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    Chiang Rai

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    Once in a Life Time In Chiang Rai

    Lanna Wedding in the Old Lanna Town

    Lanna Wedding and Pre-Wedding Places


    10 Love whispering places for lovebirds

    Lovebirds Activities

    Sweet Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

    Wedding & Honeymoon Destinations

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  • Love is in the air

    Once in a Life Time in Chiang Rai


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    High mountain ranges shrouded in the mist, reflections of the Mekong River at dawn and dusk that flow like a river of diamonds through the Golden Triangle, home of aromatic teas and coffees blanketed with cool morning fog, fresh breeze in the old city of Chiang Saen---every moment Chiang Rai provides lovers with a beauty of nature, touch of history and romantic charm of the city.

    The Tourism Authority of Thailand, Chiang Rai Office, proudly presents Once in a Life time in Chiang Rai an ultimate guide book for every couple from pre-wedding to honeymoon and complete information about Lanna Wedding.

    We hope this romantic city would be the place of love and memories for every lover.

    Once in a life time in

    Chiang Rai


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  • Lanna Wedding in the old lanna town

    Step by step from preparation to the wedding ceremony

    (Kin-khaek) was the original name for a Lanna wedding

    party. In the Lanna old days, wedding was not just an announcement of

    two lovers but would also be a symbol of respect between the

    two families. A wedding could also mean that a girls family would

    get more labor to work on a farm. In earlier times, the ceremony

    was very complicated, but has been simplified and blended with

    other cultures over time.

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  • Sai Phi / Sia Phi Ceremony:

    Paying respect to family and spirits

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    Phi or spirit played vital roles in Lanna folklore. People believed that there were spirits everywhere in almost everything and people also had a spirit protecting them since they were born. To marry with girl, a man has to ask the spirit or Phii for permission. Any physical relationship before wedding is spirit trespassing, called Phit Phi, which is against the traditions. Therefore, Sai Phi or Sia Phi Ceremony is an apologetic ceremony to the spirits of the bride and groom. The following steps are the preparation for the ceremony.

    1. Telling parents in order to prepare the ceremony

    2. Brides family will declare the offerings needed in the ceremony

    3. General offering lists

    - Sets of flowers and incenses which normally starts from 12, 24 or 36 sets (depend on the amount of spirits of the brides family)

    - Money to go with the flower sets

    - Food offering sets which consist of a pair of boiled chicken, liquor, Laab (Northern Thai spicy minced pork), Kaeng Om ( Northern Thai style stew) fruits and snacks. The oldest person in the family will be the one to do the worship ceremony to the familys spirits.

    - The groom will go to the brides house with clothes and his necessities (and swords in the old days) and the Kin Khaek party will follow.

    Nowadays, if brides and grooms do not want to throw a party, the ceremony can be finished at this step or couples can add more stages to complete the wedding ceremony.

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    Su Kho Ceremony: Asking for Permission



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  • This ceremony should be held on the same day of Sai Phi / Sia Phi , the engagement ceremony or the same day as the wedding. When the two families agree on the marriage, the ceremony begins with a gathering of the elders from each family. They will discuss about the wedding and ask for permission for the couple to be together. The preparations of the ceremony for the groom are as follows;

    - Dowry items consist of two trays on pedestals, one containing rings and ornaments and another for money.

    - Khan Mak or offering trays contain significant items for good fortunes; such as, 2 fresh betel nuts, 12 gold leaves, 12silver leaves, 12 copper leaves, 2 bags of rice seeds, 2 bags of white rice and 2 bags of sesame seeds.

    - Besides the preparetion of items as mentioned above, a pair of banana trees, and a pair of sugar cane stems, and the grooms clothes and necessities are also needed to prepare for the procession

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    The wedding ceremony traditionally takes place in the brides house but nowadays is frequently held at a hotel or resort. The sequences are as follows;

    - Offer sacrifices to the 4 Heavenly Kings (4 guardians of the world) by the elders of the village or the family in the morning at the brides house

    - Kho Khoei Ceremony: Brides parents asking permission from the grooms parents for their son-in-law to live with their daughter. At this point the groom can officially say good-bye to his family.

    - Khan Mak Procession: after the Kho Khoei ceremony is finished, the groom will lead the waiting Khan Mak procession to the brides house.

    - Hong Khwan or Bai Si Su Khwan ceremony: gathering lovers souls together with a prayer ritual, after which all family members come and tie sacred threads on the spouses wrists and bless them good luck.

    - Sending off Ceremony: guiding wedding couple to their bedroom for the first time, a respected old couple who has been married for a long time will lean on the bed followed by the wedding couple. The couple will stay in the room for a moment. Then they will come out for a party later.

    More recently, Lanna wedding at present has been adapted to suit modern lifestyles, and people prefer to arrange the wedding at hotel, resort or any function venues. Normally the future spouse likes to carry out the Lanna ceremony in the morning and have a western style reception in the evening.

    Lanna Wedding and Pre wedding Places

    Wedding Ceremony

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  • Lanna Wedding

    and Pre-Wedding


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  • Cherntawan International

    Meditation Center


    Highlights ( Organic

    Food by Organic Monk),

    , . ,



    : 8 700


    : 081 919 8980, 081 889 0010

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  • Chern Tawan literally means, to invite the sun, therefore the people who visit the place will later have a prosperous life as they have got light for their own life path. This meditation center is founded by Maha Vadhijaya Vajiramedhi (V.Vajiramedhi), a nation-wide famous monk. For religious lovers could make a merit for a good future or holding a traditional wedding at Rai Chern Tawan.


    Traditional Lanna wedding in a religious atmosphere

    Location: From Chiang Rai city, taking Amphoe Thoeng Road approximately 8 km. to Tambon Huay Sak then go further for 700 m, turning left, then keep going for 7 km. you will reach Rai Chern Tawan

    Accommodation: Contact for reservation or looking for more information at or e-mail at Tel. 081 919 8980, 081 889 0010

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  • () Mae Fah Luang Art & Culture Park








    053 716 605-7 -

    8.30-17.00 .

    Step into the charm of Lanna at Mae Fah Luang Art & Culture Park. Old, magnificent wooden houses surrounded by a wonderful garden will bring all lovers back to the grandeur of Lanna in the old days. It is the former Thai Hill Art and Craft Foundation office established by Her Royal Highness Princess Srinagarindra. After the project finished, it has been renamed to Mae Fah Luang Art & Culture Park. Today it is the home of Lanna antique arts and collectibles.


    Ho kham- A spectacular Lanna House inspired by Wat Pong Sanuk. It is an ideal place for pre-wedding photographyHo kham Noi -features stunning old mural painting with powder color by Dai Tue artists

    Location: 4 km. from Chiang Rai City, Mae Fah Luang Art & Culture Park is situated in Baan Pa-Ngiew, Tambon Rob Wiang

    Functions: Ho Kaew consists of 2 parts, one is for seminars for 30-300 guests. For more information please contact: 053 716 605-7 Tuesday- Sunday 8.30-17.00.

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  • : 81/1 . . ., 57000


    Displaying precious Lanna heritage collectibles such as object darts, Royal Lanna household accessories from many Royal courts for instance, Phrae, Nan Royal accessories. The exhibition also includes various antique Dai costumes. Oub Kham Museum is founded by