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  • 1.Website PreparationsPhotograph Plans For the website there are a range of pictures that will be included. Some of these will be used as backgrounds for the web pages, whilst others willincorporated into: Advertisements for the Newsletter, Tour, Album release, new hit singleand online sites such as Tumblr and Pinterest Additional Album and Single Covers Wallpapers Posters Stickers General Pictures

2. Enter PageThis picture is used for the Enter Page however, rather than using this one pictureby itself. Im going to edit it to make it look more appealing as well as making it blend in with the background colour of the web page. 3. To edit this picture, I usedWindows PhotoGallery whichwas very simpleand easy. I began by cropping theimage so that the main focuswas on his face.Next, I adjusted the colour tomake it blackand white.Lastly, I adjustedthe exposure, to make it darker. 4. Home Page: Sign Up toNewsletter AdvertisementThis picture will be used in order to advertise the Newsletter. It will alsobe located on various pages. Our plan, is to edit this picture usingInstagram, and add text to it using PowerPoint. 5. I edited the original image using Instagram whereby I selected For this picture, Ifrom a number of colourinserted the options/effects.shape roundedrectangle into the slide. I next filled Effect 1 it with the image. InkwellI used the same procedure as I did above, however on thisoccasion I added text to it and changed the picture style to Reflected Bevel.Effect 2 Willow Sign Up& Join OurEffect 3 News Earlybird Letter 6. Sign Up To our News LetterWell send you the latest updates on new releases and tourdates, and well keep you posted on great new content on ourwebsite.For this image, I inserted the edited picture into PowerPoint and added text toit. I also changed the picture style to create a soft edge rectangle around the image. Lastly, I selected all parts of the image and grouped them in order to save it as an image. 7. Sign Up To our News LetterWell send you the latest updates on new releases and tourdates, and well keep you posted on great new content on ourwebsite. For this image, I inserted the shape rounded rectangle and filled it with the colour grey. Next, I inserted the edited picture into PowerPoint and changed the picture style to create a soft edge rectangle around the image. In orderfor the shape and the image to look like one image I had to change the colourof the shape slightly. Next, I selected all parts of the image and grouped them in order to save it as an image. 8. Tour Page Stand Up Tour AdvertisementOne of these three pictures will be used as the overall picture for his StandUp tour advertisement and edited using Instagram. It will also be located on various pages. On the tour page, we are going to use one of the pictures also as a background image. 9. All of these images were edited usingInstagram. The image below was edited using PowerPoint by increasing the brightness andcontrast to +10% and +20%. For all the other images, I used Willow to begin with and then re-edited using other effects. Effects on Instagram 1. Willow 2. Willow +Earlybird 3. Willow +Earlybird and shine 4. Willow +Hefe 5. Willow +Rise 10. BIG Tour Poster: IdeaQUANOne I created this image by using parts of image 1, 4 and 5. I done this by placing each image onthe page, over oneanother and croppingTheout different parts as Iwent along. Next, Iadded text to the image, Stand Up using fonts Byington forhis name and Lucida Tour Handwriting for the titleof the tour. 11. Tour Poster: Idea TwoI created this image byusing parts of everysingle image that I hadedited using Instagram.In order to do this, IBIGused the same procedure as before.QUANNext, I added text to theimage, using fontSTAND Byington for his nameUPand the title.TOUR 12. Tour Poster: Idea Three (Final Idea) I created this image by usingBIG QUAN the image I had edited using PowerPoint. Next, I altered the brightness and contrastto -20% in brightness andThe Stand Up+20% in contrast. Lastly, I added text to it using theTour same fonts as my previousidea. This consisted of fonts Byington for his name and Lucida Handwriting for thetitle of the tour. 13. Tumblr Advertisement:I AM BIG QUAN This picture is going to be used for the Tumblr Advertisement. Tumblr is a blogwhereby you will be able to see all of Big Quans pictures. We intend to edit thispicture using Instagram so that there is more than one picture. It will also be locatedon various pages. 14. Image 1 & 3Image 2 & 4For these images,I firstly put thesame image into a collage threetimes (Image 1) using PicJointer. Next, I edited it using Instagram. For image numberthree I used colour effect Willow in which I re-editedby adding Hudson to make imagenumber four.Image number 2 is the same as number onehowever, I changed thepicture style usingPowerPoint to have soft edges. 