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1. ByRandall Oliver 2. Traits of a Successful Entrepreneur Focused Autonomous Steadfast Independent Undeviating Aggressive Positive Outlook Risk Taker Opinionated Acts W/O Deliberation Judges Quickly Emotionally Aloof Impatient Prefers Simple Solutions 3. Your start up should solve a problemNo one will pay you unless it solves a problem! 4. Sole Proprietorship S or C Corporation General & Limited Partnership Limited Liability Company 5. Helps To Think Through Some of the Details Before Hand Financing Competition Strengths Weaknesses 6. Cash Flow Statement Income Statement Balance Sheet 7. Describes the financial condition of acompany at a particular time. 8. 1. Describes a companys profitability. Ameasurement of a companys financial performanceover time.2. Answers the Question: Is the company making orlosing money? 9. Uses data from Balance and IncomeStatement sheet to explain changes ofcash flow resulting fromoperations, investing, and financingactivities.