The Effect of Greenhouse Effect on Marine Ecology

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The Effect of Greenhouse Effect on Marine Ecology. IB Group 4-1 2011 Internal Assessment NIS: Rik Aikman, Wonwoo Choi FIS: Ji-Eun Park, Yumi Nishikawa. Table of Contents. 1. The Greenhouse Effect. Suns light Visible Ultraviolet Absorption & Emission. Laboratory Demonstration. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



The Effect of Greenhouse Effect on Marine EcologyIB Group 4-1 2011 Internal Assessment NIS: Rik Aikman, Wonwoo ChoiFIS: Ji-Eun Park, Yumi NishikawaTable of Contents1. The Greenhouse EffectSuns lightVisibleUltravioletAbsorption & Emission

Laboratory DemonstrationVinegar + Baking Soda Carbon DioxideNaHCO3+ CH3COOH CH3COO-Na++ H2O + CO2

HypothesisIf we create an atmosphere of carbon dioxide in the tank with the heat lamps on, then the temperature of the tank will rise because of the greenhouse effect.

Laboratory DemonstrationFinal Temperature (6 minutes after reaction)Tank A = +2.3 CControl = +0.1 CTank/Time0306090120150180A28.928.82929. Deep Sea SequesteringStoring CO2 in the seaLess CO2 in the atmosphereAcidifies the Ocean Dangerous for marine life

Acidification of sea water Lab Aim: State the pH sea, and compare the results of the pH values of the variety of waters with those affected by CO2.This is to show how CO2 affects the pH scale of seawater.Seawater is slightly alkaline, therefore we will start out with a blue color shown by the pH indicator.Acidification of seawater

ResultsThe seawater becomes lighter.Indicating that the seawater becomes more acidic if CO2 is added.Effects on marine lifeThe dissolution of carbon dioxide in sea water makes it more acidic. decrease in a very important form of inorganic carbon: the carbonate ion (CO32-). Numerous marine organisms such as corals, etc rely on carbonate ions to form their calcareous shells or skeletons in a process known as calcification. The concentration of carbonate ions in the ocean largely determines whether there is dissolution or precipitation of aragonite and calcite, the two natural polymorphs of calcium carbonate (CaCO3), secreted in the form of shells or skeletons by these organisms. Today, surface waters are supersaturated with respect to aragonite and calcite, meaning that carbonate ions are abundant. This super saturation is also essential to keep these structures intact. Existing shells and skeletons might dissolve if pH reaches lower values, and the oceans turn corrosive for these organisms.3. Offshore Wind Farm 1 Electricity GenerationFaradays law of inductionInduced CurrentThe current obtained due to the relative motion between the coil and the magnet

Wind Energy Electricity GenerationKinetic energy mechanical energy electrical energy

Bernoullis principleMagnetic rotor and copper wireDiagram of a wind energy generator

Magnetic rotor loops of copper wireElectrons in the copper flow electrical energy (electricity)

TowerBladeBernoullis principle low-pressure air (downside of the blade) liftGenerator124. Offshore Wind Farm 2The Ecological Ramifications of Wind EnergyAlthough wind energy benefits us, it distracts marine animalsvibration- vibration cause water movement, which gives distraction to fish, and its noise can disturb marine mammals vocal communicationElectromagnetic field- the field distracts fish that are relying on geomagnetic field when movingAs a result, marine animals migrate to different area or modify their behavior.

ExperimentAim: To make improvements in offshore wind farm from disturbing fish and its environment regarding effect of vibration and electromagnetic field.

Procedure:Simulate offshore wind farm Make a large fish tankUse electric fan as a wind turbine

Lab Design

ResultSolution/Time1st 30 sec2nd 30 sec3rd 30 secControlSome stayedMost migratedSome stayedMost migrated1 stayed19 migratedSolution 1Most stayedSome migrated18 stayed2 migratedHalf stayedHalf migratedSolution 2Half stayedHalf migratedSome stayedMost migrated2 stayed18 migratedSolution 3Some stayedMost migrated3 stayed17 migratedMost stayedSome migratedResult:Control: no materialsSolution 1: planting water plant near the fanSolution 2: netting around the fanSolution 3: covering base of the fan with gravel