Unit 3 Tomorrow’s world Project Writing a science fiction story

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Unit 3 Tomorrows world Project Writing a science fiction story Slide 2 Teaching aims: 1. know about a science fiction story 2.Improve our writing ability. 3.do teamwork and learn to cooperate with each other. Slide 3 Serving dinner Slide 4 Is it possible for us to live so long now? Slide 5 It is a type of writing based on fantasy imagination Science fiction writers often write about what will happen in Tomorrow s World . Slide 6 Have you ever read any science fictions? Which one is your favorite one? Slide 7 Star wars The alien Slide 8 Names: Slide 9 Reading: Fill in the form NovelWriterYearPlot Journey to the Center of the Earth The Time Machine Jules Verne1864 professor/nephew/ take a journey to H G Wells1895 scientist/invented/ In the future Slide 10 Where do the German professor and his nephew travel? What do they see during their journey? How do they come back to the world above? To the center of the earth. They see a big underground ocean, a beautiful forest, ancient Animals that have disappeared in the world. A volcano in southern Italy brings them back to the Earth. For the first summary: Slide 11 For the second summary: What has the scientist invented? What does he find when he travels to year AD 802,701? What is the world thirty million years into the future like? A machine that can take him into the future. Two kinds of creatures-the Eloi and the Morlocks. The sun no longer shines in that world, so it is cold and scary Slide 12 Science fiction is a kind of story, do you still remember the basic elements of stories? What are they? a certain time period a place main characters a plot a problem to be solved a surprise ending Slide 13 What features does science fiction have? Science fiction is a type of writing 1. based on fantasy. 2. often write about what will happen in tomorrows world. Slide 14 Language points: Slide 15 Line7: come across the Central Sea phrases of COME: come about come at come down / / come in/ into come into (sight/being/existence/use/notice/effect) come on / ( )/ ( ) come out ( ) ( , ) , come along come to (an end/an agreement/a stop/a conclusion), come over come up , ( ) come up with come across come back come from Slide 16 1) How did it come _______ that you both got lost? I thought you had a map. 2) It suddenly came ______ to me where I had seen the boy before. 3) Come ________ now, or else we shall be late. 4) He came ________ me like a tiger. 5) The price of petrol has come _______ since the beginning of this year. 6) The word came _______ use many years ago. 7) When the examination result came ______, he had already got a job. 8)The bill came _______over a thousand dollars. 9) He came up to me and told me that the issue security came_____ at the meeting just now. 10)The truth has come out that her new book will come______ soon. about back on at down into out to up out Slide 17 Line 24: Scared and cold, the Time Traveller starts back towards the present. scared, cold , One woman was lying in bed, awake, listening to the rushing winds. They broke into the uncle's bedroom and found the man lying on the floor, dead. Slide 18 Lets write our own science fiction Slide 19 characters time place (setting) storyline topic Slide 20 Time : In 2050 Topic :Future education Storyline: What will happen in an interesting English class? Characters: English teacher (or robot) and students Place (setting) :in HongXiang Middle School Slide 21 Slide 22 Homework Finish the WB exercises(B1, B2, D1, D2) Revise some language points of this period. Slide 23 Jules Verne(1828-1905) As a popular French writer, Jules Verne is regarded as the father of science fiction. His famous science fiction stories are: Journey to the Center of the Earth; Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Around the World in Eighty Days, Five Weeks in the Balloon, and From the Earth to the Moon. Slide 24 H G Wells(1866-1946) As an English novelist, H G wells is well known for his science fiction stories, among which are The Time Machine, The Invisible Man, The War in the Air and The war of the Worlds. Slide 25 He is regarded as the father of Chinese science fiction. Slide 26