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Unit 2 Travelling. Integrated skills Travelling in China

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Review: Translate some sentences. 1. 小名参军半年了。 2. 我们上了 8 年学了. We have been students for eight years. Xiao Ming has been a soldier for half a year.

Text of Unit 2 Travelling. Integrated skills Travelling in China

  • Unit 2Travelling

  • Integrated skillsTravelling in China

  • Review: Translate some sentences.1.

    2. 8. We have been students for eight years.Xiao Ming has been a soldier for half a year.

  • 3. 10



    The class has been over for ten minutes.The film has been on for an hour.The door has been open for half an hour.

  • beauty n. seaside adj. sailing n. theme park n.

  • view n. mountain n. business n. flight n.

  • on business e.g. I have to go to London on business tomorrow.

  • direct adj. e.g. This is the most direct road. except prep. e.g. They all went to sleep except me.

  • Chinese gardens

  • Window of the world in Shenzheng

  • The Class 1, Great 8 students are talking about the kinds of places they like best. Listen to their conversation and match the students with the places. Write the correct letter in each box.A1

  • Places for travelling Chinese gardens 1. Kitty Museums 2. Simon Places of natural beauty 3. Sandy Seaside cities 4. Daniel Theme parks 5. Millie


  • The students are listening to a radio programme about the best time to visit some places in China. Put a tick () in the correct boxes.A2

  • Places to go Spring Summer Autumn Winter ChinesegardensSuzhou,YangzhouMuseumsBeijing, XianPlaces of natural beautyMount Huang,JiuzhaigouSeaside citiesDalian,QingdaoTheme parksShenzhen,Hong Kong

  • Amy wants to give her classmates some advice on travelling in China. Help her complete her notes. Use the information in Parts A1 and A2 to help you.A3

  • Places to go in ChinaKitty likes ___________, such as the Window of the world in Shenzhen or____________ Disneyland. She can go there all year round.Simon loves water sports, such as sailing. He thinks it is great fun. He can visit a seaside city like ______ or Qingdao this ________.theme parksHong KongDalian summer

  • Sandy likes places of ______________, like Mount Huang or Jiuzhaigou. She can go there in any season except _______. The views there in winter may be wonderful, but it is dangerous to climb the mountains or hills on cold and snowy days.natural beautywinter

  • Daniel likes ________________. He can visit Suzhou or Yangzhou. The best time to go there is in spring or________. There may be some rain, but the weather is usually nice at that time of year.Millie likes _________. She can go to Beijing or Xian. She can visit museums in any season.Chinese gardensautumnmuseums

  • 1.Millie_______(like)walkingwhen theweatherisnice.2.She______(go)toQingdaoifshe____ (have)enoughmoney.3.He______(go)toShenzhenlast summer.He______(get)lostinthe park.likeswill gohaswentgot

  • 4.WhenIvisitedSuzhou,I_________ (take)lotsofphotos.5.Wewereclappingourhandswhile the performers_________(march) acrossthepark. tookmarched