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TV Advert Analysis. V05 - Extreme Style Break the Mould. Shot 1. LS Establishing shot Large institution - grey Connotations of dull conformity. Figures in foreground also wearing grey uniform Two of figures stand out because of framing. Each side of - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • TV Advert AnalysisV05 - Extreme Style

    Break the Mould

  • LS

    Establishing shot

    Large institution - grey

    Connotations of dull conformityFigures in foreground also wearing grey uniform

    Two of figures stand out because of framing. Each side of frame is balanced symmetrically both building and peopleShot 1

  • CUT TO MS - boy in late teens

    Uniform (his and Others) overall-like

    Cf Maos China(reinforced by red armbands)

    Shot ends on a zoom..Shot 2

  • Reverse-shot of previous shot

    Girl of similar agewearing same uniform.Her red tie rhymes with his red armband.

    Also a forward zoom tocorrespond with zoom in previous shotZooms connote mutual attractionShot 3

  • INT of building in Shot2

    LSTwo rows of students,boys and girls in separate lines, marching in opposite directionsAlong with uniforms,connotes military discipline

    This reinforced by regular sound of marching feet

    Strict separation of the sexesShot 4

  • Allusion to Mao Zedungs China used as shorthandfor uniformity, suppression of individuality, iron discipline, absence of ostentation etcV05 - Extreme Style

  • MS of boys side ofprevious shot.

    Disciplined marching,All in lineShot 5a

  • Shot 5bBoy in Shot 3breaks ranks to look over to girlsline

  • 6Shots 6a and 6b mirror previous twoshots

    Shot 6a

  • 7Shot 6bThese 4 shots maintainsense of symmetry established from first shot Once again, connotations of mutual attraction.

  • 8Shot 7(E)LS

    Shot framed so that symmetry again maintained.

    Classroom - dull, bare, functional - divided by space down middle, dividing boys row fromgirls row.Teacher at desk in centre in depth of frameAgain, connotations of repression and dull uniformity

  • Shot 8MS

    Girl opens deskto find

  • Shot 9CU of inside desk

    Eyeline match leads to what she sees:A jar of V05 and a noteno doubt from the boy

    Notes connote classroom romance.

  • LS

    Girl in depth of frame looks back to where (it is implied) the boy is sitting

    Focus in depth of Frame highlights girl and her lookShot 10

  • Shot 11MS

    Eyeline match indicates she islooking back at the boy, showing she isaware who note and V05 from

    Although separated by two shots from Shot 8, in effect a Shot / Reverse Shot, reinforcing connection between youngCouple. Shot ends with an encouraging look - theyre up tosomething

  • Shot 12CU allows us to see her complicit half-smile. Shes up for it -and itIs connected to V05

  • Shot 13MS

    Framing more orless same as Shot 8

    Ends with girlplunging into desk obviously going for the V05

  • CU

    Eyeline match (implied)

    Similar to Shot 9but slightly closer.

    She start to apply the V05 under cover of the desk lid.Shot 14

  • LS

    Re-establishing shot but from POV of teacher

    Symmetry re-established . . .Shot 15

  • only to be broken at end of shot by one of the desk lids on right of frame remaining open when all other desks closed.

    From the previous shot, clear that she is applying V05 toher hair.Shot 15

  • Shot 16 aMS/MCU

    Girls action matched by boys

  • Shot 16 bMS/MCU

    We now see the effects of the V05 on him

    Stands out from the crowd with his spiky hair

  • Shot 17MS

    Allows us to notice effect ofV05 on girlshair - similar

  • Shot 18aMLS

    Teacher at centre of frame whichIs again totally symmetrical

  • Shot 18bCamera zooms in as teacher stands up, taking us from MLS to MS

    Closer shotallows us to see angry expressionand distance allows us to takeIn body language (especially pointed finger) as she points to the door, shouting 'chu qu', which means, 'Get out [of the room]' in Chinese (acc. to You Tube]

  • Shot 19aMS

    As they go along the corridor, they take each others hand

  • Shot 19 bMS

    But the teacher has followed themOut.

    (She stands between them butThe frame is not quite symmetrical)They are compounding the original felony of using hair creamby holding hands!

  • Shot 20MS

    They decideto make a runt to freedom

  • Shot 21LS

    Allows us to see the dynamismof their movement

  • Shot 22LS

    They run out the building and out of the schoolgrounds with shriekingteacher at their back

  • Shot 23LS

    They are framedas for previous shotbut the background has changedto a more varied, livelier (and A symmetrical)street scene

  • Shot 24Jump cut from previous shot to MS

    Ju,mp cuts often Connote energy And dynamism

    Closer shot showsexpression as wellmovement. BroadsmilesFraming in Shots 21-24 virtually identical, adding to feel of energy and they run out of school and into the town

  • Shot 25CU of productAnd various forms itcomes in

    Anchorage:Break the mouldconnotes attack on conformismand for individual freedom

  • Advert works on basis of binary opposition betweenconformity, repression etc (relating to adults) andindividualism, freedom, style (relating to youth)

    Symmetry of many of shot compositions relates to former: asymmetrical compositions the latter.

    Harnesses connotations of images in terms of youthful rebellion, and individualism

    The couples gesture against authority relates to hairstyle:they are not about to unfurl a banner protesting against Tiananmen Square massacre!