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  • 1. Scientific Enquiry Prathomsuksa 1

2. Creating a plant jungle 3. Vocabulary growth (n.) 4. Vocabularyseed (n.) 5. Vocabularygermination (n.) 6. Vocabularycondensation (n.) 7. Vocabularyplant(n.) 8. StructureArticle TheHow to use TheWe use the to talk about a specificsingular or plural noun when weknow exactly which one we aretalking about. 9. ExamplesThe twins, Mike and Mary, have beenreading books and watchingtelevision programs about jungles. 10. articleThey are fascinated by all the plants andtrees.I wish we lived in the jungle. 11. Creating a plant jungleThe twins, Mike and Mary, have beenreading books and watching televisionprograms about jungles. They arefascinated by all the plants and treesthat grow there and how different it isfrom their garden. I wish we lived inthe jungle, Mary said to her mum. 12. Well, mum said I dont think we cando that but we can try to make one.Thats impossible, said Mike.What do you think-is it possible? 13. The factor for plants growthWater: Water is essential because it moistures the soiland dissolves important nutrients that the plant needsin order to grow.Light: Light is a factor required in order thatphotosynthesis can occur in plants.Soil: The soil serves the needs of the plant by providingwater, air, nutrients, and stability.Temperature: Plants grow well only within a limitedtemperature range. Temperatures that are too high ortoo low will result in abnormal development andreduced production. 14. Oxygen: Plants require oxygen for respiration to carry outtheir functions of water and nutrient uptake.Carbon Dioxide: Carbon Dioxide (CO2) contributes toplant growth as part of the miracle of nature known asphotosynthesis. This enables plants to combine CarbonDioxide and water with the aid of light energy to formsugar.Mineral Nutrients: Green plants must absorb certainminerals through their roots to survive.Humidity: The relative humidity present in the air isutilized by the plants and this is a crucial factor for thetranspiration process of the plants. 15. ObjectivesTo learn to turn ideas into a form that canbe tested.To be able to make and recordobservations.To know how to use drawings to presentresults. 16. You will need1. Large plastic sweet jar2. Peat-free compost3. Plastic spray for water4. Magnifying glasses 17. You will need5. Little gem lettuces seeds6. Runner bean seeds7. A copy of photocopiable 18. How to create a plant jungles1.Put the soil and the peat-free compost inthe sweet jar, and mix them together.2.Drop some seeds of the little gemlettuces and the runner bean seeds inthe sweet jar.3.Water the seeds by using the plasticspray for water. 19. 4.Place each sweet jar on a flat surfacewhere it is warm and light.5.Each week ,you will need to observe thejungles closely and complete yourphotocopiable pages. 20. Look at your sweet jar jungle eachweek. Draw and write what you see. 21. Week 1Week2Draw your jungleDraw your jungleWrite what is happening Write what is happeningWeek3 Week4Draw your jungleDraw your jungleWrite what is happening Write what is happening