Short Notes on the Vertebrate Fauna of Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve

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  • PertanikaJ. Trap. Agric. Sci. 22(2): 179-183 (1999) ISSN: 1511-3701 Universiti Putra Malaysia Press

    Short Notes on the Vertebrate Fauna ofAyer Hitam Forest Reserve, Puchong, Selangor

    JAMBAARI HAJI ALI, S. RAJAGOPAL and AZMI YAACOBDepartment of Biology, Universiti Putra Malaysia

    43400 UPM Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia

    Keywords: Vertebrates, Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve.


    Rekod dari Muzium Zoologi, Jabatan Biologi, Universiti Putra Malaysia mengandungi senarai vertebrata darikawasan Hutan Simpan Ayer Hitam yang dikutip dari 1975 hingga 1985. Koleksi dalam muzium ini terdiridari 14 burung, 10 anura, 5 lacertalia, 3 ophidia dan 8 mamalia. Kutipan lapangan baru-baru ini yangdilakukan oleh pelajar-pelajar biologi, sebagai sebahagian tugasan kursus kepelbagaian vertebrata mendapati 3spesies kelawar, 2 reptilia, 13 anura dan 10 ikan. Ikan merupakan tambahan kepada senarai vertebrata yangbelum pernah dilakukan sebelum ini. Senarai vertebrata dalam laporan ini bukanlah yang lengkap. Beberapakoleksi perlu dilakukan untuk inventori vertebrata di Hutan Simpan Ayer Hitam.


    Record from the Museum of Zoology, Department ofBiology, Universiti Putra Malaysia contains list ofvertebratesof Ayer Hitam Forest Researve area collected from 1975 until 1985. The collection in the museum consists of 14birds, 10 anurans, 5 lacertalians, 3 ophidians and 8 mammals. Recent field collections lJy students of biology,as part of their assignment of vertebrates diversity revealed 3 species of bats, 2 reptiles, 13 anurans and 10 fishes.Fish is the new addition of the vertebrate lists that was not collected before. The list of vertebrate in this reportis lJy no means exhaustive. More collections are needed to inventorise the vertebrates of Ayer Hitam ForestReserve.


    Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve is a lowlanddipterocarp forest situated in the middle of arapidly developing area, about 20 km south ofKuala Lumpur. Covering an area of about1248 ha the forest is bordered in the north byBukit Jalil sport complex and to its south bynew Putra Jaya administrative township. Theeastern part of the forest is bordered by theproposed new satellite town of Lestari Perdanaand to the west by the massive housing andbusiness centres of Puchong. A small streamof about 2.5 km with many tributaries cutacross the length of the forest. The streambecomes the riverhead of the Rasau River.Most of the tributaries dried up during droughtseason.

    The forest was formally under the manage-ment of the Selangor State Forest Departmentand was leased to Universiti Putra Malaysia in

    1996 for 80 years for the purpose of teachingand research. Prior to its lease to UniversitiPutra Malaysia, the forest was already becamepart of the field training site for students fromthe Faculty of Forestry and students from theDepartment of Biology, Faculty of Science andEnvironmental Science.

    During the early years of UPM, several ani-mal collection trips to the forest were conductedto provide materials for classes. The specimenscollected were recorded and deposited at theMuseum of Zoology, Department of Biology.There was a gap in field activities by the Depart-ment of Biology between 1985 and 1998 andonly in April 1998 until January 1999 there wasa study on the anurans along the Rasau Riverconducted as part of the students' final yearproject. At about the same time several fieldtrips were conducted to study the vertebratediversity of the forest.


    This communication reports some of thevertebrates recorded in the museum of the De-partment of Biology from the collection in theearlier periods of UPM and those collected dur-ing the recent field studies by the students.


    The information on the existence of the verte-brates was obtained from a search of the recordof the Museum of Zoology, Universiti PutraMalaysia. The record on the vertebrate collec-tion from the forest dated back since 1975. Inaddition, the current list also contained spe-cies collected during the three brief field stud-ies in Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve recently car-ried out by the biology students as part oftheir assignments in the Vertebrate Biodiversitycourse.

    Mist nets were mounted about 2 metersabove the ground under the forest canopy totrap birds and bats. Rat-traps were set on theground, using banana as baits to collect smallground mammals. The sites of collection cov-ered only to the eastern part of the forest, alongthe old logging track that run almost parallel tothe river as shown in Fig. 1.

    Scoop nets were used to collect fishes andtadpoles in the Rasau River. Adult frogs andtoads were caught by hand and mostly carriedout at night. Some reptiles such as skinks andagamids were observed directly. Identification ofthe collected vertebrates were based on the ref-erences available and also by comparing thespecimens with those deposited at the Museumof Zoology, UPM. For conservation purposes,trapped animals, except for taxidermy exercises,were released back to its original collection sites.


    Some of the information on the site of collec-tion in the early years of UPM stated onlyPuchong that included at that time the presentUPM Puchong farm and that of proposed LestariPerdana townships area. Nevertheless the col-lection are included in the present list.

    The vertebrates collected and recorded inthe Museum of Zoology between 1975 until1985 are listed in Table 1.

    The three brief field collections by studentsrevealed some of the species collected in theprevious collections. Vertebrates collected fromthese exercises are listed in Table 2.


