Strange Tribaryons as Nona-quarks

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Strange Tribaryons as Nona-quarks. Yuu Maezawa (Univ. Tokyo) Tetsuo Hatsuda (Univ. Tokyo) Shoichi Sasaki (RIKEN BNL). hep-ph/0412025. T. Suzuki et al. Phys. Lett. B 597 (2004) 263. Introduction. M. Iwasaki et al. hep-ph/0310018. Strange tribaryon @KEK-PS. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Strange Tribaryons as Nona-quarks

  • Strange Tribaryons as Nona-quarks Yuu Maezawa (Univ. Tokyo)Tetsuo Hatsuda (Univ. Tokyo)Shoichi Sasaki (RIKEN BNL)


  • IntroductionSpin and Parity are undetermined.Strange tribaryon @KEK-PST. Suzuki et al. Phys. Lett. B 597 (2004) 263M. Iwasaki et al. hep-ph/0310018

  • Hadronic picture (i) High density puzzle3310 MeV(ii) Isospin puzzle -110 MeVStrong attractionAkaishi and Yamazaki PRC65 (`02) 044005Dote, Horiuchi, Akaishi and Yamazaki, PRC70 (`04) 044313I=0I=1Exp.Model?

  • Nona-quark pictureNona-quark picture Possible other nona-quark states Classification in color, flavor and spin space Mass formula based on MIT bag modelflavor 27-plet

  • Classification in color, flavor and spin spaceirreducible representation in flavor spin spaceAll quarks are in lowest orbital angular momentum. Degrees of freedom of nona-quark systemanti-symmetriccolor-singlet

  • Possible multiplets for and SI3

  • Mass formula(Bag model)Aerts et al., PRD 17 (1977) 260.Constant independent of quantum numbersAdjusted to reproducespin Color-magnetic int. effectflavor multipletLargerLarger mass

  • smallParameters strange quark massoctet baryon bag radius strong coupling constant

  • strange mass effect+ flavor dependent effect by CM-int.+ spin, isospin effects(due to compact 9-quark structure?)Masses of strange tribaryon

  • Case 1 state Case 2 stateCase 3 statespin splitting of CM-int.Too large ?Too small ?

  • Nona-quark picture vs. hadronic picture (i) High density puzzleNOT a puzzle in the quark picture(ii) Isospin puzzleNOT a puzzle in Case 1,2,3 Not seen yet ?

  • Other light nona-quarks ?Small flavor multiplets are allowed.Color-magnetic int. small.

  • Summary Strangeness tribaryon nona-quark description Classification in flavor-spin space and mass formula is identified as Three possible interpretations of are given. other light nona-quark states? Narrow decay width ( < 21 MeV) Other interactions (Meson cloud, Instanton induced int. )Future problems

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  • Masses of strange tribaryonColorMagneticInt.strange mass effectflavor dependent effect in CM-int.