Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation? Section A (1a-2d)

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  • Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation?Section A (1a-2d)

  • What did they do?They were on vacation.=on holidays

  • Where did you go on vacation?I went to the Great Wall.I went to Tiananmen Square. I went to Beijing City.

  • She went to New York City.She visited the USA.Where did she go on vacation?She went to the beach.She swam with her family in the sea.

  • They went to summer camp. /kmp/Their spoken English improves now. Where did they go on vacation?, They visited the museum.They studied these dinosaur fossils.

  • He went to the mountains.He took quite a few photos there.Where did he go on vacation?Huangguoshu WaterfallHe watched Huangguoshu Waterfall.It was wonderful.

  • Where did they go on vacation?They stayed at home.They talked, did some reading and watched TV.

    They visited their uncle. They kissed him.

  • Go over what you learned just now.

    stay at home go to New York Citygo to summer campgo to the beachgo to the mountainsvisit my uncle visit museumsstay--- stayed go --- went visit----visited

  • Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation?

  • stayed at home f went to New York City__ visited my uncle___ went to summer camp__5. went to the mountains __6. went to the beach ___7. Visited museums ___1a Match the activities with the picturesacbgde

  • 1b Listen and number the people in the picture [1-5]. 1. Tina 2. Xiang Hua 3. Sally 4. Bob 5. Tom4532

  • 1c Make conversations about the people in 1a. A: Where did Tina go on vacation?

    cA: Did everyone have a good time? B: She went to the mountains with her family.B: Yes. Everything was excellent.

  • Where did Xiang Hua go on vacation?He went to New York City.b

  • What did Sally do on vacation?She just stayed at home.She did nothing. f

  • Did Bob do anything interesting on vacation?Yes. He visited his uncle.They went fishing, but they didnt get any fish.g

  • Did Tom go anywhere on vacation?Yes. He went to summer camp.dDid he go with anyone?Yes. He went with his friends. Everyone had a great time.

  • Where did you go on vacation ?Period Two (2a-2d)

  • Have a dictation :stay at home go to New York Citygo to summer campgo to the beachgo to the mountainsvisit my uncle visit museumsgo to Central Park stay--- stayed go --- went visit----visited

  • Review the conversation from Section A , 1b

  • Translate them into English..

    2. ?

    3. .

    I went to the mountains with my family.= My family and I went to the mountains.Did everyone have a good time ? Everything was excellent.

  • 4. ,.

    5. ? .

    6. .

    We went fishing, but we didnt get any fish. Did you go anywhere on vacation? I went to New York City.I went to summer camp. Everyone had a great time.

  • 2a Listen. Where did the people go on vacation? Complete the chart.New York City

    The beachhome


  • 2b Listen again. Check () Yes, I did or No, I didnt for each question.

    Did youYes, I did.No, I didnt.Gracego with anyone?go to central park?buy anything special?Kevinplay volleyball?swim?meet anyone interesting?Juliedo anything interesting?study for tests?go out with anyone?

  • Central park

  • A: Grace, where did you go on vacation? B: I went to New York City. A: Oh, really? Did you go with anyone? B: Yes, I went with my mother.2c Role-play conversations between Grace, Kevin and Julie.

  • Conversation 1Boy: Where did you go on vacation, Grace?Grace: I __________________.B: Oh, really? Did you go with anyone?G: Yes. I __________________.B: Did you go to Central park?G: Yes. I_________________________.B: Oh, really? Really?G: I bought him a hat.went to New York Citywent with my motherbought something for my father

  • Conversation 2Girl: Where did you go __________, Kevin?Kevin: I _______________.G: oh, thats nice. Did you play volleyball?K: No, I didnt.G: Well, did you swim?K: Yes, I did. The water was really warm.G: How was the food?K: Everything_________________!G: Did you meet anyone interesting?K: Yes. I _____________________________.on vacationwent to the beachtasted really goodmet some very interesting people

  • Conversation 3Boy: Where did you go on your vacation, Julie?Julie: I _______________.B: Oh. So, did you do anything interesting?J: No, I didnt.B: Did you __________________?J: Yes, I did.B: Did you go out with anyone?J: No. ________was here. Everyone was on vacation.stayed at homestudy for your testsNo one

  • Translate the following sentences into English. (1.?

    2. ?

    3. .

    Did you go with anyone / anybody?Did you buy anything special?I bought something for my father. I bought him a hat.

  • 4. .

    5. ?

    6. ?


    Everything tasted really good. Did you meet anyone / anybody interesting?Did you do anything interesting? No one / Nobody was here. Everyone was on vacation.

  • Rick: Hi,Helen. Long time no see.Helen: Hi,Rick. Yes,I was on vacation last month.Rick: Oh,Did you go anywhere interesting?Helen: Yes,I went to Guizhou with my family. Rick: Wow! Did you see HuangguoshuWaterfall?Helen:Yes,Idid.It was wonderful! We took quite a few photos there.What about you?Did you do anything special last month?Rick: Not really.I just stayed at home most of the time to read and relax.

  • Translate them into English.long time no seeon vacation go somewhere interestingHuangguoshu Waterfalltake quite a few photosdo something specialstay at home most of the time

  • Did you go anywhere interesting/beautiful?Did you do anything special/great?

    What did you do on vacation?Where did you go on vacation?

    How was your summer vacation ?Who did you go there with ?

  • ------______ ______ your sister______ _____ vacation?---She______ ______ summer camp.2. --- --- ---Jeff, _____ you go__________ ____________?---Yes, I _________ _________ ________ friends.3. ---- ______ you buy_________ ________ yesterday?---No, I ________ _________.Where didgoonwenttodidanywhereinterestingvisited museums withDidanything specialbought nothing

  • Grammar Focus

    Where did you go on vacation?I went to New York City. Did you go out with anyone?No, no one was here. Everyone was on vacation.Did you buy anything special?Yes, I bought something for my father.How was the food?No, I bought nothing.Did everyone have a good time?Oh, yes. Everything was excellent.

  • Linda: Did you do________ fun on your vacation, Alice? Alice: Yes, I did. I went to Sanya.Linda: How did you like it?Alice: Well, it was my first time there, so_____________ was really interesting. 3a Fill in the blanks with the words in the box and practice the conversation.anyone something anything everything nothinganythingeverything

  • Linda: Did you go with__________?Alice: Yes, I did. I went with my sister.Linda: Did you go shopping?Alice: Of course! I bought__________ for my parents, but _________for myself.Linda: Why didnt you buy__________ for yourself?Alice: I didnt really see ____________I liked.anyonesomethingnothing


  • Dear Bill,How was your vacation? Did you do ________ interesting? Did________ in the family go with you? I went to a friends farm in the countryside with my family. _________ was great. anything everything nothing everyone no one3b Fill in the blanks in the e-mail message with the words in the box.


  • We fed some hens and saw some baby pigs. They were so cute! The only problem was that there was __________ much to do in the evening but read. Still __________ seemed to be bored. Bye for now!Marknothingno one

  • 3c Ask your group questions about their last vacation. Then tell the class your results.In our group, everyone ate something at a restaurant

    Did youEveryone SomeoneNo oneeating anything at a restaurant?read anything interesting?visit anyone in your family?buy anything?keep a diary?

  • Homework Make a conversation about what did you do last week.Master the words in this unit and pre-view next part.