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“Variations” on programming topic. Student: Giorgi Dzneladze , Bachelor of informatics e-mail: lia.man.lika@gmail.com Head : Levan Imnaishvili , Doctor of technical sciences. About me. My interests Software development Algorithms - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Variations on programming topicStudent: Giorgi Dzneladze, Bachelor of informatics e-mail: lia.man.lika@gmail.com

Head : Levan Imnaishvili, Doctor of technical sciences

About meMy interests

Software development Algorithms Computer graphicsProgramming skills: Assembler C++ C# PHP HTML CSS Javascript XML SQL

Keyboard kernel mode filter driverAdvantages:

works in kernel mode (ring0) grabs input from both usb and ps2 keyboard works even before windows logon Implementation:


3Synthesis of finite automataaccording to regular expressions

Main concepts:

for each regular expression a non deterministic automata is built using Thompson algorithm as a composition of automata corresponding with sub-expressions obtained non-deterministic automata is transformed into a deterministic one number of states is minimized using the search of state groups distinguishable by input string Built automaton can:

check input string for pattern matching find some text in document in order to delete or replace it extract substring from string according to pattern



WorkflowRegexbuild.dll(native)Regular expressionXML & XSLTdotGraphviz

Transition table(HTML )Transition diagram(gif, jpg, png)

Transition table

Graph view - DFA

Graph view - minimized DFA

Biometric electoral systemMain concepts:

system architecture includes a server and the polling stations that host registration and voting terminals. Terminalsinitsturncontain apersonalcomputer with atouch screenand fingerprint reader.


excludes the possibility ofidentityfraudasvoter identification is on biometrics. Countingprocedureis fully automatedwhich alsoeliminates the possibility offalsification of election results


Server side: WCF SOAP web service .Net 4.0, SQL server 2008 r2Client side: Windows Forms Application .Net 4.0Fingerprint reader: Digital persona U.R.U 4000b

System architecture

GUI Registration terminal

GUI Registration terminal

GUI Voting terminal


Ocean simulation

Main concepts:

the wave height is considered a random variable of horizontal position and time - h(x, t). wave height eld is decomposed as a sum of sine and cosine waves. the decomposition uses Fast Fourier Transforms for computer graphics purposes, the slope vector of the wave height eld is computed in order to nd the surface normals


C# XNA HLSLStatistical model

initial values of the Fourier amplitudes ofthe wave height fieldFourier amplitudes of thewave field at time tmodified Phillips spectrum

Statistical model

wave height at the horizontal position x = (x, z)gradient for computing normalHorizontal displacement for choppywaves

Ocean wireframe

ALU study emulator

Main concepts:

helps lecturer better explain subject to students while teaching such disciplines as computer architect and applied theory of digital automata helps students better understand subject while studying computer architect and applied theory of digital automataProgram can emulate the following operations of ALU:

addition subtraction multiplication division


C#/Windows FormsGUI - part 1

GUI - part 2

GUI - part 3

GUI part 4