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  • 1.sustainabilityreportPORTUCEL GROUP

2. Portugal: papermakers to the world 3. More Forest Better Future.We want you to get the factson the main issues about paperproduction so you can makeupyour own 4. sustainabilityreportcontents. about this report. messages Chairman of the Board of Directors Chief Executive Ofcer . highlights / . discover the Portucel Group Group Prole Governance Structure Meet the Stakeholders Sustainability Management. meet the people The People Professional Development Health and Wellbeing at Work . explore the forest The Portucel Group and Forests Forest Management and Certication Forest re prevention and support for re-ghting Biodiversity Conservation Chain of Custody . discover the plants The Industrial Units An Eco-efcient Process Safety in Industrial Processes . meet the market The Portucel Groups Paper Misconceptions in the Market . meet the community Engagement with the Community Social Responsibility . appendix Appendix I. Human ResourcesAppendix II. Notes on MethodologyAppendix III. Glossary Appendix IV. GRI Index Appendix V. Verication Report from External Auditor Appendix VI. Statement GRI Application Level Check Contacts 5. aboutthis Report 6. PORTUCEL GROUPabout this reportThe Portucel Group is delighted to publish its fourth bi-annual SustainabilityReport. This report refers to the period / and is designed toprovide our main stakeholders with information on the Groups economic,environmental and social performance over the past two years.This report has been drawn up in accordance with the Global ReportingInitiative guidelines, version G., self-declaring level A, as conrmed byKPMG, SROC, SA, by means of external verication, allowing the Group toachieve a level of compliance of A+ as dened under the G. guidelines. Asin the past, sustainability information is being reported on a bi-annual basis.The information contained in this report should be viewed in conjunctionwith the Management reports for and and the CorporateGovernance Reports for the same periods, available on the PortucelGroups corporate website, at report encompasses all the Groups companies and activities whichcontribute to pulp and paper production and sales businesses, exceptfor the nancial indicators which, for reasons relating to consolidation,include all the Groups business operations. The scope of this report doesnot include the power generation business, as the entire document isfocussed on the pulp and paper production business. All the informationprovided with regard to the power generation business is intended merelyto complement the Groups strategic approach to its core business of pulpand paper production.The report is organized into two distinct sections. The rst part takesthe form of an easy-to-read pull-out section, designed to providestakeholders with an overview of sustainability issues during the two yearsof the reporting period. The second part comprises a technical reportcomplementing the information provided in the rst, setting out moredetailed data, so as to meet the needs of different stakeholders. 7. sustainability reportThe topics identied result from an internal review of the issues reportedon in the previous reporting period, which resulted in turn from a processof benchmarking and consultation with the Groups main stakeholdergroups. The internal review conducted for the purposes of this report tookthe following aspects into consideration: The need to take in all the Groups activities in the production andmarketing of pulp and paper; The economic repercussions, for the Group, of the main environmentalissues; Tell us your opinion The relevance of the issues identied by the main stakeholder groups; Your opinion can be important in helping the Group to improve its sustainability Whether the topics identied were appropriate in terms of business management and the drafting of its reports.development. A questionnaire has been designed for your feedback on this report, and we would be delighted to receive your contribution. In , the Group initiated a needs analysis process for its sustainability Please complete the questionnaire at function, honouring the second economic commitment made in theprevious report, To prepare the Group in the eld of Sustainability, in For any further information about this report, or for any related enquiries, please order to equip it to apply for a Company Assessment. The ndings of this contact: needs analysis will be set out in the next Sustainability Report. Manuel Gil Mata Phone: | Fax: In order to highlight feedback on the commitments made in the previous e-mail: [email protected] period and the degree of attainment, these commitments have Joo Manuel Soares been assessed and marked in the text using the following labels: Phone: | Fax: e-mail: [email protected] Commitment not honoured Ana Nery Phone: | Fax: Commitment partially honoured e-mail: [email protected] Commitment honoured 8. messages12 Chairman of the Board of Directors14 Chief Executive Officer 9. sustainabilityreport Chairman of the Board of Directors paper: our role in society This Sustainability Report, referring to the period To all these questions and only with the uncertainty /, is published at the start of a particularlycreated by a merciless brand of globalization which difcult year for the European economy in general and often distorts free competition my answer, as for the Portuguese economy in particular. chairman of the Portucel Group, is an unhesitating yes. It will therefore be of interest to all the Groups This is a response and a conviction rooted in the quality stakeholders, and even for the casual reader, to ndand excellence of our human resources, in the quality in it assurances that the path we are following, in our and excellence of our industrial facilities and in the quest for sustainable development, is based on soundquality and excellence of the paper bre we use, from foundations able to withstand the turbulent times inour plantations of Eucalyptus globulus. which we live. I cannot, alas, be equally bold and optimistic when faced In the woodland that we manage, with forestry with the local costs to which we are subject: practices certied under the worlds most respected and strictest schemes, will we continue to apply Woodland which belongs to thousands of private exemplary standards of forest husbandry and landowners who face difculties of scale and environmental performance? Will our industrialmanagement and others deriving from the facilities continue to operate in rigorous compliance deciencies of legislation: with the best benchmarks in European legislation? Complex red tape throughout the administrative Will the energy we consume continue to be mostlysystem, which has still to be resolved; produced from renewable biomass? Will the Group Logistical infrastructures in Portugal which are continue to seek standards of low carbon intensity? expensive and inefcient, penalizing people who, like Will the forestry producers, our Employees and theus, export all over the world from the far-western tip human communities around our plants continue to of Europe. enjoy adequate levels of income, standards of living and quality of life? In short, will the Group continue to Even so, and at a time of national nancial crisis, we be economically viable, environmentally responsible are proud to make an active and extremely positive and socially acceptable?contribution to improving our countrys nancial 10. PORTUCEL GROUPposition. We are Portugals third largest exporter, theWe hope that all our stakeholders will witness, monitorrst in terms of national value added, we create and and accompany us on this journey.multiply jobs and pay taxes, all this whilst rigorouslyrespecting the natural resources and ecosystems with I invite you to read this Report, and to send us yourwhich we interact, namely the soil, water, forests, airopinions and ideas, to help us attain the inspiring goaland biodiversity.of sustainable development, just as our children and grandchildren demand and deserve.All this naturally results in an extremely positivecontribution, directly and indirectly, to the wellbeing of Pedro Queiroz Pereirathe local, regional and national communities to whichChairman of the Board of Directorswe belong.And it is with the same aspirations that guide us alongthe paths described in this Report, drafted and certiedwith the highest standards of transparency, rigour andaccuracy, that we are making very serious plans toexpand the Groups operations to other continents.We will continue to pursue a strategy of integration,starting with the woodland and adding value, piece bypiece, making the most of local resources, respectingnature and its resources, valuing people and respectingtheir cultures.The road ahead is clearly mapped out in theSustainability Policy drafted and approved by theCompany in . 11. sustainabilityreport Chief Executive Ofcer paper: our sustainable future As a tting response to the fact that the internationaltrade balance, as demonstrated in this report. We are forestry, pulp and paper industry boasts a higherproud of this contribution and condent that it will be percentage of companies issuing sustainability reports recognized by the country and its leaders. than any other sector, the Portucel Group is proud to submit its fourth bi-annual Sustainability Report, for the The feelings expressed by our broad and diverse range nancial years of and . of stakeholders have provided us with guidance andinspiration for scaling up our dedication to issues of We trust that this report will convey our unshakeablesustainability and for perfecting the relevant practices. conviction that business sustainability is achievedWe hope that this report will provide a clear picture of through innovation, by cre

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