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    What Nurses Need to Know About Seasonal Flu & H1N1

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    Volume 39, No 3 Fall 2009

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    W S N A B o A r d o f d i r e c t o r S & S t A f f

    ExEcutivE DirEctorJudith A. Huntington, MN, RN

    SpEcial projEctS ManagErDarlene Delgado, RN

    ExEcutivE aDMiniStrativE aSSiStant to thE ExEcutivE DirEctor

    Barbara Bergeron

    BookkEEpErMary Reed

    aSSiStant ExEcutivE DirEctor, govErnMEntal affairS anD opErationS

    Anne Tan Piazza

    contract loBByiStTamara Warnke

    SEnior govErnMEntal affairS aDviSorSofia Aragon, JD, BSN, RN

    coMMunicationS SpEcialiStLillie Cridland

    WEB & coMMunicationS SpEcialiStBen Tilden

    opErationS / SyStEMS aDMiniStratorDuncan Taylor

    MEMBErShip coorDinatorMary Peterson

    MEMBErShip procESSorSPatrick McGrawLouise Hohbach

    MEMBErShip procESSor / clErical SupportKelly King

    coMMunicationS procESSorKathryn MacLeod

    rEcEptioniSt / Mail clErkIrene Mueller

    aSSiStant ExEcutivE DirEctor, nurSing practicE, EDucation & rESEarchSally Watkins, PhD, MS, RN

    occupational & EnvironMEntal hEalth SpEcialiStKaren R. Bowman, MN, RN, COHN-S

    EDucation SpEcialiStHilke Faber, MN, RN, FAAN

    aDMiniStrativE aSSiStant, prograMS & opErationSHue Tran

    aSSiStant ExEcutivE DirEctor, laBor rElationSBarbara E. Frye, BSN, RN

    aSSiStant DirEctor, laBor rElationSChristine Himmelsbach, MN, RN

    gEnEral / corporatE counSElTimothy Sears

    gEnEral counSElLinda Machia

    Michael Sanderson

    paralEgalMaria Pettit

    SEnior nurSE rEprESEntativEKathi Landon, RN

    nurSE rEprESEntativESDebra Bessmer, BSN, RN

    Margaret Conley, ARNP, RN Sara Frey, JD, BSN, RN

    Carmen Garrison BSN, RN Michelle Huskinson, RN Judy Marken, BSN, RN

    Pat McClure, RN Hanna Welander, BSN, RNHeather Worbets, BSN, RN

    Ed Zercher, BSN, RN

    nurSE organizErSJan Bussert, BSN, RN

    Tara Goode, BA, BSN, RN Mara Kieval, BSN, RN

    prESiDEntJulia A. Weinberg, RN, Bow

    vicE prESiDEntTim Davis, MN, RN, Mt. Vernon

    SEcrEtary / trEaSurErVerlee Sutherlin, MEd, MSN, RN, Nine Mile Falls

    DirEctorS-at-largEJeanne Avey, RN, Longview Ed Dolle, RN, Port Orchard

    Jennifer Graves, RN, MS, ARNP, SeattleJudi M. Lyons, RN, Ellensburg

    Pam Pasquale, MN, RN, BC, CNE, Wenatchee

    chair, profESSional nurSing & hEalth carE councilSharon Bradley, MSN, RN, Spokane

    chair, lEgiSlativE & hEalth policy councilSusan E. Jacobson, RN, CCRN, Yakima

    chair, caBinEt on EconoMic & gEnEral WElfarEMartha Avey, RN, CCRN, Spokane

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  • 4 | The Washington Nurse | Fall 2009


    WSNA President

    Ihave had the opportunity to attend several health care reform rallies, participate in a health care reform panel, and be in attendance at a few of the

    town hall meetings that Congressman Larson held here in my region of the state.

    I have talked with nurses who feel much like I do when it comes to health care reform and others who have differing opinions. What was good about all of these conversations and interactions is that we talked. We didnt yell or call each other names just had good dialogue about the pluses and minuses of what is out there now and of the various bills already in the Senate and House for our review. What we did all agree on was that our current health care system is indeed broken and in need of serious reform, though we differ in our views of what that reform should be.

    WSNA and ANA support a public option that would allow for people who do not have insurance (and possibly more people) to choose a federally admin-istered health care insurance plan. Insurance com-panies have promised to help reform the system but we need real accountability to ensure that they will help bring down costs, put caps on the out of pocket costs for patients and families, stop denying cover-age for preexisting conditions, and not make gender a factor in effect discriminating - in the services health plans provide coverage for. We need to hold insurance companies accountable and a quality pub-lic plan would do just that.

    We need to make sure that there is access to care,

    but access is only one piece of the puzzle. We

    also need to make sure that this health care is


    We need to make sure that there is access to care which means having enough primary providers across the country including enough registered nurses and advanced registered nurse practitioners to make sure we can meet the healthcare needs of

    In Focus

    our population. But access is only one piece of the puzzle, we also need to make sure that this health care is affordable for everyone.

    I have come to develop several core beliefs about health care, and Ive heard many others share these same thoughts during those town hall meetings and conversation:

    No one should ever have to be concerned about not being able to afford or access health care at any time in their lifetime.

    There needs to be a huge emphasis on public health and education, on health promotion and on disease prevention.

    We all will benefit if incentives are created that reward those who actively seek to improve their health by getting vaccinations, receiving regular screenings, exercising, living a healthy lifestyle, and availing themselves of preventive care. Rewarding people with chronic condi-tions who go the extra mile in managing their condition(s), under the guidance of a primary care provider, will be especially beneficial.

    When I attended the forums, the rallies and the town hall meetings or watched them on TV (as many of us did), I began to see and understand how much misinformation was really ou