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Tony Lionni, Ekkohaus, D’Julz & Mr.G, Sissy Toumasi, Niko Loponau

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    editors Gerasimos Alexander, George Milonas, Dimitra Meimaroglou, Joanna Anagnostidis, Maria Toubi, Makis Benakis, Mari Moustaizi, Nick Grammatos, Nikos Denazis, Odysseas Panierakis, Stella Rousnidou, Sophia Pavlidou, Sophia Theodora Giltizi, Fotios Balas, Chris Daskalakis, Nicole Erini, Theo Alexellis

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    Bi-Monthly Release, issue No 33 2013

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    ISSN 1791-3888 , #33 2013

    cover by. Michael Meimaroglou

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    Well Only a few days to 2014. Each year we leave our mark on time, we try for the best in every aspect of our lives.

    There isnt such thing as a bad year. Its just that sometimes were challenged to put more effort. If the sea was always calm, then of what interest and value would the sound of the waves be, as they hit the pebbles? How would Poseidons sheep form those silver and blue masterpieces on the horizon?

    There are two sides to every difficulty, or rather trial, of our human nature. One side, the first stimulus, the first experience as our mind and body perceives it, has a superficial status. It is a raw piece of in-formation that causes negative emotions and perhaps physical pain. The other side is a reflection of its positive features, as our intellect construes it. It takes effort to clean up the pane and see the reflec-tion. Even more so when the body occupies our mind, our effort must be more intense and persistent. This is where we must focus.

    Always work for your wants and your ideas.For how long is it possible for a foot to endure a tight shoe? There will always be obstacles because obstacles exist for a reason. And that reason is the sharpening of the mind so we can become better.

    I tried to put forward some of my thoughts as they resulted from personal experience. This page is the extroversion of my abstract contemplations. A chance for me to manifest and share, as I know you understand.

    Closing this soul deposition, Id like to thank my dear collaborators at Urban Style, with whom I work close all these years and who sup-port and transmit the spirit of expression and love of USM. Without them doing their best, USM would have no reason to exist. Also, a big thank you to my family and friends who play a part too, in my bursts of creation.

    Urban Style Mag serves our needs for expression, it nurtures our imagination, our spontaneity and our sociability. We all thank you for your love and support; I will always bow these acknowledgements repeatedly because its the least I can do.

    With all my heart, I wish you a happy 2014, full of ideas, energy and love. See you next year,Mike





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    Detlef . Alex Santer, Detlef , . VIVA, Trapez, Material Series .., EP Moon Harbour. Detlef Daxx ( original edit Steve Lawler). Daxx EP. , groove , .

    Wat Id Duz, Steve Lawler. funk . EP Cold Romance, . Detlef . , .

    , Symphony. bassline, , tech house . Daxx EP 27 digital .

    Detlef is one of the most prominent names that came up in the international scene during the last few years. A zealous Greek producer with a great past as Alex Santer, a brilliant present as Detlef and a much promising future. After his releases with VIVA, Trapez and Material Series amongst others, he now intro-duces his new EP with the German Moon Harbour. His new release is titled Daxx and consists of four tracks (three original ones and one edit by Steve Lawler). Daxx is the first track and apparently the one this EP is named after. Clearly a dance piece of music, with groovy elements, deep bassline and an astonishing ability to hold your attention from the first second til the last one. Its followed by Wat Id Duz, edited by Steve Lawler and distinguished by its vocals and funky sounds. The third track is Cold Romance, which I consider the best production of this release. Impeccable structure and with a strong character, vibrant and melancholic at the same time. That is achieved by the simultaneous presence of both string and percussive sounds, giving you a sense of joy as well as sorrow, throughout the track.

    Finally, the EP closes with Symphony. Intense bassline, female vocals interfer-ing to the flow of the track, and a combination of various other sounds which complete this dynamic tech house production wonderfully.

    Available digitally since the 27th of November. John Papastylianos


    Vapor City Machinedrum (aka Travis Stew-art) Ninja Tune. 2013. , Machinedrum .

    , , , . Drum n Bass Juke, Chica-go Footwork Ambient, . . Machinedrum RnB , Chicago Footwork. Gunshotta, Infinite Us Dont 1 2 Lose U. , CD digital .

    Vapor City is the new album by the American Machinedrum aka Travis Stewart. Re-leased by Ninja Tune, it is considered by many the album of the year. I wouldnt ob-ject, but I would add that it surely is Machinendrums best album so far and undoubt-edly one of the most significant milestones of his career.

    As the artist himself has stated, the title derives from a city of his dreams, whereas each track of the album reveals a different aspect of that city. What makes this work so special is the way in which he has managed to combine Drum n Bass with Juke, Chicago Footwork and Ambient. Its mood is somber for the most part. Its melodies initiate you into Machinendrums dreams and the sampled RnB vocals result in a rather new sound, which refers mainly to Chicago Footwork. Out of the ten produc-tions of the album, Gunshotta, Infinite Us and Dont 1 2 Lose U are the ones that stand out the most. Available digitally, in vinyl and CD.

    John Papastylianos

    music echoe

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    Tony Lionni comes from a multi-cultural family, with European as well as African origins. His music enthusiast father inspired his love for music and initiated him to the sounds of soul, funk, jazz-funk, amongst others.

    He started experimenting with hip hop and house sounds during the 90s and has been produc-ing music ever since. Although he has been established as a producer for more than 20 years, he made his official debut in 2008, with releases by labels such as Wave Music, Aesthetic Audio and Wave Tec, whereas his career took off in 2010, with the release of his track Found a Place by the Berlin-based Osgut Ton.

    His personal debut came in 2010 with the album As One, released by Freerange Records, and he is making a dynamic comeback this year with his new album Just A Little More, with legendary Kerri Chandlers label, Madhouse.

    His music is loved by many, but his statements are considered rather controversial. Some call him an uncompromised talent, others view him as eccentric and others find him quite provoka-tive. He declares himself an outsider, a social recluse who doesnt give a damn about the public opinion. I would just say he is undoubtedly unique and that, hes doing it right. Isnt he?

    Tony Lionni , . soul, funk, jazz-funk .. hip hop house 90 . 20 , 2008 labels Wave Music, Aesthetic Audio Wave Tec, 2010 Found a Place Osgut Ton.

    2010 album As One Freerange Records, album Just A Little More, Madhouse Kerri Chandler. , . , . , , . , . , . , ;


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