Useful Phrases for Writing Essay

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Useful Phrases for Writing Essay

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USEFUL PHRASES FOR WRITING ESSAYRich countries woo highly skilled migrants Increasingly compete: cnh tranh khng ngng Highly skilled immigrants: dn nhp c c trnh Meet labor shortages: p ng s thiu nhn lc key industries: ngnh cng nghip chnh/ ch cht the growing numbers of: s tng ln v s lng ca limit the number of: gii hn s lng are simultaneously trying to: ang n lc khng ngng people with specific skills: nhng ngi vi k nng nht nh high levels of education and skills: trnh hc vn v nng lc cao greener: ngi mi, cha c kinh nghim high-powered: quyn cao chc trng executive: expertise: s thnh tho, tinh thong specialist: chuyn gia boost living standards: nng cao mc sng deliberate: thn trng make a huge contribution to: immigrant with below-average education: ngi nhp c c trnh gio dc di mc ph thong