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  • 8/13/2019 Universalhunt Company Brochure


    Human Resource Solutions | Investment Banking | Engineering Consulting | Information Technology

    U n iv er sa l H un t P r ivat e L imit ed

    business beyond BOUNDARIES


  • 8/13/2019 Universalhunt Company Brochure


    Universal Hunt Private Limited is an International Business Consulting company with clientele fromarious sectors and industries, in countries across the Middle East, Africa, Europe, USA and South East

    Asia. We specialize into Human Resource Solutions, Investment Banking, Engineering Consulting andnformation Technology domains. With extensive network of international clients and domainxpertise across various industries, functions, geographies and nationalities; we are best positioned toffer a comprehensive range of solutions under single roof.

    We are strategically positioned to offer consulting solutions in India as well as overseas through ouregistered offices in India, USA & UK and state-of-the-art delivery centers spread across India in talentich, financial, IT and industrial hubs, with specialized team of consultants capable to deliver acrossectors, industries, functions, levels and cultures.

    Our Business Consulting offers recommendations, strategies and solutions which are specific toustomer needs and issues across industry sectors, functions and geographic locations. Our Business

    Consulting group provides advice, support and assurance to realize the maximum value from assets.

    Our Business Consulting complements its skills with tools, systems and processes from within thewider Universal Hunt group streams. We can deploy the best mix of our capabilities through a well-integrated work share and technical performance management system, thus providing a rarecombination of Systems and Process Orientation with entrpreneurial decision making flexibility atevery stage.

    We have an experienced team to help clients understand opportunities and value propositions to helpderive necessary information and conclude the transaction efficiently. Our consultants are best trainedon approach and search methodologies for desired results across sectors, industries, functions, levelsand cultures. Our dynamic management comprises of first-generation entrepreneurs, bringingcomplementary expertise into the company.

    Our passion to succeed through world class delivery with speed and accuracy ensures strict adherenceto three basic principles of success: To have DISCIPLINE, right ATTITUDE and will to RE-ENGINEER.



    About the Gr oup


  • 8/13/2019 Universalhunt Company Brochure


    Executive Coaching / TrainingUniversal Hunt being a 360 degree HR solutions providerhas been conducting training programs successfully forCorporate as well as for Individuals. These programs aredesigned to help individuals in personal careerdevelopment.


    Global Executive &Board SearchWe find leaders that buildwinning business. Wespecialize in GlobalExecutive Search, BoardS e a r c h a nd C - s u i t eprofiles like CEO, CFO,CIO, VP, Directors ors p e c i a l i z e d n i c h ep o s i t i o n s . I t i s a nexclusively crafted nichep l a c e m e n t s e r v i c edesigned to ensurec o nf i d e nt i a l i t y a ndattention these profileswould require.

    Turnkey Recruitment ProjectsConsult our experts for in-time mass recruitmentsolutions to address massive expansions, mergeror acquisition, new product launch, projectimplementation, cultural turnaround exercisethrough quality talent injection from outside thecompany etc.

    Interim ManagementExecutive placement at the highest level toprovide immediate short-term infusion ofmanagement skills and fresh thinking, which inthe long-term would bring change and valueaddition embedding good practices and leavinga legacy of improvement.

    Team AssessmentTeam Assessment can help turn around anunderperforming team and be used to buildhigh performance teams. Our experience is inteam assessment tools and audits that get to theroot cause of team performance.

    Human Resource Sol utions


  • 8/13/2019 Universalhunt Company Brochure


  • 8/13/2019 Universalhunt Company Brochure


    Investment Banking


    Master PlanningComprehensive Planning andDesign Engineering. Preparingmaster plan, showing adevelopment plan, withindication of proposed building,facilities & utilities,infrastructure & future scope.

    Architectural Engineering2D Drafting, 3DModeling, 3D Rendering,Animation Walkthrough,Residential Planning,Industrial planning

    Structural DesigningStructure Drawings,Residential Design,Industrial Design,Steel Detailing,Structure Calculation

    Civil EngineeringCivil Drafting,Civil Design, CostEstimation

    Designing for Electrical Power,Plant, Distribution, Lighting, InstallationsLoad Calculations, HT/LT DistributionSystem, Network Wiring Services,Substation Layouts, PDBs, APFC system,Cables Routing by trench & O/H cable treysetc.


    Utility Services (Air, Water, Steam) /HVACHVAC design & calculations, Sizingdesigning, Capacity planning, Utilitymachinery selectionSteam Pipeline (IBR, non-IBR), CompressedAir (Air piping), Water treatment andsupply, Effluent Treatment Plant

    Engineer ing Consul ting


  • 8/13/2019 Universalhunt Company Brochure



    Infor mation Technol ogy

    Power HuntTM


    owerHunt is one of the finestnd most refined Business

    Management software withntegrated Talent Managementnd customized Businessnalytics for Recruitmentonsulting / Staffing firms asell as for Human Resourcevisions of companies.

    An affordable and easy to usec u s t o m e r r e l a t i o n s h i pmanagement platform designedt o h e l p y o u r b u s i n e s scommunicate with prospects,share sales information, closedeals and keep customershappy. Its easy to customize andadapt to your changing needs.

    www.powerhunt.net www.magiccrm.in


    HoneyBeeHoney Bee helps brands tap intothe power of social media byproviding a comprehensiveSocial Media Interaction platformand social media optimisationservices intigrating various socialnetworking platforms with arobust back-end effectivelymanging brand campaigns acrossthe social media landscape.


    Custom Application Development Product Development ServicesApplication Maintenance and Support Mobile Solutions / ApplicationsE-Business Web Development Application MigrationWebsite Development Portal DevelopmentContent Management System Rich Internet Application DevelopmentBranding / Social Media Management

    TECHNOLOGIES:OPEN SOURCE TECHNOLOGIES LICENSED TEC HNOLOGIESPHP, Joomla, Magento, Wordpress .NET, Sharepoint, Microsoft Business IntelligenceDrupal, Oscommerce, Zen Cart, Microsoft Silverlight, MS Commerce,P ay ment Gatewat In teg ration MS-SQL Integration, MS-SQL Reporting Servi ces

    ENGAGEMENT MODELS:Full-time Equivalents, Fixed Cost Fixed Duration Model, Time and Material ModelMature Process Model to Ensure High Quality and Timely Deliver , Offshore Development Center


  • 8/13/2019 Universalhunt Company Brochure


    Registered Office (USA)

    3500 South Dupont HighwayDover, DE 19901,Country of KentDelaware, USA.


    [email protected] ; (M) +91.9825266107 ; (T) +91.79.66669600 ; (F) +91.79.66669666

    Human Resource Solutions | Investment Banking | Engineering Consulting | Information Technology

    U n iv er sa l H un t P r ivat e L imit ed