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Thatched Cottage 茅草屋

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Thatched Cottage 茅草屋. Fairy tale house. 童話般的家. Music:Going home 回家 Singer:Runrig. Autoplay. 在歐洲 茅草 ( Thatch ) 用來覆蓋屋頂至少可推算自新石器時代,這一傳統的茅草屋 ( Thatched Cottage ) 千百年來相傳一代又一代,自古以來 ,多數歐洲和英國大部分的農村,以及許多城鎮和村莊都以 茅草作為屋頂的材料 , 19 世紀中葉隨著農業擴展,英國的茅草屋數量達到高峰,直到 19 世紀末,由於工業興起,農村經濟衰退和農業人口減少,茅草屋的數目才逐漸減少。 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Thatched Cottage 茅草屋

  • Thatched CottageMusic:Going home Singer:Runrig

  • (Thatch)(Thatched Cottage)1919 45-5050030

  • All pictures and information obtained from internetEdited by Kenny

  • Used to run a bed and breakfast in thatched cottage

  • Post Office

  • As a thatched cottage store

  • Roof repairs

  • Snow view in the Winter

  • Snow view in the Winter

  • Music:Going home Singer:RunrigYou Can Keep Listening To The Music Or Press Esc To ExitEdited by Kenny