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Unit How much are these socks? Unit 7 How much are these socks? Period 2: Section A 2e—3c 长春市第八十七中学东校

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Text of Unit How much are these socks? Unit 7 How much are these socks? Period 2: Section A 2e—3c...

  • Unit 7 How much are these socks?Period 2: Section A 2e3c

  • Memory challenge

    How much are they?$2$10$6$9$4

  • a sweater a sweater for school

  • $10 $10 for one $20 for two $16 for two

  • Mary: Yes, please. I need a _____.Mary: Blue.Mary: _____ is it?Mary: I'll take it. _____.

    Clerk: Can I help you?Clerk: What _____ do you want?Clerk: Nine dollars .Clerk: Here you are.

    Clerk: Youre welcome.

    sweatercolorHow muchThank you.

  • Clerk: Can I help you?Mary: Yes, please. I need a ______.Clerk: What _____ do you want?Mary: Blue.Clerk: Here you are.Mary: _____ _____ is it?Clerk: Nine dollars.Mary: Ill take it. _____ ____.Clerk: Youre welcome.sweatercolorHow muchThank you

  • Woman: Can I help you? Mary: Yes, please. I need a sweater for school. Woman: OK. What color do you want? Mary: Blue. Woman: How about this one? Mary: It looks nice. How much is it? Woman: Nine dollars. Mary: Ill take it. How much are those yellow socks? Woman: Two dollars for one pair and three dollars for two pairs. Mary: Great! Ill take two pairs. Woman: Here you are. Mary: Thank you. Woman: Youre welcome.

  • A memory gameExample: The blue sweater is seven dollars.

  • baghatT-shirttrousersshoessocks$7$4$5$8$9$3A: Can I help you ?B: Yes, please. I need A: What color do you want?B: A: How much?B: Its/TheyreA: Ill take it/them. Thank you/Thanks.B: You are welcome.What do you need?

  • Talk about the clothes you have bought.( ) I have a hat. Its $4. Its red. Its small. I like it very much.

  • 1. How much is the hat?---------------------------------. 2. How much is the bag?--------------------------------. 3. How much is the T-shirt?-----------------------------. 4. Theyre three dollars.5. Its nine dollars.6. Its eight dollars. ItIts five dollars.Its ten dollars.Its six dollars.How much are the socks?How much is the sweater?How much is the skirt?

  • 3c Students A, look at the pictures in 3b for a minute and then close your book. Student B, ask questions.

  • How muchHow muchHow much ItsareTheyreHow many

    QuestionsAnswers 1. _______ __________ is the red sweater? Its $30 2.________ _________ are these socks? Theyre $50 3. _________ _________is the T-shirt? _______ $30 4. How much_______ the green shoes? _______ $60 5. _________ __________ hats are black? Two hats

  • QuestionsAnswersHow much is the hat?Its five dollars.How much is this T-shirt?Its seven dollars. How much is that brown sweater?Its eight dollars. How much are these socks?Theyre two dollars. How much are those black trousers?Theyre nine dollars.

  • Homework

    Mrs. Green AClerk BMrs. Green Mrs. Green;10Mrs. Green

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