Tripura Shakti Puja (Sanskrit)

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  • 7/28/2019 Tripura Shakti Puja (Sanskrit)


    I I I I ipu razipU jaipu razipU jaipu razipU jaipu razipU ja

    SvamI injanNd srSvtISvamI injanNd srSvtISvamI injanNd srSvtISvamI injanNd srSvtI

  • 7/28/2019 Tripura Shakti Puja (Sanskrit)


  • 7/28/2019 Tripura Shakti Puja (Sanskrit)


    I I I I ipu razipU jaipu razipU jaipu razipU jaipu razipU ja(r tripuraktipj)

    H.H. Swami Nijananda SaraswatiTripurashram

    SvamI injanNd srSvtISvamI injanNd srSvtISvamI injanNd srSvtISvamI injanNd srSvtIipu ra

  • 7/28/2019 Tripura Shakti Puja (Sanskrit)


    Sanskrit Language

    I I I I ipurazipU jaipu razipU jaipurazipU jaipu razipU jar tripuraktipj

    Composition by H.H. Swami Nijananda Saraswati Rights Reserved

    First Published July 2013

    Published in India by

    Tripurashram, Post Shornur-2, Palakkad, Kerala, PIN 679122Website :

  • 7/28/2019 Tripura Shakti Puja (Sanskrit)


    ` The Ancient Indian tradition of the sages that has been there from the

    time immemorial, continues even today. When man fulfills the require-ments of the deities, they in turn fulfills the needs of the mankind too. Bythe religious practice of the tripuraktipj one gets liberated from allthe past sins, attains freedom from all desires and gets uplifted to the su-preme consciousness. The regular practice of this composition will defi-nitely help a sincere seeker to realize the very purpose of his life and hewould attain the state of self realization. A devotee may practice tri-puraktipj and experience peace and harmony within and ultimatefulfillment. Such practice will not only do benefits to the practitioner, butto the whole world.


  • 7/28/2019 Tripura Shakti Puja (Sanskrit)


    His Holiness Sri Swami Nijananda Saraswati (Birth 1969-) is a saintin the lineage of H.H. Sri Swami Shivananda Saraswati Maharaj, of the DivineLife Society. Self realized at a very young age, Swamiji had learned frommany legendary masters like H.H. Sri Swami Nityananda Saraswati Maharajof Shivananda ashram, Palakkad, Kerala, Srilasri Yogini Srividyamba matajiof Lalita Mahila Samajam, Trichi, Tamilnadu, Kerala H.H. Sri Swami Lalitan-

    anda Giri Maharaj of Yogada Satsanga Society, Ranchi, Sri Swami Kaivaly-ananda-ji of Haridwar and H.H. Sri Swami Nirmalananda Giri Maharaj of Atreya Research foundation, Palakkad, Kerala. Living the life of an Avadhut,

    Swamiji is light to many seekers and spiritual aspirants. Guru to many seekers in Tantra, Srividyaand Vedanta traditions, Swamiji is a learner of Transactional Analysis and asylum to many in trou-

    ble.His composition tripuraktipj is his gift to the humanity in his attempt to help people live aharmonious and happy life. Like any other enlightened soul, Sri Swamiji is always available to thesincere seekers as a genuine guide on the path of self realization. A sage in the holy tradition, SriSwamiji has established Tripurashram and is in the process of converting the ashram to a school of tantric and Vedanta studies, for facilitating knowledge in the traditional way to the seekers.

    Contact Details:H.H. Sri Swami Nijananda SaraswatiTripurashramPO Shornur-2, Palakkad, KeralaPIN - 679122Phone (Ashram) : +91 9446637024Email :

  • 7/28/2019 Tripura Shakti Puja (Sanskrit)



    A seeker who has faith in the divine, devotion towards the guru and compassion towards fellow be-

    ings may practice this holy composition.

    Men live righteously or else for achieving goals like social recognition, happiness, wealth, food, re-

    position etc. Anyway the presence or absence of these fortunes does not lead him or the world topeace and happiness. Eternal peace and happiness are revealed to him only with the blessings of the

    divine. One gets into that state of enlightenment through the spiritual journey, leading a life with a

    focussed mind, using his abilities for serving the world. According to ancient sages, knowledge or

    jna and worship or upsan are the two prominent ways on the spiritual path. jna helps an

    individual to realize his self and leads him to enlightenment. upsan helps the seekers to achieve

    fulfilment together. Among all the togetherness, the one between disciples and master ( guru iya

    sambandh ) and that between friends play the role of a catalyst in the spiritual journey towards eter-

    nal freedom and bliss. A sincere seeker knowing this truth can attain the object of human life

    ( pururttha dharma, arttha, kma & moka ) by establishing guru iya sambandh with the guru

    of tripurra , following his advice ( upadea ) and doing regular upsana .

