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Task Based Reading 任务型阅读综合训练

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Task Based Reading 任务型阅读综合训练. A story about a Great king. wars. invasions. empire. victories. enemies. conquests. Lord of war. Task 1 Complete the story with the proper words!. named. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Task Based Reading 任务型阅读综合训练

  • Task Based Reading

  • A story about a Great king

  • Lord of war

  • Task 1Complete the story with the proper words!

  • 1500 years ago a king in India 1 Kaid, who had built a huge empire, was sick at heart. He called his minister, Sassa, to him and said : Day and night I think about my past 2 , I dream of conquests and invasions, I cant sleep for thinking about imaginary wars and victories. But I have no more 3 , and it is a sin to make war without 4 . What can I do to regain my peace of mind?The minister thought of a game which he had learnt from a Greek soldier. He taught the 5 to the king, who found the game so 6 , such a perfect substitute for war, that he was a happy man again. He asked Sassa :namedbattlesenemiescauserulesengrossing

  • How can I 7 you? Gold? Jewels? Perhaps you want to marry one of my daughters? Choose anything you like. But Sassa said : Take a grain of rice and place it on the first square of the board. Put two grains on the second square. Keep going, 8 he number of grains each time, until you have covered all the 64 squares on the board.At first they ___9___at Sassa for his modesty and simplicity. But then they 10 that the rice would exceed all the wealth in the known world.


  • Can you guess what the cure of king Kaids disease is?

  • Ancient time

  • Modern timeAdults

  • children

  • People all over the world

  • Cartoon films

  • Task 2:Match the titles with their corresponding materialA mirror of history

    Heal or harm

    A mystery

    An extreme sport





  • 1 2 3 4 5 6

    7 8 9Lets have a try!

  • Task 3 Answer the question According to The mystery

  • Nobody knows its ultimate place and date of birth .Chess is a lake in which a mosquito can bathe and an elephant can drown . We dont know the number of possible games even today .Most people may started playing chess for fun. Later ,they realize the technical complexity. Finally, they see the games amazing beauty.Its a unique combination of war game, sport, science and art .A mystery? Why?

  • Task 4:Make out the structure of A mirror of the history

  • chess has borrowed from the culturesThe West plays with---The East plays with--- Players reflecting the spirit of their times Anatoly Karpov Garry Kasparov

    defensiveriskySpirit of the time

  • Task 5:Guess the meaning of the underlined words in An extreme sport according to the context!

  • The French artist Marcel Duchamps took his obsession further. He took three years off from art to become a chess master--- He was prouder of his chess mastery than all his artistic achievement.nounA state of difficultiesThe state in which a persons mind is completely filled with thoughts of one particular thingA confusing state

  • With all these kings, artists and writers playing chess, you might get the idea that chess is the Ultimate civilized pursuit. nounAmusement/a hobby

  • Task 6:Find the key sentence of Heal or Harm and make a reasonable judgment about chess.

  • Its worth remembering that chess can heal as well as harm.What did chess do in Healys life?

  • Where there is chess there are winners and losers!Do you want to be a winner or loser when you come across different kinds of chess in your life?Chess is in our life!

  • 1.Clozing(without hints)2.Matching3.Question Answer 4.Form filling5.Words guessing6.Key word/Key sentence finding


  • Tips for Task Reading 1. While you are reading youd better focus on the key word or key sentence and get the main idea of the reading material or the purpose of writing the article.2.Make sure you are clear about the structure of the reading material and think about the relation between the parts 3. Find the detailed information according to the tasks .4.Dont focus on the new words try to guess their meaning according to the context.


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