer

    in the text?

    A) Where do they live?

    B) How tall are they?

    C) How long do they live?

    D) What do they eat?

    34. Andy : What do you know about Dodo birds?Terry : They became extinct 400 years ago.Andy : Where did they live?Terry : On the Mauritius island in Indian Ocean.Andy : Why did they become extinct?Terry : Because people hunted them, ate their

    eggs and destroyed their habitats.

    Which of the following is TRUE according

    to the dialogue above?

    A) Dodo is a living animal today.

    B) People hunted dodos for their fur.

    C) Dodos’ habitats were oceans.

    D) Last Dodo died 400 years ago.





    Series Quiz Show Documentary News


    e S



    Nina Nina's father Nina'smother

    It hunts other animals and never lives in rivers or lakes.

    It grows up to 5 meters and eats

    grasses and leaves.

    It is poisonous and bites its



  • 35. Emmy tells about her TV Programme diary.

    According to the information above, which

    graphic belongs to Emmy’s preferences of

    TV programmes?






    C O M M O N N A M E : T-Rex S C I E N T I F I C N A M E : Tyrannosaurus Rex

    T Y P E : Prehistoric Animals D I E T : Carnivore S I Z E : 40 feet long; 15 to 20 feet tall

    Which question does not have an answer above?

    A) What kind of animal is a T-Rex?B) How tall is a T-Rex?C) What does a T-Rex eat?D) How fast is a T-Rex?

    37. Suppose that you are making a campaign at

    school against global warming, climate change

    and extinct animals, you make a poster to attract


    Which picture is NOT suitable for your poster?

    A) B)

    C) D) D)

    38. I live in Africa forests. I’ve got a long neck.I’ve got spots on my skin. I eat grass, leavesetc. I don’t hunt other animals because I don’teat meat.

    Guess “Who I am?”.

    A) Elephant B) Kangaroo

    C) Giraffe D) Polar bear





    News Sitcoms SoapOperas





    News Sitcoms SoapOperas





    News Sitcoms SoapOperas





    News Sitcoms SoapOperas

    I often watch sitcoms. I think

    they are amusing. Also I watch

    the news every day. But I

    never watch soap operas

    because they are boring.

    Bu testteki sorular; Ali Yılmaz, Bilgehan Katipoğlu, Ebru Türk, Ebru Fidi, Elif Gümüş, Gökben Cebeci, Tülay Bayındır ve Yeşim Zengin Tan tarafından hazırlanmıştır.



    1. B

    2. C

    3. D

    4. C

    5. C

    6. A

    7. D

    8. B

    9. D

    10. C

    11. A

    12. B

    13. C

    14. B

    15. B

    16. C

    17. D

    18. B

    19. D

    20. C

    21. A

    22. D

    23. D

    24. B

    25. C

    26. D

    27. C

    28. A

    29. B

    30. D

    31. B

    32. D

    33. C

    34. D

    35. A

    36. D

    37. A

    38. C


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