    After testing and understanding the eligibility of the seeker, guru will provide necessary instruc-

    tions on practising tripur akti pja . Those who receive this book can practice this scheme of wor-

    ship in the mind, even without receiving initiation ( dk) from the guru. But such people must con-

    tact r guru at tripurra without any delay. A seeker must respect the tradition of sages ( guru pa-

    rampara ) and system, get upadea and dk from the a guru who belongs to the tradition and

    practice his advice religiously in order to progress in the path. r guru at tripurra is committed

    to guide the seekers on the path. Liberation ( moka ) is ensured when one religiously follows the

    path of dharma utilizing his wealth ( arttha ) managing his desires ( kma ) righteously. One experi-

    ences eternal happiness in such a life. Thus for a wise person, pururtthas make the basic purpose

    of his life.

    dharma (righteous way of life) : All that are known and all that are unknown are own forms of dharma . Ones own dharma is a life founded on the devotion towards the truth of the one who

    knows everything. Through the advices from the r guru , one must nourish the devotion in the su-


    arttha (Wealth) : One should live a life surrendered to the divine, even while working towards hisgoals in life, always that is the real rightous way of human life. When one gets Rs. 100 a day, he

    should use Rs. 20 for himself, save Rs.10 for the future, spare Rs. 60 for his dependents, Rs. 5 for re-

    ligious activities, and Rs. 5 for the organization of his guru. When individuals of a country uses their

    wealth discriminatively like this, such country flourishes and becomes heavenly, peaceful and har-

    monious. Advices from a r guru , helps the seekers to identify the hidden potentials within them

    and live a beautiful life using those abilities in the right way.

  • 7/28/2019 Tripura Shakti Puja (Sanskrit)


    kma (Desires) : Each and every mobile and immobile, live and lifeless entities in this universe existon the will of the omnipotent divine power. Man with his ability to control his thoughts and emo-

    tions differs from other living entities in the universe. kma , one of the pururttha denotes a life

    with contentment, by the control of the senses ( indriys - five karmmendriys and five jnendri-

    ys ). The advices of a r guru helps the seeker to know the secrets of the paths of knowledge ( jna

    yoga ), actions ( karmma yoga ) and devotion ( bhakti yoga ) and thereby helps him to live a sacredand desire-free life.

    moka (Liberation) : moka is defined by the sages as mohasya kaya. Total deterioration of alldesires leads one to Liberation. When one knows the omniscient, timeless existence of the divine as

    an experience, he gets the glimpse of the supreme bliss, and his individual consciousness becomes

    one with the universal consciousness and that is Liberation, moka .

    The body itself is the temple, the goddess, dev;

    The self, tm, is the divine, the eternal bliss, sadiv;

    And I am that, soha;

    I am fore sure the embodiment of bliss, the universal truth, brahma;

    nijnandasvarpoha; brahmasatyoha

    A disciplined way of life founded on this ultimate knowledge is the goal of the supreme pururt-

    tha, moka. When one attains that state, the knowledge that he and everything else in the universe

    are nothing but the embodiments of the same consciousness will get revealed to him. Thus the ulti-

    mate purpose of life will get fulfilled. The self thus experiences eternal, total freedom.

    This holy composition when practised as advised by the r guru will take one there. Thus his life

    becomes meaningful for the himself and others.


    svami nijnanda sarasvati

  • 7/28/2019 Tripura Shakti Puja (Sanskrit)


    ` I naray{yE nm>,om r nryayai nama|


    I ipurazipUja,r tripuraktipj|

    ` gu ,om gu mama gurubhyo nama|

    ` A,om am nandabhairavya nama|

    ` I di][kaikayE nm>,om kr dakiakikyai nama|

    ` g< mhaisg[ptyenm>,om ga mahsiddhagaapataye nama|

    ` Aa< Aaxarzikmlasnay nm>,om m dhraaktikamalsanya nama|

    Aiakarsuvrae < ` #it idGbNx>,om hr bhrbhuvasuvarom om iti digbandha|


    ` AagmaTw c devana

  • 7/28/2019 Tripura Shakti Puja (Sanskrit)


    om adya brahmaa dvitya parrdhe veta-varhakalpe saptame vaivasvata manvantare

    aviatitame kaliyuge prathamapde jambudvpe bhratavare bharatakhae

    asmin puyadee puyadharmmaketretripurramanmapuyadharmmaketre

    varttamnaubhavare ubhamse ubhadine

    ubhanakatre ubhatithau mama dharmmrt-thakarmma kmamokrtthasiddhyartthalokasagrahadharmmakarmmasevrttha ca

    r tripuraktiyogakemapj yathakti kari-ymahe||


  • 7/28/2019 Tripura Shakti Puja (