Unit 9 Reading My Merry Christmas! Unit 9 Reading My Merry Christmas!

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Text of Unit 9 Reading My Merry Christmas! Unit 9 Reading My Merry Christmas!

  • Unit 9 Reading My Merry Christmas!

  • Christmas lightsChristmas stockingChristmas songs

  • Santa Claus lives in the North Pole(). SleighFather Christmas /Santa Clausreindeer

  • Father Christmas comes into the house from the chimney on Christmas Eve().Santa Claus gets out of the fireplace().He gives the presents to the children.

  • The traditional() food is a turkey at Christmas dinner.

  • Learning goals:To learn something about Christmas.To understand the whole passage and be able to finish related exercises.To improve reading abilities . Unit 9 Reading My Merry Christmas!

  • 1.major2.express3.scene4.memory5.promise6.temperature 7.shocked8.sand9.slightly10.wake up to11.a bunch of12.be supposed to do sth

    Pre-readingRead the words and write down the Chinese meaning.

  • Go through the text and find the key words of each paragraph. Para. 1: __________________Para. 2: __________________Para. 3: __________________SkimmingChristmas GiftWhite ChristmasChristmas in Summer

  • Listen to the tape and find what each person does on Christmas.ScanningGot her stocking ,ate some candy and found her promised watch.Had his first white Christmas and took many pictures.Enjoyed his holiday on the beach.

  • Careful readingPara 1: Rearrange the sentences._____My dad was shocked when he saw me wearing it._____I woke up early, got my stocking, ate some candy._____I slightly opened it and found the watch._____I looked under the Christmas tree and saw a gift._____I looked at my presents, but I didnt find my watch.

  • Careful readingPara 2: True(T) or false(F).( )1.All roads were closed because of the heavy snow, so we had to stay home for Christmas.( )2.Joe, Uncle Royce and I all ran around taking a few pictures.( )3.The TV said it was the second time in 100 years.FFF

  • Careful readingPara 3: Answer the following questions.1.Does Kate have a different Christmas? Why?

    2.Whats the weather like there ?

    3.When do the summer holidays start? And Where are most people ?

    4. What about Kates earliest memories of Christmas?Yes. Because Christmas falls in summer in Australia .Most of the time, it is blue skies, bright sunshine and temperatures over 25.A week before Christmas. On the beach.Sand. Sand in her hair, in her shoes and in her tomato sandwiches.

  • 1.No snow or log fires for us; its never a white Christmas. _______2. Candy, fruit but wheres my watch? Dad said Father Christmas would bring it overnight. _______

    3.Snow is still in the air. We might have to change our travel plan. _______

    4. Its so hot at Christmas. Many people have cold meat or seafood with salads for Christmas dinner. _______ Consolidation Read the passage again and decide who may say the following words, Rose, Eric or Kate.KateRoseEricKate

  • 1. be shocked2. be supposed to3. wake up to4. because of5. run around doing 6. a bunch of7. seem to be8. my promised watch9. all major roads10.Merry Christmas!

    Consolidation Match the phrases with the right Chinese meaning.

  • Repeat each paragraph with the help of some key words. Summary Help to answer the questions Ss asked.

  • Homework1. Read the text loudly after class.2. Copy the phrases for three times.3. Retell the text to your partner.