Why do we sleep

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  • 1. RUSSELL FOSTER WHY DO WE SLEEP? 1. What percentage of your life will you spend sleeping? 2. What is the play Russell doesnt want to mention and why? 3. What is the perception of the XXth century about sleep? 4. Some areas of the brain are actually more _____________ during the sleep state than during the wake state. 5. Whats the first theory about why we sleep? 6. The second theory is energy conservation. What does it mean? 7. The third idea has to do with brain________________ and _______________ consolidation 8. How many hours sleep do teenagers need for full brain performance? 9. Mention two situations which make people not be able to sleep even if they desperately want to. 10. What are those moments of involuntary falling asleep called? 11. What increases levels of alertness and delays sleep? 12. Mention two of the four myths about sleep Russell refers to in his talk. 1) 2) 13. What is the effect of sleep disruption on mental illnesses? ANSWER KEY 1. 36% 2. Macbeth, pronouncing its name gives bad luck. 3. Its a waste of time, almost an illness. 4. ACTIVE 5. All the stuff weve burned up during the day, we restore, we replace, we rebuild during the night. 6. You sleep to save calories.

2. 7. PROCESSING / MEMORY 8. nine 9. shift work and jet lag 10. micro-sleeps 11. light 12. a) Teenagers are lazy b) We need eight hours of sleep c) Old people need less sleep d) Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy 13. It exacerbates it. It makes it worse.