The People's Republic of China Names: Chris Young, Suman,Jacqueline Ng Course Code: BBB 4M Teacher Name: Mrs. Hills Due Date: May 27, 2009

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  • The People's Republic of ChinaNames: Chris Young, Suman,Jacqueline NgCourse Code: BBB 4MTeacher Name: Mrs. Hills Due Date: May 27, 2009

  • Map of China

  • ChinaFull name: The People's Republic of ChinaPopulation: 1,330,044,544 Some Languages spoken in China are: - Mandarin - Cantonese - ShanghaineseGovernment Type: CommunismGDP- per capital (PPP) (2008): $4869.68 CAD Climate: 4 seasonsTwo Famous University in China: Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Peking University

  • Competitive Advantages of ChinaThree products that are best known are: Chinese Tea, Chinese Painting and Clothing

    Two innovations of China include: Space Suit, Spacecraft

    China natural resources: Coal

    Competitive advantages of China: - low labour cost - large labour forces

  • Currency1.00 CNY= 0.160867 CAD

    1.00 CAD = 6.21564 CNY

    CNY symbol:

  • Facilities / Infrastructures in ChinaAirport Airlinetransportation Communication Utilities HealthFinancial

  • Working in China Job Title: Italian Office secretaryLocation: Beijing, ChinaSalary: 15000-20000 RMB

    Office BuildingName : Shangdu SOHORent: CAD16-26/sqm/month

  • Three Ways to do Business in ChinaLicensing

    Joint Venture

    Wholly owned subsidiary

  • Dos and TaboosDos

    Polite Discussion Shake hands with each other Wear Business Attire


    Late Schedule meeting on holiday Go to night club

  • Risks to invest in ChinaPolitical Risk: Risk scale 7Economic/ Financial Risk: Risk scale 5Social/ Cultural Risk: Risk scale 7Technical/ Commercial Risk: Risk scale 7Natural/ Physical Risk: Risk scale 9

  • Members of international trade organization World Trade Organization

    World Bank Group

    International Monetary Fund

    Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)

  • Market in ChinaAge Structure: 0-14 years: 19.8% 15-64 years: 72.1% 65 years and over: 8.1%

    Median Age: Total: 34.1 years male: 33.5 years female: 34.7 years

    Per capita income of families : RMB 26,100.00 (USD3,480.00)

    Literacy level in China : 90.9%

    Labour Force: 807.7 million - agriculture: 43% - industry: 25% - services: 32%

  • Product

  • Commercial in China

  • Conclusion Advantages to invest in China:

    low labour costlarge labour forcesnot fully developed market