15. My Final Choice for the Tumblr advertisement was Image number 4 which I re- edited. I like this choice for the blue effect that it added to the overall image whilst stillappearing to be black. I inserted the image on to a lilac/grey coloured rectangle a shape that I had previously inserted. Next, I added text using the font Biondi as wellas the Tumblr logo. Originally, I was going to make the image bigger and place the text around it in a curved style. However, I was unable to do it using PowerPoint. Lastly, I grouped all parts of the image together in order to save it. 16. Pinterest AdvertisementThis picture was used for our enter page in which I edited using Windows Photo Gallery. We intend to use the same picture in the same way for the Pinterest advertisement but change the colour. It will also be located on various pages. 17. Idea OneAt the top of the page is the two images, I edited using Windows Photo Gallery, for theenter page. Using Instagram, I edited image two using colour effects Xpro and Toaster. After editing these pictures I inserted it using PowerPoint and placed them next to one another to make idea one. However, I didnt like the way in which theycontrasted with one another. As a result, I made a triple image of each differentcolour effect (shown on the next slide). Next I added text to it using font Lucidahandwriting and the Pinterest logo. 18. BQ MERCH Available NowIdea TwoBQ MERCH Available NowIdea Three 19. BQ MERCHIdea FourAvailable Now(Final Idea) I created another idea for thePinterest advertisement however used one image ratherthan three. Lastly,I added the textand the logo as before and grouped all partsof the image so that I can save it. 20. Brand New Album Release Desire To Believe AdvertisementThis picture was used for our official album cover called Desire To Believe. Inthe advertisement we intend to use the same album cover and add text to it usingPowerPoint. It will also be located on various pages. 21. New Hit Single Always on MyMind Advertisement This picture was used on the inside cover of our official album called Desire ToBelieve. In the advertisement for the hit single Always On My Mind, we intend touse this picture, edit it using Instagram and add text to it using PowerPoint. It will also be located on various pages. 22. Idea One & TwoIdea Three & Four These images were edited using Instagram. The colour effects for each image are as follows:1. Valencia with shine2. Valencia with shine +Early bird3. Willow4. Willow, crop +Toaster When I inserted each image into the slide, I changed the picture style using PowerPoint.These consisted of:1. Moderate Frame Black2. Reflected Bevel, Black3. Simple Frame, White4. Simple Frame, White 23. Final Idea1For my final idea, I chose Idea four because I felt thecolour effect on the imagemade it look very vintage. It also looked like somethingyou would see on the albumcovers of artists today. Tofinalise my single cover, Iadded the parental advisoryand iTunes logo to signify to the audience the type ofsingle it was as well ashaving the option todownload it on ITunes. The font I used for this image was Byington. 24. Final Idea2Whilst choosingfonts for my single cover, I used thefont Lucida handwriting once again for the name of the song. I made a second option sothat I could see how it would look once I changed the font. 25. Music Page: Album & Single CoversAlbum1. Desire To Believe Picture ofthe artist2. Words of2. Words of Wisdom - WordsWisdom3. Poetic Justice Back to BackPicture of the artistSingles1. Always On My Mind (1stAlbum) Picture of Artist2. The Truth (2nd Album) Picture of Artist3. Lyricality (2nd Album)-Symbols4. Explode - (2nd Album) - Anexplosion5. One More Time (3rd Album) Picture of fingers/hands6. Strive (3rd Album) Colourwith arrow or aeroplane7. Two Roads Picture of tworoads 26. Music Page:Album Covers1. Desire To BelieveThe Desire To Believe album cover waspreviously done for the digipak, therefore nowork had to be done to it. 27. Music Page: Album Covers2) Words of WisdomFor the Words of Wisdom album cover, I decidedto use onlyletters ratherBIG QUAN than a image. I started byinserting asquare shapeWORDS OF WISDOMand adding text to it. For hisname and the album title, Iused the fontByington. 28. Music Page: Album Covers 3) Poetic JusticeFor the Poetic Justice album, we intend to use one imagebut reverse it to make it looklike two images using theprogrammes Instagram andPic Jointer. To begin with I made aFor my third idea, I used idea collage of two images usingnumber 2 and adjusted thePic Jointer. I done this by colour and exposure oninserting two images into theWindows Photo Gallery. I felt collage, and reversing thethat this idea looked veryright image. Next I added a unique and modern, soblack frame to it (idea 1) andtherefore chose it to be my then a white frame (idea 2). final idea. 29. Final Idea 1For this idea, I addedBig Quan text using the fontByington for his name and Edwardian script for the album Poetic title. Next, I added the Parental Advisory logo so that the Justiceviewer can