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  • SUSE Virtualization Technologies Roadmap

    Michal SvecSenior Product

    Mike LatimerSenior Engineering

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    Virtualization @SUSE

    Enhancements in XEN/KVM

    Enhancements in Linux Containers and Docker

    Virtualization with VMware

    Virtualization with Microsoft

    Virtualization in the Clouds

  • Virtualization @SUSE

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    SUSE Virtualization Virtualization is a key component in SUSE strategy!

    Xen SUSE first to deliver Xen to the Enterprise in SLES 10 GA SUSE continues to support Xen in SLES 12 SP1

    KVM SUSE first to deliver KVM to the Enterprise in SLES 11 GA SUSE first to deliver KVM on IBM System z in SLES 11 SP3

    SUSE first to deliver Xen & KVM in OpenStack

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    Virtualization use casesG




    In the CloudsIn Your Data Center

    Perfect Guest Available in Public Clouds

    Dual Hypervisor Support Cloud Hosts

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    Virtualization Host

    Full Support for leading open source hypervisors KVM and Xen

    Available for major architectures: x86, x86_64, IBM System z and POWER8

    Complete virtualization solution: VM save/restore, snapshots, hotplugging, live

    migration, etc...

    OS-level or application virtualization with Linux Containers (LXC) and Docker

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    Perfect Guest

    Perfect Guest strategy, operating system tuned to run great as a guest on all major hypervisors

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    Virtualization in the Cloud

    Public Cloud: Deploy SUSE Linux Enterprise

    Server workloads in the public cloud or cloud service provider of your choice.

    Private Cloud: Deliver cloud infrastructure solution

    powered by SUSE OpenStack Cloud

    Hybrid Cloud: SUSE Manager to manage servers

    on premise and in the public cloud. SUSE Studio tools to deploy

    workloads to your on premise, private and public clouds.

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    Virtualization in the Cloud Ecosystem

    SUSE Manager- Provisioning- Management- Monitoring

    SUSE StudioBuilding workloadsfor physical andcloud environments

    SUSE Linux EnterpriseThe foundation for your datacenter workloadsand virtualization

    SUSE OpenStack Cloud Highly flexible and adaptable cloud infrastructure

  • Virtualization Enhancementsin Xen and KVM

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    SLES 12 SP1 Virtualization

    Major changes were introduced in SLES12xend libxllxc libvirt-lxcqemu 1.4.1 2.0.2

    Focus for SP1 is on stability! Updated Virtualization Packages

    xen 4.5.1

    qemu 2.3.1


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    SLES 12 SP1 Virtualization

    Numerous bug fixes, but some enhancements... virt-builder

    Rapidly deploy pre-built images

    SPICE support in tools remote server UI Guest Agent for Linux and Windows Updated VMDP, Hyper-V drivers, etc...

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    SLES 12 SP1 Virtualization

    Xen toolstack changes beginning with SLES12 RIP xm/xend

    Officially deprecated upstream in Xen 4.3 (removed in Xen 4.5)

    Managed (or persistent) domains are gone

    /etc/xen/xend-config.sxp is gone

    domUloader is gone

    Support for s-expression config format is gone

    Welcome xl/libxl (aka libxenlight)! Documentation can be found in the Virtualization Guide appendix

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    Fast, light-weight, improved concurrency Technology preview in SLES 11 SP3/SP4

    Not supported, but xend should be disabled when using xl/libxl

    Only toolstack in SLE 12+ Global configuration file:

    /etc/xen/xl.conf Memory autoballooning

    Hotplugging and locking behavior

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    VM States under xend vs libxl



    libvirt vm-install









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    SLES 12 SP1 Xen Highlights

    General Status of Xen: Xen 4.5.1

    Libvirt preferred management layer xl supported for thin management (not reflected in libvirt)

    New Features Global libxl configuration file (/etc/libvirt/libxl.conf) Supervisor Mode Access Prevention (SMAP) Improved support for large domains Integration with virtlockd Improved logging control (through libvirt)

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    SLES 12 SP1 QEMU / KVM Highlights

    General Status of QEMU/KVM: QEMU v2.3.1 and KVM in v3.12 kernel Available on Intel 64 / AMD 64, IBM System z and POWER 8!

    Libvirt preferred management layer ... QEMU command line supported for access to more features

    New Features USB 3.0 support Linux and Windows Guest-Agent Hotplug vcpus, memory, character devices and serial ports Improved NUMA Support Support for native RADOS block devices (rbd)

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    KVM at SUSE Where We Rely on KVM

    SUSE uses KVM forits mission-critical servers

    NIS, NFS, webservers, etc.

