Transfer Guide for ACC Engineering Guide(for(ACCEngineering(Classes(((3 If3you3are3planning3on3transferring3to3a3fourByear3school3after3leavingACC,3this3guidewill3help3you3determinehow3classes3will3transfer3tosome3of3the3 (Course(transferability

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    University of Texas Transfer Guide: Texas State University Transfer Guide:

    Institution-b Texas A&M/ACC Engineering Academy:


    Transfer Guide for ACC Engineering Classes If you are planning on transferring to a four-year school after leaving ACC, this guide will help you determine how classes will transfer to some of the nearby Texas schools. Course transferability and equivalents are subject to change. Always check with the institution you are planning to transfer to for the latest information on transfer credits.

    ACC Course Transfers to the University of Texas at Austin as: 1

    Transfers to Texas State as: 2 Transfers to Texas A&M as: 3

    ENGR 1201 - Introduction to Engineering

    G E - General Engineering (2 hours) Intro to Engineering (2 credit hours) (ELNA) 4

    Visit the Texas A&M-Chevron Engineering Academy at Austin Community College page for the latest information on this exciting new co-enrollment program:

    ENGR 2301 - Vector Mechanics -- Statics

    EM 306 Statics (3 credit hours) Vector Mechanics-Statics (3 credit hours) (ELNA) 4

    ENGR 2302 - Vector Mechanics -- Dynamics

    EM 311M Dynamics (3 credit hours) Vector Mechanics-Dynamics (3 credit hours) (ELNA) 4

    ENGR 2405 - Electrical Circuits

    EE 402 (4 credit hours) EE 2400 (4 credit hours)

    ENGR 2332 - Mechanics of Materials

    EM 319 Mechanics of Solids (3 credit hours)

    Mechanics of Materials (3 credit hours) (ELNA) 4

    1. University of Texas Transfer Guide:

    2. Texas State University Transfer Guide:

    3. Texas A&M/ACC Engineering Academy:

    4. ELNA (Elective credit non-advanced)-This designation indicates that the course is transferable, but Texas State does not offer an equivalent course. ELNA courses may be used for any general lower-division elective that is not course or discipline specific. ELNA courses from two-year colleges may not be used to satisfy advanced hour requirements. Students should contact their academic advisor to determine how these courses will apply toward their degree at Texas State.