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  • 8/14/2019 Windsor Vitae, 010510


    M. WINDSOR AMUNDSEN2624 E Hope, Mesa AZ 85213 Cell (480) 302 -0021 Home (480-644-0118 [email protected]

    Education: Master of Science in Engineering, with research emphasis in Materials Science, ASU, 1997Related Coursework: Thermodynamics, Diffusion Barriers, Physical Metallurgy, Ion Implantation ,Vacuum Science, Advanced Materials Processing, Corrosion, Statistics

    Areas of Expertise:Welding Metallography EDM, ECM, LBMHeat Treat Brazing Corrosion MitigationCoatings Shot Peen Special Process AuditsAccomplishments:

    Performed Source Approval evaluation and Substantiation of power shaft P/N 2-141-340-03 forHoneywell electron beam weld vendor Middleton Aerospace. Used metallography to determineconformance to AMS2680. Implemented a shorter pump down cycle to improve productivity by50%. Reduced weld porosity by reducing weld traverse speed, which allows more time forgases to escape the molten pool, reducing scrap by 65%.

    Performed Special Process audit of Bennett Heat Treat, a Honeywell supplier of brazed diffuserassemblies. The brazed diffuser assembly had been exposed to excessive time and temperaturein the braze cycle, resulting in braze erosion. To mitigate braze erosion, I implemented a shorterand cooler braze cycle and used tooling with reduced thermal mass. Productivity increased90%.

    Resolved braze cracking issue at Ace Precision in the Combustor Liner Assembly, P/N 2-131-110-63. Prior to this design change, the part cracked in the solidified braze filler metal due tothermal stresses. The pie pan concept was implemented which allowed a more robust designwith more mass to reduce thermal stress. The crack issue was resolved, the Combustor LinerAssembly was substantiated , and went into production saving Honeywell approximately$150,000 annually.

    Provided Honeywell-Mora in the Czech Republic with the technical expertise to qualify foreffusion (laser drilling on the fly) hole drilling of combustors to enhance cooling and increase

    service life of combustors. Used metallography to determine hole size, alignment, and remeltlayer thickness to insure conformance to PNCP52574. This allowed us to reduce manufacturingcosts without compromising part integrity. Annual savings of $325,000 were achieved.

    Professional Experience:Principal Materials Engineer, Orbital Sciences Corp, Chandler AZ, 2009

    Performed audits of orbital welds (GTAW) used in Attitude Control System of ground basedmissile and launch vehicles. Performed assessments of launch vehicle components to identifyand mitigate corrosion by intergranular attack, stress corrosion cracking, and galvanic couples.Developed course and test materials for Weld Certification of 28 design engineers, given11/18/09.Senior Materials Engineer, Honeywell, Phoenix AZ, 1998-2009

    Performed process approval and substantiation of welded and brazed components (diffusers,nozzles, combustors, curl assemblies) for Honeywell-Mora (Czech Republic) and Honeywell-

    Chihuahua. Processes transferred include brazing, laser hole drilling, electro-dischargemachining, orbital welding, automated and manual GTAW, RSW, electron beam, laser, andinertia welding.Metallurgical Engineer, IMC Magnetics, Tempe AZ, 1993-1998

    Copper furnace brazing per AMS2670, GTAW, and heat treat of magnetic Fe materials invacuum.Supervisor of the Metallurgical Lab, Chromalloy (Jet Services West), El Cajon CA, 1990-1992.

    Prepare and evaluate metallurgical specimens. Pratt and Whitney LCS reporting to MarkCrevier. Created parameters for brazing, welding, EDM, ECM, RSEW, RSW, heat treat, andplasma spray.

  • 8/14/2019 Windsor Vitae, 010510