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Sustainability Report 2010/2011 - Deloitte US · PDF fileSustainability Report 2010/2011 3 Deloitte Sustainability Report published 2009/2010 GRI A+ September 2010 Dedicated Sustainability

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  • Sustainability Report 2010/2011.

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    1,000 new business ideas for 1,000 solar LED lights. As part of a Deloitte Innovation campaign lights are donated to Stichting Ghanasi September 2010

    The Growth Track Programme is a partnership of Deloitte and FutureWorld to help Deloitte create its Business of Tomorrow and in turn help Deloittes clients understand, design and create their future November 2010

    Impact day; 370 Deloitters participatedNovember 2010

    Highlights 2010/2011


  • 3 Sustainability Report 2010/2011

    Deloitte Sustainability Report published 2009/2010 GRI A+

    September 2010

    Dedicated Sustainability Board established

    June 2010

    For a number of service lines we analysed how sustainability can be integrated into our client offerings

    January 2011

    Innovative CO2

    bonus system introduced in Green

    Lease policy

    June 2010

    Annual partner meeting held around the themes of innovation and sustainability

    September 2010

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    Platinum sponsor of the Sustainable Supply Chains and Sustainability Gala 2010 Leon Pieters, partner Deloitte together with Kofi Annan at the event, June 2010

    Deloitte collaborated on the WEF report, The Consumption Dilemma - Leverage Points for Accelerating Sustainable Growth January 2011

    Stakeholder dialogue process set up and being carried out. New targets for the coming three years will be set in Autumn 2011 March 2011 Onwards 2011

    Training sessions arranged on Sustainability Assurance for Deloitte Audit June 2010 - May 2011

    Handbook on sustainability for housing associations published

    Partnership with the Duisenberg school of financeMarch 2011

  • 5 Sustainability Report 2010/2011

    Focus on sustainability in Deloittes external magazine - Fact October and December 2010

    Deloitte Non-Executive Survey on sustainability published December 2010

    2010 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

    Maak uw winst duurzaamDuurzaamheid is inmiddels meer dan alleen een idealistische keuze: het is een serieuze businesskans. Maar met die

    constatering zijn we er nog niet. Want waar zitten die kansen precies? En hoe benut je ze optimaal? Deloitte kan daarbij

    helpen. Met een aantal praktische tools die laten zien waar winst te behalen is. En een gezamenlijke aanpak waarmee

    je resultaat boekt. Waarmee u werkt aan een zonnige toekomst: niet alleen voor mens en milieu, maar nu ook voor uw

    bedrijfsresultaat. Lees meer over onze tools op

    DELOITTE_99234_zon 215x285 Elsevier.indd 1 9/22/10 3:30 PM

    Deloitte Corporate Campaign on Sustainability

    September 2010

    45% Carbon reduction (target surpassed by 5%)

  • Our visionOur vision is to be the Standard of Excellence in the markets in which we operate.

    Our sustainability visionOur vision on sustainability is to be the Standard of Excellence in making Deloitte and its clients sustainable for the future.

    Our structureThe Deloitte organisational structure (the organisational chart can be found in Deloittes Annual Report 2010/2011) is divided into four core functions that collaborate across specialist industry and market segments.

    European networkThe Deloitte firms of Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Luxembourg, Central Europe and the Netherlands work together internationally within Deloitte Socit Europenne (DSE); a regional cooperation focused on servicing clients seamlessly, across borders. France is participating as an associate member.

    Global cooperationDeloitte in the Netherlands is a member of DeloitteTouche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL). Together we deliver integrated expertise and innovative services on a global and a local level with professionalism, quality and integrity.

    Legal statusDeloitte refers to one or more of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL), a UK private company limited by guarantee, and its network of member firms, each of which is a legally separate and independent entity. Please see for a detailed description of the legal structure of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and its member firms.

    Deloitte provides audit, tax, consulting and financial advisory services to public and private clients across multiple industries. With a globally connected network of member firms in more than 150 countries, Deloitte brings world class capabilities and deep local expertise to help clients succeed wherever they operate. Deloitte has more than 170,000 professionals, committed to becoming the Standard of Excellence.

    Deloittes professionals are unified by a collaborative culture that fosters integrity, outstanding value to markets and clients, commitment to each other and strength from cultural diversity. They enjoy an environment of continuous learning, challenging experiences and enriching career opportunities. Deloittes professionals are dedicated to strengthening corporate responsibility, building public trust and making a positive impact in their communities.

    About Deloitte

    Our mission is to deliver measurable value to our clients and stakeholders through a global network of diverse professionals who bring unmatched depth and breadth of expertise.


  • 7 Sustainability Report 2010/2011


    Highlights 2About Deloitte 6Letter from the Executive Board 8Shared values and ethical principles 10Letter from the Supervisory Board 11

    Part I: Key activities 2010/2011 13Sustainability strategy 15Serving our clients 20Our people 24Our role in society 30Our ecological footprint 36

    Part II: Governance and reporting on performance 39Governance and Reporting 40Assurance report 52GRI table 54

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    Rotterdam, 22 July 2011

    Dear reader,

    We are delighted to present our Sustainability Report 2010/2011. Sustainability is an integral part of our shared values, ethical principles and the way we do business. In this document, we describe the elements that underpin our ambitious approach and chart the progress we have made to date. In the year, we took important steps towards ensuring the long-term sustainability of our business. We understand that there there are many areas where we need to contribute, not only in the advice and services we provide to our clients and transparency to our stakeholders but also in our investment in our people, our support for local communities and commitment to environmentally sustainable operations. One of the key challenges we face is to embed sustainability in all of our service offerings. We have made progress in this area, but we are raising our ambitions every year. One of our key initiatives was to start a comprehensive stakeholder engagement process that will soon allow us to sharpen our focus and develop better indicators to measure our success in future The results of the stakeholders engagement process will become available in then next couple of months, and these results will provide significant input for our target setting in the coming year. We hope you enjoy reading this report and are able to find the information you are looking for. The report is based on the G3 reporting guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and classifies at GRI A+ level. We are always looking for ways to improve and would welcome any comments you have via our website:

    Letter from the Executive Board

    Executive Board

    R.J.M. DassenChairman of the Executive Board Chief Executive Officer C.J.G.M. de Boer Member of the Executive Board Deputy CEOChief Financial Officer Chief Operating Officer

    J. VolkersMember of the Executive Board Chief Clients & Markets Officer

  • 9 Sustainability Report 2010/2011

    Executive Board: J. Volkers, R.J.M. Dassen, C.J.G.M. de Boer

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    Shared values and ethical principles

    Honesty and integrityWe act with honesty and integrity.

    Professional behaviour We operate within the letter and the spirit of applicable laws.

    CompetenceWe bring appropriate skills and capabilities to every client assignment.

    ObjectivityWe are objective in forming our professional opinions and the advice we give.

    Confidentiality We respect the confidentiality of information.

    Fair business practices We are committed to fair business practices.

    Responsibility to society We recognise and respect the impact we have on the world around us.

    Respect and fair treatment We treat all our colleagues with respect, courtesy and fairness.

    Accountability and decision making We lead by example, using our shared values as our foundation.

    IntegrityStrength from cultural diversity

    Outstanding value to markets and clients

    Commitment to each other

    Our ethical principles give guidance on appropriate professional conduct, covering the following issues:

    Deloittes shared values define the underlying beliefs that tie DTTL and its member firms together. Our ethical principles further determine the specific standards of behaviour expected of all Deloittes leaders and people.

    The shared values are:

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