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Talk about activities (interesting ★★★★★, not interesting-- ★ exciting,dangerous,difficult. ) ★★★ ★★★★★ ★ ★ ★★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★★ ★ ★ ★

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Text of Talk about activities (interesting ★★★★★, not interesting-- ★...

  • Talk about activities (interesting, not interesting--exciting,dangerous,difficult. )

  • 1) Climbing is as exciting as diving.Climbing is exciting. Diving is exciting, too.Both climbing and diving are exciting.2) Diving is more dangerous than climbing. Climbing is not as dangerous as diving.3) Diving is the most difficult activities of all. Diving is more difficult than any other activity.

  • A class survey,do part A, exciting as2.more dangerous than3.the healthiest4.healthier5.the most difficult

  • Fill in the blanks 1. He is _______()man. We all believe him.2. I often thought of my friend when I took out the ________(music) box.3. The film is very _____. He feels ______(bore).4. True friends can share _______(happiness) and sadness.5. It is very _______(please) to live with her.6. She looks so _____ (happy) after knowing the news.7. He is one of my favourite_______. (sing) 8. He has a round face, but his brother has a___________ face(a shape with four same sides)an honestmusicalboringsquarepleasantcheerfulsingersbored joy

  • 9. He is six in _______(high).10. I like swimming in an ___________ (in the open air) pool.11. She is tall and she has ________() hair.12. Please answer me ________ (right).13. Millie says _____ (ski) is as dangerous as_________ (dive).

    Do part B(Daniels diary)

    heightoutdoorstraightdivingcorrectly skiing

  • small _____ _____ nice ____ _____pretty_____ _____ slim ____ ______popular __________ ________far ____ ____ little_____ ____bad _____ _____ big _____ ______easy_____ ______ hot _____ ______ careful __________ _________ tidy ____ _____ many(much)____ ____ smaller smallestnicer nicestprettier prettiestslimmer slimmestmore popular most popularfather farthestworse worstbigger biggesteasier easiesthotter hottestmore careful most carefultidier tidiestmore most less least

  • :1. Tom has _________(many) erasers than I.2. The red pen is________(nice) than the green pen.3. Wang Ling works _________(hard) than any other student in his class.4. You are no_______(long) a child.5. He didnt sing a song in English any _______ (much).morenicerharderlongermore

  • 6. Who came here_______(early), Mary or Jane?7. Which subject is __________________ (important), science, art or Maths?8. Mr Lin is ________(much) richer than Mr Wang.9. He is ________(good) teacher in our school.10. He is __________(fat) of the three.11.The busier he is, _________ (happy) he is.earlierthe most importantmuchthe bestthe fattestthe happier

  • 1.DanielJohn2..3.JohnNancy 4. 5.Amy 6.7.8.

  • 1.?2.Jim,.




    Whats he like?Jim is generous and he is always willing/ready to help people.Betty wants to travel around the world when she grows up.Amy has a good sense of humour.I can tell her anything, because she can keep a secret.

  • Max .,.Max ______________________. He tells _________and always _____________.

    .,May.I _______ my great friend May when I_______________.has a good sense of humourfunny jokesmakes me laughthought ofread your advertisement

  • 1. Climb is more interesting than camping.2. I have a good friend name Betty.3. He tells funny stories and always makes me to laugh.4. She is as more slim as May.5. I hope that you can give me some advices.6. She always wears a smile in her face.climbingadviceonnamed

  • 7.She is as more slim as May.8.Max is the shorter of us three but the youngest.9.Do you have a problem of your pronunciation?10.This is one of the most interesting film.shortestwithfilms

  • Goodbye, my friends

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