Wordlist Unit I Words and Phrases Tom yang. 1.review vt / N Eg. review one’s lessons review the situation/the evidence review one’s failures review the

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Text of Wordlist Unit I Words and Phrases Tom yang. 1.review vt / N Eg. review one’s lessons review the...

  • Wordlist Unit IWords and PhrasesTom yang

  • 1.review vt / NEg. review ones lessons

    review the situation/the evidence

    review ones failures

    review the film/the play=go overa book reviewer

  • 2.altogether 1. You owe me $50 ~.

    2. I dont ~ agree with you.

    3. The food was good, and we loved the atmosphere. A~ it was a great evening.= in all=completely=In a word

  • 3.age 1.He left school at the age of 12./at an early age.

    2.the nuclear age/the age of computer

    3. Ive waited for ages/years

    4.look age

    5.They have two children aged 6and 8.=a long time

  • 4.superior eg.1. ~ intelligence/strength/knowledge

    2. a ~ court of law

    3. He is ~ to me in position.

    4. He is my immediate ~.

    5. Modern music is often considered inferior to that of the past.

  • 5.wind 1. sail against the wind

    2. The snake wound its way to the hole.

    3. wind the wool into a ball

    4. He forgot to wind (up) his watch.

    5. Are all the windows wound up?

    6. Give the handle another couple of winds.N. /N.

  • 6.apply 1.apply to the company in person/by letter for the position

    2. He has applied to join the army.

    3. apply political pressure

    4. The new technology was applied to farming. 5. apply the cream to your face and neck.

    6.fill in the application>>>

  • 7.launch 1. ~ a campaign/an investigation/an attack

    2. ~ ones latest novel / the new model of the mobile phone

    3. ~ a new warship/a satellite

  • 8.demand 1.He demanded an explanation. 2.He demanded to be told everything. 3.I demanded that John go there at once. 4..


    6.Flying makes enormous demands on pilots.

    7.Oil is in great demand these days.He demanded that the right to vote (should) be given to every adult woman. meet/satisfy ones demand for sthmake demands on/of ,in demand ,

  • 9.degree 1.Water freezes at 0C.(zero degrees centigrade)

    2.Her job demands a high degree of skill.

    3.I agree with you to a certain degree.

    4.She received a doctors degree.

    5.By degree their friendship grew into love.,()()=slowly and gradually

  • 10.spring 1. He turned off the alarm and sprang out of bed.

    2. He sprang his feet when he saw his mother.

    3. Tears sprang to her eyes. 4. Play areas for children are springing up all over the place. 5. She rose with a spring. 6. The rubber has lost its spring. 7. The spring of my watch is broken. 8. He was born in the spring of 1944. 9. a mineral spring =stood up suddenly/,N.cN.uN.c,N.c

  • 1.personal adj. personally adv eg. personal possessions/experience

    personal relationships/qualities

    personal life/matter make a personal appearance

    offer a personal service Personally, I prefer the second opinion.

    All the answers will be answered personally.

  • 12.delight vt/vi n 1. The news will ~ his fans all over the world.

    2. He delights to prove his brother wrong. 3. She delighted in her work.

    4. Im delighted to receive your letter. 5. I was delighted at the thought of seeing you again. 6. I was delighted with my present. 7. I was delighted that you were all successful. 8. to ones delight 9.The naughty took (a) delight in pulling the dogs tail. >

  • 13. vary V. variety N. various AdjEg.1.The menu varies with the season.2. We all need ________ in our diet.variety3.There _______ a variety of opinion. There _______ a variety of opinions There _______ several varieties of red roses.waswerewere4.She took the job for_________ reasons.various