    SUSE Studio uses KVM exclusively Build and Test Drive workers 600,000 users; 7,500 image builds each week

    Open Build Service uses KVM guests Build workers 75,000 package builds per day

    R&D, QA

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    Mixed Virtualization Environment?

    SLE 11 and SLE 12? Migration is supported from product to product+1

    SLES12 SLES12SP1

    SLES11SP4 SLES12 No live migration between SLE 11 and SLE 12

    Xen and KVM? Domains can be converted from Xen to KVM...

    virt-v2v Supported for SLE 11 or SLE 12 Xen host

    Conversions are non-destructive as source disk is copied

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    VMware tools and drivers integrated with SLES 12 SP1 for best out-of-the-box experience

    open-vm-tools (10.0.0) In-tree kernel modules:

    vmware_balloon vmw_vmci vmw_vsock vmxnet3 vmw_pvscsi vmwgfx

    Fully supported by VMware via L3 support agreement


    SLES 12Tools



    SLES 12Tools



    Virtualization with VMware

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    Virtualization with Microsoft

    Hyper-V Latest drivers and features supported in SLES

    SUSE works directly with Microsoft to enhance and improve drivers

    Drivers are included with SUSE kernels External Linux Integration Services (LIS) package is not required

    Version numbers (such as LIS 3.5/4.0) are not applicable!

    Azure SLES12 Linux RDMA image

    Very low-latency network connection

    Tuned for HPC workloads

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    SLES 12 SP1 Supported Guests (1/2)

    SLES 12SLES 12 SP1SLES 11 SP4SLES 10 SP4SLED 12 SP1 (technology preview)OES 11 SP1NetWare PV 6.5 SP8 (32-bit)RHEL 7.1+ (*)RHEL 6.7+ (*)RHEL 5.11+ (*)

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    SLES 12 SP1 Supported Guests (2/2)

    MS Windows 2012 R2+MS Windows 2012+MS Windows 2008 R2 SP1+MS Windows 2008 SP2+MS Windows 2003 SP2+MS Windows 10+ (best effort)MS Windows 8.1+ (best effort)MS Windows 8+ (best effort)MS Windows 7 SP1+ (best effort)

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    SUSE Linux EnterpriseVirtual Machine Driver Pack

    VMDP 2.3 for best guest support Support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP1 Support for Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 and

    Windows 10 Unified driver for easier migration from one

    hypervisor to another (Xen KVM) Simple host to guest access (Windows Guest Agent) Numerous bug fixes and enhancements

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    Outlook SLES 12 SP2

    Hardware enablement Continuing improvements in hotplug, NUMA, etc... Evaluate management tooling qemu/KVM: post copy live migration Xen:

    rbd support pvops enabled kernel

    VM snapshots with btrfs

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    What about SLES 11 SP4?

    Hardware enablement (VMCS shadowing, Haswell) Support latest Hyper-V features (Gen2 VMs, host to

    guest copy) VMware tools integration (9.4.6) Linux guest agent support Amazon EC2-related improvements Update to Xen 4.4

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    Best Practices

    Virtualization can be complicated! Normal physical machine issues + virtualization layer

    Virtualization Best Practices Guide Regularly updated tips directly from SUSE Virtualization

    developers Recommended CPU and memory features and usage

    Pinning, NUMA, etc...

    Block and filesystem recommendations

    Covers SLES11SP4, SLES12, SLES12SP1

    Also see: SLES Virtualization Guide

  • 28

    Virtualization at SUSECon

    For more information: TUT19351 Virtualization at Scale in SUSE Linux Enterprise

    Server Thursday 10:15-11:15

    TUT19951 Using SLES as a Best Guest for Different Virtual Infrastructure Design Patterns

    Thursday 9:00-10:00

    SLES Virtualization and Containers kiosk in the Technology Showcase

  • Virtualization EnhancementsContainer Technologies

  • 30

    Linux Containers

    Lightweight virtualization Faster provisioning, less downtime

    Higher virtualization density

    Flexibility and agility Containerized apps can be deployed


    Normal I/O, no congestion

    Near native performance IBM research:

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    Linux Containers


    Host OS



    Guest OS



    Guest OS


    Hypervisor (Type 2)



    Guest OS










    em c



    Guest OS


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    Advantages of Linux Containers

    Lightweight virtualization solution Isolated from the other processes 1 kernel to rule them all Normal I/O Dynamic changes possible without reboot Nested virtualization is not a problem No boot time or very short one