Useful English Idioms

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This is some useful English idioms which were translated into Vietnamese.

Text of Useful English Idioms

To be badly off: Ngho x xc To be balled up: Bi ri, lng tng(trong khi ng ln ni) To be bankrupt in (of) intelligence: Khng c, thiu thng minh To be bathed in perspiration: M hi t nh tm To be beaten hip and thigh: 1 To be beaten out and out: B nh bi hon ton To be beautifully gowned: n mc p To be beforehand with the world: Sn sng tin bc To be beforehand with: Lm trc, iu g To be behind prison bars: B giam, t To be behindhand in one's circumstances: Tng thiu, thiu tin To be behindhand with his payment: Chm tr trong vic thanh ton(n) To be beholden to sb: Mang n ngi no To be beneath contempt: Khng ng cho ngi ta khinh To be bent on quarrelling: Hay sinh s To be bent on: Nht quyt, quyt tm To be bent with age: Cng lng v gi To be bereaved of one's parents: B cp mt i cha m To be bereft of speech: Mt kh nng ni To be beside oneself with joy: Mng pht in ln To be besieged with questions: B cht vn dn dp To be betrayed to the enemy: B phn em np cho ch To be better off: Sung tc hn, kh hn To be between the devil and the deep sea: Lm vo cnh trn e di ba, lm vo cnh b tc, tin thoi lng nam To be bewildered by the crowd and traffic: Ng ngc trc m ng v xe c To be beyond one's ken: Vt khi s hiu bit To be bitten with a desire to do sth: Khao kht lm vic g To be bitten with: Say m, ham m(ci g) To be blackmailed: B lm tin, b tng tin To be blessed with good health.: c may mn c sc khe To be bolshie about sth: Ngoan c v vic g To be bored to death: Chn mun cht, chn qu sc To be born blind: Sinh ra th m To be born of the purple: L dng di vng gi To be born on the wrong side of the blanket: hoang To be born under a lucky star: Sinh ra di mt ngi sao tt(may mn) To be born under an unclucky star: Sinh ra i di mt ngi sao xu To be bound apprentice to a tailor: Hc ngh may nh ngi th may To be bowled over: Ng nga To be bred (to be)a doctor: c nui n hc tr thnh bc s To be brilliant at: Gii, xut sc v To be brought before the court: B a ra trc ta n To be brought to an early grave: Cht non, cht yu To be brought to bed: Sinh To be brought up in the spirit of duty: c gio dc theo tinh thn trch nhim To be brown off: (Thtc)Chn To be buffeted by the crowd: B m ng y ti To be bumptious: Lm oai, lm cao, t ph

To be bunged up: B nght mi To be burdened with debts: N cht chng To be buried in thoughts: Chm m trong suy ngh To be burning to do sth: Nng lng lm g To be burnt alive: B thiu sng To be burried with militairy honours: An tng theo nghi thc qun i To be bursting to do sth: Hng hi lm ci g To be bursting with a secret; to be bursting to tell a secret: Nng lng mun ni iu b mt To be bursting with delight: Sng in ln, vui pht in To be bursting with pride: Trn y s kiu hnh To be bushwhacked: B phc kch To be busy as a bee: Bn rn lu b To be as bright as a button: Rt thng minh, nhanh tr khn To be as brittle as glass: Gin nh thy tinh To be as drunk as a fish: Say b t To be as happy as a king, (as a bird on the tree): Sung sng nh tin To be as hungry as a wolf: Rt i To be as mute as a fish: Cm nh hn To be as slippery as an eel: Ln lo nh ln, khng tin cy c To be as slippery as an eel: Trn nh ln, trn tut To be at a loss for money: Ht tin, tng tin To be at a loss what to do, what to say: Bi ri khng bit nn lm g, nn ni g To be at a loss: B lng tng, bi ri To be at a nonplus: Bi ri, lng tng To be at a work: ang lm vic To be at an end; to come to an end: Hon thnh, kt liu, kt thc To be at bat: Gi vai tr quan trng To be at cross-purposes: Hiu lm To be at dinner: ang n cm To be at enmity with sb.: Th ch vi ai To be at fault: Mt hi mt con mi To be at feud with sb: Cu ch vi ngi no To be at grass: (Sc vt) ngoi ng c To be at grips with the enemy: Vt ln vi ch th To be at handgrips with sb: nh nhau vi ngi no To be at issue on a question: ang tho lun v mt vn To be at its height: Ln n nh cao nht To be at large: c t do To be at loggerheads with sb: Gy ln, bt ha, bt ng kin vi ngi no To be at odds with sb: Gy s vi ai To be at odds with sb: Khng ng vi ngi no, bt ha vi ngi no To be at one with sb: ng vi ngi no To be at one's best: vo thi im thun li nht To be at one's lowest ebb: (Cuc sng)ang tri qua mt thi k en ti nht To be at play: ang chi To be at puberty: n tui dy th To be at sb's beck and call: Hon ton tun lnh ai, chu s sai khin, ngoan ngon phc tng ai To be at sb's elbow: ng bn cnh ngi no To be at sb's heels: Theo bn gt ai

To be at sb's service: Sn sng gip ai To be at stake: B lm nguy, ang b e da To be at stand: Khng tin ln c, lng tng To be at strife (with): Xung t(vi) To be at the back of sb: ng sau lng ngi no, ng h ngi no To be at the end of one's resources: Ht cch, v phng To be at the end of one's tether: