Toeic Hard Questions

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toeic hard questions

toeichard questions Mr. Loi Do Minh

Every now and ______ you do get some wonderful ideas!

(A) then(B) when(C) often(D) afterCorrect!Every now and then is a fixed phrase which means ocassionallyevery now and then l 1 cm t c nh ngha l thnh thongTRANSLATE Thnh thong cu c nhng tng tht tuyt vi!2

Mr. Smithhas been held...........for making many errors when calculating the figures provided by Mr. Peter.

(C) accountable (A) eligible(B) responsible(D) favorable Correct!hold sb accountable for st/ doing st is an idiom which means make sb responsible for st/doing sthold sb accountable l 1 thnh ng c ngha l buc ai chu trch nhim v* Cu trn th b ngTRANSLATE Mr. Smith b buc phi chu trch nhim v nhng li sai khi tnh ton nhng s liu cung cp bi Mr. Peter3

Yesterday, Ms. Anna sent a classified document.........of many critical terms of our rival strategy in preparation for taking appropriate steps.

(C) inclusive(A) exclusive(B) including(D) comprisingCorrect!inclusive of st is a fixed phrase which means include stinclusive of st l 1 cm t c nh c ngha l bao gmTRANSLATE Ngy hm qua, C Anna gi 1 ti liu mt bao gm nhiu iu khon quan trng trong chin lc ca i th ca chng ta (chng ta) c nhng bc i hp l. 4

We owed the high sales of new product lines _______the novel strategy suggested by Mr. John.

(A) for(B) on(C) in(D) toCorrect!Owe st to st is a fixed phrase which means have it thanks toOwn st to st l 1 cm t c nh ngha l c c nh voTRANSLATE Nh vo chin lc mi c xut bi Mr. John, chng ta c c doanh thu cao ca dy chuyn sn xut mi5

All I want is return safe.

(C) for him(A) he(B) him(D) of himCorrect!for sb to do st is a fixed phrase meaning ai c th lm gTRANSLATE Tt c nhng g ti mun l anh y c th tr v an ton. 6

How do you ______ between a leader and a manager?

(A) difference(B) different(C) differ(D) differentiateCorrect!Differentiate between 2 things is to say if they are similar or different.differentitate between 2 things = phn bit s ging/ khc nhau gia 2 thTRANSLATE Bn phn bit gia a leader v a manager nh th no?7