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Sample scene of storyboard for Goethe's literary work "Faust". Scene focus, "A Street". Mephistopheles leaves Marthe's house, and meets up with Faust. As they walk down the street, Mephistopheles tells Faust the conditions for meeting with Margarete. Marthe asks Mephistopheles to bring another witness to her husband's death, in doing so she will agree that Margarete and her admirer may meet. And thus the devil finds a role for Faust in the farce. Faust is not prepared to lie to meet Margarete. But, manipulated by the devil, he is so controlled by his desire for her that he consents to lie in order to see her.

Text of Storyboard - FAUST

  • MFA Graduate School of Animation & Visual Effect Pogram Application

    Anglica A. Aglviz RodrguezStoryboard Portfolio

  • Character Design

    Character designs for Storyboard demo of Faust - A Street, which will be previewed in the following pages. (Top) Sketch designs of the main character, Faust. Solemn, stubborn and slouchy.(Bottom) Sketch designs of the main antagonist, Mephis(topheles). Sultry, sophist and sly.

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