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Unit3 A Healthy Life 傅碧芳 高二( 13 ) Ⅰ. 单词盘点 核心速记 1. _____ (n. & vt. ) 滥用;虐待 2. ____ (vt. & n. ) 禁止;取缔;禁令;谴责 3. ____ (adj

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Text of Unit3 A Healthy Life 傅碧芳 高二( 13 ) Ⅰ. 单词盘点 核心速记 1. _____ (n. &...

  • Unit3 A Healthy Life 13

  • . 1. _____ (n. & vt. ) 2. ____ (vt. & n. ) 3. ____ (adj. ) 4. ____ (vt. ) ()5. _____ (n. ) 6. _________ (adj. ) 7. _________ (adj. ) abusebanduequiteffectdesperateawkward

  • 8. _____(n. )(vt. )________(adj. )_______(adj. )9. _________(n. )(adj. )__________(n. )10. ________(adj. )_________(n. )________(adj. )______ (vt. )(n. )11. _________(vt. )___________ (adj. ) stressstressfulstressedadolescentadolescenceaddictedaddictionaddictiveaddictaccustomaccustomed

  • 12. _________(adj. )____________(adv. )13. ______(adj. )________(adv. )________(), 14. __________(vt. )(vi. )________(n. ), , 15. ____________(adj. )____________(adj. )__________(vt. )______________ (n. )16. ________(adj. )______(n. )________(adj. )_________(adj. ), automaticautomaticallymentalmentallyphysicalstrengthenstrengthdisappointeddisappointingdisappointdisappointmentashamedshameshamefulshameless

  • Free discussionWhat do you think is important in our life?Warming up

  • Healthcarhousemoneyjob/workfamilyfriendshiplove

  • 1000000000healthIf we lose 1,what will be left?

  • He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.What is a healthy person?A healthy person is someone who is healthy in both body and mind.

  • 1.Do you think you are living a healthy life?2. What health issues do you think concern young people the most?Cigarette smoking Drinking alcohol Drug taking Diet Physical fitnessSexual health Stress Obesity

  • Why do you think some adolescents start smoking? 1). falsely influenced by some media2). think its cool3). want to lighten some stress

  • Reading Advice from Grandad

  • Who? To whom?Purpose?James grandfatherJames To give James some advice and encourage him to quit smokingMain idea:James grandfather wrote to him to give him some advice and encourage him to quit smoking. Please glance through the text as fast as you can and try to find out:

  • Find the main idea of each para.


    A. James problem of smoking.B. Telling some different ways of becoming addicted.C. The writers hope for his grandson and advice on stopping smoking.D. Tell us the harmful effects of smoking.E. Talking about the healthy life he leads through his own experience.

  • physically addicted to nicotine2. addicted through habits3. mentally addictedFill in the chart with information from the reading passage.

  • 1. do terrible damage to heart and lungs2. have difficulty in becoming pregnant3. Be unfit4. Smell terrible

  • 1. other people dislike the smell2. The cigarette smoke can do harm to unable to enjoy sport

  • The harmful effects of smoking.heart & lung diseasesdifficulty in pregnancy affect non- smokersnot enjoy sportsterrible smellyellow fingers

  • What are the suggestions James grandfather gives to quit smoking?

  • Read the second part of the text to get suggestions to quit smokingP_______ yourself.Be d__________.Break the h_____.R_____.Get h____ if you need.K____ trying.repareeterminedabitelaxelp eep

  • Can you give some other helpful suggestions?How can I stop smoking?

  • Choose a day that is not _______ to quit smoking. Make a list of all the _______ you will get from stopping smoking. __________ all your cigarettes. ______ the list of benefits when you feel like smoking. Develop some other habits to keep yourself ____. If you feel nervous or stressed, try some ________ exercises like deep breathing. You can stop smoking with a ______ or join a group. If necessary, ask a doctor or _______ for help. The most important is to keep ______. Dont feel ________ if you have a cigarette again. Just _____ again.stressfulbenefitsThrow awayRereadbusyrelaxationfriendchemisttryingashamedtry

  • Advice on quitting smokingPrepare yourself.Be determined. Break the habit.Keep trying.Relax.Get help if you need it.

  • DiscussionWhat kind of person do you think James grandfather is?What other information could have been included? What do you think can be done to protect non-smokers (especially women and babies) from those who smoke?After-reading

  • What kind of person do you think James grandfather is? He is fit and healthy and leads an active life. He takes an interest in his daughters and grandsons well-being. He is knowledgeable. He reads the internet. He appears to love his grandson.

  • 2. What other information could have been included? Even non-smokers can get smoking related illnesses by breathing in air polluted by smoke.Pregnant women who smoke can produce smaller, less healthy babies with a lower IQ.

  • 3. What do you think can be done to protect non-smokers (especially women and babies) from those who smoke? a non-smoking policy in public places such as buses, train, restaurants, cinemas, etcSeparate smoking and non-smoking areas in public places

  • A campaign to highlight the dangers of smoking for smokers and non-smoking people

  • A: Someone who gets addicted to smoking.B: One of As family members or friends or classmates, etc. B tries to gives A some helpful advice and persuade him/her to give up smoking.How to ask for advice

    What should I do?Could you tell me what to do?Can you give me some advise?How to give advice

    Youd betterI think you ought to..Perhaps you shouldI suggest that youAfter-reading

  • AssignmentMake a summary of the advise on how to stop smoking. Be sure to use your own words and no more than five sentences.

    Read the reading text aloud for some times until you can read it aloud fluently.

    Find out the useful words and expressions in the reading text and learn by yourself.

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