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  • 1. September 2009 | Ausgabe 6 | 01450-5900 | spezial CONTROLLER Controlling International Controllers meet growing challenges Siegfried Gnlen, Chairman Stefan Kaiser: Controller statements Poland: Controlling in of the ICV: Internationalization worldwide an analysis of national hard times taglines of success continues controller institutes practicians
  • 2. Unternehmensplanung und -steuerung mit Weitblick I Planung I Budgetierung I Analyse I Reporting I Konsolidierung I strategische Unternehmenssteuerung I Balanced Scorecard I Risikomanagement Get a better perspective Navigate your company to success I Planning I Budgeting I Analysis I Reporting I Consolidation I Strategic Company Management I Balanced Scorecard I Risk Management CP CORPORATE PLANNING AG Groe Elbstrae 27 D-22767 Hamburg Tel. +49 (0)40 / 43 13 33 - 0 Fax +49 (0)40 / 43 13 33 - 33 Amsterdam Barcelona Berlin Dsseldorf Frankfurt Hamburg Hannover Kaiserslautern London Malm Mnchen Stuttgart Toronto Wien Zrich
  • 3. Content 2 Siegfried Gnlen Dear reader, Chairman of the ICV board Editorial what we experience nowadays is a growing 3 Know-how controller community ... world wide. Due to our Controller statements worldwide cultural backgrounds, habits and experiences 6 Know-how are different. Controlling is done in a slightly or Deyhles controlling goes international even totally different way. Some ways will be 8 Romania more, others less successful. Controlling the solution to overcoming the economic crisis in Romania We controllers have a common target though: Increase our companys success (short and 10 Lithuania long term), by providing service to the man- Conceptions and instruments agement! 12 Poland Controlling in hard times taglines Manager Controller Controlling of practicians 14 Czech Republic Controlling careers in the Czech Republic 16 Russia So I see that valuable opportunity, sharing The theory and practice of controlling some of these experiences ... on how to achieve in conditions of crisis the goals best. 18 Hungary Navigating heavy seas in the Variety is the spice of life Carpathian Basin Different strategies will help in different situa- 20 Slovenia tions. I believe, that one is not more successful Its time to meet the challenges because he has the best strategy, but because of controlling! he or she can select from different strategic 22 Bulgaria options, behaviour patterns, etc. That way Need and desire to learn is enormous perfectly responding to the situation one is fa- 24 Estonia cing. Controlling in a downturn the case of Estonia Sharing these experiences means learning from each other. The good thing about infor- Impressum Controller Magazin Spezial ist ein Spezialheft der Fachzeit- mation is, that it grows when you share it. schrift Controller Magazin und erscheint 2 bis 4 Mal im Jahr. ISSN 1616-0495, Bestell-Nr. 5001, Postvertrieb: E 12688 Herausgeber Controller Magazin, Dr. Klaus Eiselmayer I am glad to support the International Controller Verlag Verlag fr ControllingWissen AG Association (ICV) by publishing this Controller Mnchner Str. 10, 82237 Wrthsee Tel. 01 80 / 91 31 24 | Fax 01 80 / 91 31 74 Magazin Spezial and say thanks to all the con-, trollers, editors, designers helping to get it Eingetragen im Handelsregister Freiburg i.Br. HRB 471840 produced. Vorstand: Dr. Klaus Eiselmayer, Dr. Jochen Zenthfer Anzeigen Haufe Fachmedia GmbH & Co. KG, Im Kreuz 9, 97076 Wrzburg, Wish you success in controlling Anzeigenleitung Bernd Junker, Tel.: 09 31 / 27 91-556 E-Mail: Anzeigenberatung Kathrin Hennermann, Tel.: 09 31 / 27 91-541, Fax: -477 E-Mail: Anzeigendisposition Christine Wolz, Tel.: 09 31 / 27 91-472, Fax: -477 E-Mail: Editor of Controller Magazin Redaktion Hans-Peter Sander, Gestaltung deyhledesign Werbeagentur GmbH, Gauting CEO Verlag fr ControllingWissen AG Trainer & Partner Controller Akademie AG Bildnachweis Titel Fotolia, Inhalt Fotolia Druck Bosch-Druck GmbH, Ergolding 1
  • 4. Internationalization ICV success continues Well-known and respected in German-speaking countries, controlling has been decisively shaped by Dr. Dr. h. c. Albrecht Deyhle and the International Controller Association (ICV). The key aim of ICVs internationalization strategy is to root this controlling philosophy in neighboring countries.