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  • 2 Red Deer Express Wednesday, February 25, 2015SUMMER CAMP GUIDE

    A unique and fun week of indoor and outdooractivities! Children ages 5- 8 years explore anew safety topic each day while learning how toavoid injury.

    Topics Include:Pedestrian Traf c,Fire & Home,Acreage & Farm,Bicycle, Water, &Animal Safety

    2015 Camp Dates:July 610; July 20-24August 10-14

    Mornings: 9AM - 12PM; Afternoons: 1PM - 4PMCost: $100.00

    Register at: www.reddeer.ca/looknbookFind more program & registration details underCommunity Programs at www.safetycity.caor call 403-314-9914.

    Register Early!

    BY MARK WEBERRed Deer Express

    Summer time offers youngsters a host of fun- lled days packed with recreation, and making the season all the more complete is time spent at summer camp.

    Central Alberta includes all kinds of summer camps, geared towards those with a passion for dance, a penchant for horseback riding or those who want to spend time learning about the Bible while still enjoying a host of rec-reational opportunities.

    There are also camps suited to those with a range of sporting sensibilities where swimming, canoeing, wall climbing and the wonders of the outdoors are ex-plored.

    Camps can be found in all kinds of attractive settings as well, from locations near Sylvan Lake to the foothills around Rocky Mountain House and Nordegg.

    Choosing a camp may seem like an overwhelming venture considering the multitude of choices, but the Alberta Camping Association (ACA) provides tools to narrow down the possibilities.

    For those who would prefer to go the day camp route, there are also plenty of choices.

    This type of camp may be viewed as an introductory stage to camping at a high comfort lev-el. According to the ACA, there are several key steps to choosing a perfect camp for your child. Ex-plore the information available through the Associations web

    site. Folks can read about the or-ganization which, Has made its mandate an assurance of quality to the public through its program of accreditation and guidelines for operations.

    According to the ACA, the purpose of camp is to have a fun and safe experience, making new friends and learning new things in an outdoor setting.

    While every child is differ-ent, its important to choose a camp that will meet their speci c social, emotional and physical needs.

    With hundreds of camps rang-ing from day camps, residential, and others focusing on every-thing from activities like horse-back riding, canoeing, mountain-eering, to art, drama, and science there is a lot to choose from.

    To nd out what activities or type of camp that would t with your child best, visit the Alberta Camping Associations camp di-rectory.Something else to keep in mind is that ACA member camps have been accredited with the stamp of ACA approval.

    That means they reach a high level of standards and follow strict protocols to make sure your child is getting the best experi-ence in the safest environment. These standards are related to things like site, facility, adminis-tration, leadership, health, food service, and programming.

    Meanwhile, parents can con-tinue their research by visiting each individual camps web site to learn about the camps phi-

    losophy, the type of programs of-fered, session lengths, start dates and cost.

    Further information could be attained by calling the camp of- ce as well.

    Also available on the ACA web site is a Camper Worksheet and Checklist for Choosing a Camp.

    The ACA offers a complete list of camps there is an excellent tab on the web site called search for a camp which lists areas of interest ranging from baseball, biking and kayaking to cycling, sailing, backpacking and tennis.

    Those searching for the best

    camp can check off speci c inter-ests and the program nds camps that specialize in those areas.

    Once youve settled on a camp choice, its a good idea to contact camp of ces so parents can also ask about training, rate of staff turnover, and the experience of senior staff. Another question might be what provisions are made for campers with special needs?

    Also, another suggestion gen-erally speaking is to chat with others who have previously at-tended the camp in question.

    According to the ACA, once

    you register with the camp of your choice you should have regular contact from that point on, receiving, A warm welcome or con rmation package, includ-ing con rmation of dates, prices, equipment needed, cancellation policies, and other necessary camp information.

    For more helpful tips about all things related to the summer camp experience, check out www.albertacamping.com. For further information, contact the Alberta Camping Association at info@al-bertacamping.com.


    Planning for the best summer camp experiencesThe Alberta Camping Association provides parents a wealth of options

  • Wednesday, February 25, 2015 Red Deer Express 3SUMMER CAMP GUIDE



    E S T 1 9 2

    21 9 2




    Multi Sport: July 20-25 (Ages 7-12)

    Basketball: July 27-31 (Ages 13-17)

    Volleyball: August 3-7 (Ages 13-17)

    Contact us at www.prairie.edu/sportscamps

    Bible College - Applied Arts & Technology - Mission Aviation






    BY JENNA SWANRed Deer Express

    Located in the heart of western Alberta, Camp Alexo offers youth the op-portunity to submerse themselves into nature in a non-denominational atmo-sphere rich with commu-nity, culture and kindness.

    Located near Nordegg, Camp Alexo has been in op-eration since 1984 and was built on the former Alexo town site, which is now de-scribed as ghost town.

    The rich history of the camp tells the tale of the Alexo Coal Company, which built the town for the families of its employ-ees to live in. However after the shutdown of the mine around 1955 families slowly left the area.

    While there is still coal underground, geologists say it is not economically feasible to extract.

    Jillian Klassen, pro-gram coordinator for Camp Alexo, explains that while kids love the historical lo-cation of the camp, it is the scenery and experience that really draw them to it.

    Klassen said there is an emphasis on learning about nature and how to enjoy and survive in na-ture, while learning how to respect nature at the same time. Being out in the mountains gives you a chance to completely dis-connect from the outside world as well as reality in

    a sense and really immerse yourself in nature.

    I think many kids these days have never had the chance to be submersed in nature and Camp Alexo gives them a chance to see what its like to be out in the woods and how to fend for themselves outside.

    Phoenix, a teen adven-ture camp offered at Alexo is the ultimate opportunity for youth ages 13 to 17 to ex-plore the wilderness.

    Offering backcountry exploration, backpacking, horseback riding, cycling, canoeing, kayaking and other adventures, the camp asks teens to learn, lead and develop an assortment of skills. Teens also have the chance to participate in camp res and a wide vari-ety of games.

    The kids in this program get to sleep and construct their own lean-too, swim in the creek, and make their own food over a re, and it gives them a great chance to

    experience the outdoors, said Klassen. Camp Alexo also offers a variety of camps for children ages seven to 12 geared towards outdoor learning, self-de-velopment and teamwork.

    We excite every camp-ers imagination with in-teractive theme days and camp-wide games - new worlds and characters of imagination come to life, explains Klassen. Every group is guaranteed to get an overnight stay in an au-thentic tipi. These camp-ers also participate in day hikes, magical camp res, arts and crafts, camp-wide games and much more.

    Klassen explained so-cialization is a huge part of Camp Alexo. Youre along-side your group through-out the week and its al-most like the kids become a little family by the end of it, she said.

    The camp also offers the Waskway Leadership Camp for youth ages 13 to 17.

    Waskway is an inter-active camp focusing on building self-con dence, cooperation and leader-ship. Based on leadership ability, teens will be divid-ed into Level 1 or Level 2.

    Leadership development sessions will include ca-noeing, positive rounds, a camp re program, a night experience and much more.

    Visit www.bgcreddeer.ca/campalexo.


    Community, culture and kindness at Camp Alexo







  • 4 Red Deer Express Wednesday, February 25, 2015SUMMER CAMP GUIDE

    Family FriendlyCamp Times

    Both 6-9 yrs and 10-12 yrs attend from Noon 3 PM