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TRAVELLING TO LONDON. [әe] – travel, capital, gallery, abbey. [ei] – play, place, stadium, famous. [ju:] – museum, beautiful, usually. [i] - big, different, symbol. [a:] - park, partner, parliament. [eә] – square, care, where. [Λ] – London, lovely, country. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • [e] travel, capital, gallery, abbey [ei] play, place, stadium, famous [ju:] museum, beautiful, usually [i] - big, different, symbol [a:] - park, partner, parliament [e] square, care, where [] London, lovely, country

  • It is a place where people watch sporting events. (stadium) It is a place where people watch plays. (theatre) It is a place where people watch films. (cinema) It is a place where people can see collections of important things. (museum) It is a place where people can see paintings and sculptures. (art gallery) It is a very large busy town. (city) It is the main city in the country. (capital) It is a person travelling for pleasure. (tourist) It is a person who takes people round places such as cities or museums. (guide)

  • Big Ben

  • The Tower of London

  • The White Tower

  • The Bloody Tower

  • Westminster Abbey

  • Big Ben

  • The Houses of Parliament

  • Piccadilly

  • Buckingham Palace

  • Trafalgar Square

  • Tate Gallery

  • St Pauls Cathedral

  • Tower Bridge

  • Royal Festival Hall

  • There is a railway station with the monument of angel

  • This historical monument is devoted to Lisky railway men

  • Here it is the center of our town

  • There is a chalk mountain near the town

  • Here you can see the river Don

  • In the western part of the town you can visit our Christ birth church

  • There is a central park of the town

  • Have a look at our Locomotive football field

  • See you in our town

  • Choose the right variant: 1. Where your parents last week? A are C were B did D was 2. Nick to school every day. A goes C go B went D will go 3. Jane not bread and milk tomorrow. A did buy C does buy B willbuy D do buy 4. I usually my mother and my father in the evening. A helped C help B helps D will help5. My friend at school last week. A werent C isnt B didnt be D wasnt 6. They to the Zoo next week. A goes C go B will go D went

  • Present Perfect - , :just - already - yet - lately - of late - recently - .

  • Have V3Has I have just had lunch. He has broken his leg.

  • I have not sent the letter yet.

    Mary has never been to Moscow.

  • Have you washed the dishes? Has she broken the cup?