    Fig. 1. Map of Natural and Physical Resource in Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve, Puchong

    PERTANlKAJ. TROP. AGRIC. SCI. VOL. 22 0.2,1999


    TABLE 1List of vertebrates collected during the early years of Universiti Putra Malaysia

    Species Common name Family Date of collection

    Birds:Criniger phaeocephalus White throated bulbul Pycnonotidae 10 Apr. 1981Arachnothera longitrosta Little spider hunter ectariniidae 10 &15 Apr. 1981

    Kelicap jantungOrthotomus sutorius Long-tailed tailor bird Sylviidae 15 Apr. 1981

    Laki padiHypogramma hyphogramicum Purple naped sunbird ectarinidae 14 Apr. 1981Trichestomma rostratum Timallidae 9 Apr. 1981T. malaccanes 8 Apr. 1981Copsychus malabaricus White rumped shama Turdidae 14 Apr. 1981

    Murai batuTrichastoma malabaricus Timallidae 14 Apr. 1981T. saularius 16 Apr. 1981Pycnonotus simplex Cream vented bulbul Pycnonotidae 14 Apr. 1981

    Murai rimbaChalcophaps indica Emerald dove Columbidae 16 Apr.1981Pycnonotus goiaver Yellow-vented bulbul Pycnonotidae 15 Apr. 1981Merbah kapurStachyris erythroptera Red-winged tree babbler Timaliidae 10 Apr. 1981

    Merbah sampahMacronus ptilosus Fluffy-backed babbler Timaliidae 15 April 1981


    Rana limnocharis Padifield frog Ranidae 12 Nov. 1975Polypedates leucomystax Malayan house frog Rhacophoridae 21 Nov. 1975BuJo quadriporcatus Four-ringed toad Bufonidae 27 NOv. 1979Leptobrachium hasseltii Ground toad Pelobatidae 26 Feb. 1981Rana chalconota Copper cheek frog Ranidae 13 Aug. 1981Rana blythi Malaysian giant frog Ranidae 13 Aug. 1981Rana signata Yellow spotted frog Ranidae 13 Aug. 1981Rana malesiana Malaysian frog Ranidae 13 Aug. 1984Rana erythrea Malayan pond frog Ranidae 22 Feb. 1984Occidozyga laevis Paddyfield puddle frog Ranidae 22 Feb. 1984


    Lacertilia:Draco volans Sumpah-sumpah Agamidae 14 April 1981Draco quinqueJasciatus 8 April 1981Draco fimbriatus 10 April 1981Draco melanopogon 10 Apr. 1981Aphaniotis Juscus 27 Nov. 1979

    OphidiaLiopeltis baliodeirus Colubridae 13 Jan. 1975Achaetulla straiata 16 Mar. 1975Sil7ynophis melanocephalus 15 Oct. 1979


    Ground squirrels:Rhinosciurus laticaudatus Schrew faced ground squirell Sciuridae 27 Ju1.l978

    PERTANIKAJ. TROP. AGRIC. SCI. VOL. 22 0.2,1999 181


    Callosciurus nigrovittatusCallosciurus notatus

    Rats:Rattus muelleriRattus sabanusRattus suriferRattus tiomanicusRattus rajah

    Black banded squirrelPlantain squirrel

    Mullerfs ratLong tailed giant ratRed spiny ratWood ratBrown spiny rat



    28 Ju1.l978Aug. 1985

    4 Jul. 19784 Jul.19784 Ju1.197818 Aug. 198514 Ju1.l978

    TABLE 2Vertebrates collected by students during their field trips

    Species Common name Date of collection


    BatsRhinolopus trifoliatus

    Cynopterus brachyotis

    Penthetor lucasii

    Reptiles:Calotes versicolor

    Geomyda spinosa

    Amphibia:Rana doriae

    Polypedates leucomystax

    Rana chalconota

    Fishes:Channa striatus

    H emirhampodon pogonognathus

    Rasbora einthoveni

    Puntius binotatus

    Treefoil horse shoe bat Pteropodidae 8 Sept. 1997Malaysian fruit bat 8 Sept. 1997dusky fruit bat 8 Sept. 1997

    Sumpah sumpah Agamidae 8 Sept. 1997Spiny tortoise Testudinidae 9 Sept. 1997

    Siamese frog Ranidae 8 Sept. 1997Malayan house frog Rhacophoridae 8 Sept. 1997Copper cheek frog Ranidae 8 Sept. 1997

    Snake head Ophiocephalidae 8 Sept. 1997Jolong, Sember Hemirhampidae 8 Sept. 1997Seluang/susur batang Cyprinidae 8 Sept. 1997

    8 Sept. 1997


    Rana doriae

    Bufo melanostitus

    Bufo asperRana malesiana

    Kalophrynus palmatissimus

    Fish:Rasbora heteromorpha

    Rasbora sumatrana

    Betta pungnax

    Hemirhampodon pogonognathus

    Channa striatus

    Clarias sp.Channa lucius


    Siamese frog Ranidae 6 Feb. 1999Common toad Bufonidae 6 Feb. 1999Malayan gian t toad 6 Feb. 1999Malaysian frog Ranidae. 6 Feb. 1999Rain skicky toad Microhy