The Progressive Movement

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Chapter 8. The Progressive Movement. Section 1 The Roots of Progressivism. The Rise of Progressivism. Who were the Progressives? Urban Middle-class Americans Journalists Social workers Educators Politicians Clergymen. The Rise of Progressivism. The Muckrakers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of The Progressive Movement

The Roots of Progressivism

The Progressive MovementChapter 8

Section 1The Roots of Progressivism

The Rise of ProgressivismWho were the Progressives?UrbanMiddle-class AmericansJournalistsSocial workersEducatorsPoliticiansClergymen

The Rise of ProgressivismThe MuckrakersIda Tarbell and Standard OilJacob Riis wrote How the Other Half LivesUpton Sinclair wrote The JungleReforming GovernmentMaking Government EfficientA commission planA council-manager system

Reforming GovernmentDemocratic ReformsLa Follettes Laboratory of DemocracyRobert M. La FolletteDirect primaryInitiativeReferendumRecall

Reforming GovernmentDemocratic ReformsDirect Election of Senators17th amendment

SuffrageEarly ProblemsSeneca Falls, New York- 1848Susan B. AnthonyElizabeth Cady Stanton

SuffrageEarly Problems14th amendment15th amendment

SuffrageBuilding SupportNAWSAAlice PaulCarrie Chapman Catt19th amendment

Reforming SocietyChild LaborJohn Spargo wrote The Bitter Cry of the Children60 cents for 10 hours of work in the coal mine

Reforming SocietyHealth and Safety CodesTriangle Shirtwaist Company

Reforming SocietyThe Prohibition MovementTemperance movementWCTUProhibition

Reforming SocietyProgressives vs. Big BusinessBig businesses need regulationInterstate Commerce Commission

Section 2Roosevelt and Taft

Roosevelt Revives the PresidencyRoosevelt Takes on the TrustsSquare DealRoosevelt becomes known as a trustbuster and takes on J.P. Morgan

Roosevelt Revives the PresidencyThe Coal Strike of 1902United Mine Workers go on strikearbitration

Roosevelt Revives the PresidencyRegulating Big BusinessDepartment of Commerce and LaborHepburn Act

Roosevelt Revives the PresidencyConsumer ProtectionChecking out curesUpton Sinclair writes The JungleMeat Inspection ActPure Food and Drug ActUSDA

ConservationWestern Land DevelopmentGifford PinchotRoosevelts Legacy

Tafts ReformsThe Payne-Aldrich TariffBallinger vs. PinchotBallinger replaces James Garfield as Secretary of the Interior.Pinchot is fired for insubordination.

Tafts ReformsTafts AchievementsChildrens bureauTrustbuster

Section 3The Wilson Years

The Election of 1912Pick the CandidatesProgressive partyNicknamed the Bull Moose Party

The Election of 1912Wilson vs. RooseveltNew NationalismNew Freedom

Wilsons ReformsReforming TariffsWilson appears before Congress (1st President to do so since John Adams).Wilson lowers tariffs.

Wilsons ReformsReforming the BanksFederal Reserve Act

Wilsons ReformsAntitrust ActionFederal trade commissionClayton Antitrust Act

Wilsons ReformsRegulating BusinessKeating-Owen Child Labor ActProhibits employment of children under the age of 14But Congress declares it unconstitutional.

Progressivisms Legacy and LimitsA New Kind of Government

Progressivisms Legacy and LimitsThe Limits of ProgressivismW.E.B. Dubois met at the Niagara Movement in 1905.The 1st attempt at civil rightsNAACP-1909