Speaking to Millennial Generation Audiences

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Speaking to Millennial Generation Audiences. Darrell Coleman Key Club, U. of Utah Toastmaster Club, Faculty Advisor Assistant Professor, Department of Management, David Eccles School of Business darrell.coleman@business.utah.edu 801-541-6099. Today’s Objective. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Speaking to Millennial Generation Audiences

Teaching the Millennial Learner

Speaking to Millennial Generation AudiencesDarrell ColemanKey Club, U. of Utah Toastmaster Club, Faculty AdvisorAssistant Professor, Department of Management, David Eccles School of Businessdarrell.coleman@business.utah.edu801-541-60991 Title and description or outline of your proposed presentation.Speaking to Millennial Generation AudiencesDescription: This session is designed to provide you with some tips that will help you to engage with audiences comprised of Millennial generation participants, those 27 and younger. Youll learn the defining characteristics of the generation and well use those characteristics to help you enhance the impact of your message. Come to this session with a speech in mind that you would like to adjust. Outline:oIntroduction we raised them, now engage themoOverview their characteristicsoOverview an alignment method and share tipsoAudience participation activity adjust a speechoConclusion we raised them AND can engage them

A brief biography on one sheet, include a pictureSee attached


You were raised this way or raised them now speak TO them, I mean WITH them, and keep them engaged. Disclaimer Ill do more than I would so I can role model for you.Todays ObjectiveAt the end of this workshop you should be able toIdentify Millennial characteristicsoOverview an alignment method and share tipsAdjust a speech that leverages their characteristics

5) Q & A

4Millennial Video A Vision of Audience Members Todayhttp://news.aarp.org/UM/T.asp?A910.52851.4907.3.1559087A Vision of Students Today

5Team work

What other characteristics might you develop after watching the video?

Team post on the Wiki6Their Talents

TeamTechnologyDiversityMultitasking7TEAM work Activity tips

For slide #7 highlight what occurred and summarize the talents.

Then what I would do differently if truly a Millennial audience:Establish a Wiki (TECH)Allow them to use cell phone, etc. to help generate ideas (TECH/M)Design the diversity component with/without technology, nationality

8Their Self Viewshttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNMxqBqj-5k

9Their Needs

10Their Need to Achieve

11Individual work

Using the handout, select a speech you want to give or have given and make adjustments based upon the varying characteristics.

Post changes to wiki???12Alternative approachMake adjustments to your speech, then go to the handout and identify which characteristics you are leveraging. Like I did with Tips13Questions you would like to ask?

14We raised them AND can engage them!

15Beginning Role ModelStudent Choice your issues (SP)Interaction minimalistic lecturing; student ideas (M increased variety)Integrative thinking time for you to think; team work (SH; CONF; TEAM)Authentic actual scenarios, specific actions, directed outside the classroom (A)You can do this! (SP; CONF)Role model with research (Millennial traits)A recommendation (P)# 1TipNow that you know the Millennial characteristics LEVERAGE THEM IN YOUR SPEECHES

17Tips (cont.)Show them how they will get an authentic experience (Sp)Explain how it will impact their future success (Sp; A)Give them stretch goals (Sp; Conf; A) Create a safe environmentClearly articulated objectives (Sh; A)Basic structures (Conv; Sh) Give tools they need (Sh; Team; Tech)

18Tips for Mentoring (cont.)Leverage their talents whenever possibleIf all fails, use authority (Conv) and performance evaluations (A)

1920A strength of a Millennial learner is that they are likely to accept exceptionally challenging course assignments while working and serving the community.TrueFalseCONF; P; A; M

21A weakness of a Millennial learner is that they are likley to have difficulty with ambiguity and are likely to be risk averse.TrueFalseSH; P; A; M

22Age & CharacteristicsBorn 1980 2000Their Self ViewsTheir NeedsTheir Talents

23Who are the Millennials?1943 1964 1980 - 20002000 - 20081961 - 19801990 2010in 1008

24You are a Millennial if you were born1943 1964 (Baby Boomer) 1961 1980 (GenX)1980 2000 (entering college in 2000, U-2003)1990 2010 (enter college 2010, U-2013)2000 2008 (Homeland Generation)1980 2000: born of Baby Boomer parents1990 2010 Also: born of GenX parents purpose, customization, less trusting