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Unit 2 Travelling Reading A trip to Hong Kong By Chen Lu Nanyuan School

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Text of Unit 2 Travelling Reading A trip to Hong Kong By Chen Lu Nanyuan School

  • Unit 2 Travelling Reading A trip to Hong Kong

    By Chen Lu Nanyuan School

  • Teaching aims:1.Learn about Kittys trip to Hong Kong2.Learn how to talk about a trip3.Master some reading skills.

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  • Free talk

  • Drills:A: Whats this? B: ItsA: Where is it? B: Its inA: Whats special about it? B: A: Have you ever been there? B:

  • Read 10,000 books and travel 10,000 miles.

  • The biggest problems you meet in readingHow to get main ideasHow to remember detailsVocabularyLong and difficult sentencesBackground knowledgePoor reading habitsothers

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  • Task 1 Fast readingRead silently for the main idea of the whole passage in one minute. Whats the passage mainly about?

  • Task 2 Careful reading 1.Divide the whole passage into different parts.Part 1Part 2Part 3Para 1Paras 2-6Para 7Brief introduction of Kittys trip to Hong KongDuring the visit to Hong kong Disneyland The ending of the letter

  • 2.Read Part 1 and find out the main points.


    During the winter holidayHong KongKitty and her parentsVisited Hong Kong DisneylandHad a fantastic time

  • 3.Skip(through part 2 ,focus on the words that show different time. Underline them in your booksPara2



    Para5 para6Time



    later in the afternoon after the parade


    at the end of the day

  • Read Para2,answer the questions1 Where did they have fun?

    2 What is Space Mountain? Whats special about it?

    3 How did they feel? How did you know?

    On Space Mountain.An indoor roller coaster.

    It moves at high speed.Excited.They were screaming and laughing through the ride.

  • Read Para 3,complete the following sentences.1.They went to a restaurant to ___________ in a hurry.2.They saw some________________,such as Snow White and Mickey Mouse. have a quick mealDisney cartoon characters

  • Read Para 4, fill in the blanks.Later in the afternoon, everybody ___________when a parade of Disney characters began. I _________ them and couldnt stop ____________ . After the parade, we ________a 4-D film. It was like_______. They could ______ the apple pie and _______ the excitedran aftertaking photoswatchedmagicsmellfeel

  • Read Para 5, choose the correct answer.( ) What did Kitty buy in Hong Kong Disneyland?A. A couple of keys. B. Some toys.C. Several key rings. D. Some CDs.( ) Who did Kitty buy them for?Her parents. B. Her cousin.C. Millie. D. Her classmates.


  • Read Para 6, answer the following questions.1.What did they do in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle?

    2.How did the castle look?They watched the fireworks .It looked bright and beautiful.

  • Space Mountainquick mealcartoon characters

    parade4-D film

    smellfeelshoppingthe fireworkshad fun

    TimePlaceActivityFirstOn__________ , was screaming and laughingNextOn the way to a restaurantHurried to have a ________, met some Disney_________Later in the afternoon/saw a_______, ran after them, couldnt stop taking photosAfter the parade/watched a________, could_____the apple pie and______the windThenIn shopsdid some _______ and bought a couple of key ringsAt the end of the dayIn front of Sleeping Beauty CastleWatched________

  • Task 5 CompetitionDiscuss in groups. Find the sentences that show Kittys happiness.We are having a fantastic time.We had fun on Space Mountain.It moved at high speed and was really exciting!We were screaming and laughing through the ride.It was the best part of the day.I ran after them and couldnt stop taking photos.

  • Task 6 Enjoy readingWatch the video, try to enjoy the happiness of Kitty.

  • Task 1 Reading ComprehensionRead quickly and find out what the passage is about.Tell whether the statements are true or false according to the passage.Answer the questions according to the passage.

  • Summary1.Learn about Kittys trip to Hong Kong2.Learn how to talk about a trip3.Master some reading skills.

  • HomeworkSuppose you are Millie, write a letter back to Kitty to talk about her trip to Hainan.

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