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As we through life we learn that, most of the time, our experiences are a result of our choices. We also know that be can rely on the support of our family and friends to help us get the most of these experiences and keep us aiming higher and achieve success. At HSBC, we'd never claim to play a starring role in your experiences and successes. But we will support them in every way we can. Apply for your YES 4 students account today and in addition to a instant giveaway - 8GB USB 2.0 pendrive - you will also benefit a choice of the following gifts from SCAN Malta: - 50 voucher redeemable on Apple iPhone/iPad/MacBook/Mac - Case Logic Laptop Backpack - Grundig/Philips Ceramic Straighter - Sennheiser Professional Audio Headphones HD201 - Juice Bank high power USB battery charger used for Smart Phone and Tablets - 1TB External mini hard drive for 39.95 - Sony Waterproof Walkman 4 gb MP3 for 43 - Fuji Instax Mini 8 instant Colour Film Black Camera +20 pack film for 49.95