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    Cover Letter Press Release

    Letter of Persuasion Proposal

    Formal Report Collaborative Informal Report

  • Cover Letter 63 E. Lake St. Apt# 1704 Chicago, IL 60601 December 8, 2014 Mrs. Linda Peluso Internship Coordinator Simon Showroom 95 Fifth Avenue New York City, NY 10003 Dear Mrs. Peluso, While employed as a Sales Associate for Mettlers, I had been working with Mollie Ketroser on purchase orders for Sundry. Mollie and I got to talking about the brand and the showroom itself when she mentioned your internship program. As a student at Columbia College studying fashion business, I feel that Simon Showroom could give me the chance to utilize and expand my knowledge of the business. Because of my previous experience at Mettlers, I am already familiar with several of the brands Simon Showroom houses, and I have been selling them for a couple of years. I am accustomed to the long days of working trade shows-- unpacking, steaming, and repacking garments-- as well as the ordering and transferring processes that follow the shows. While I believe I have a strong base of skills that would be of value to the Simon Showroom team, I am sure that this experience would help further develop and hone my skills. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss what the internship entails. I can be contacted at t.markgraf3@yahoo.com, thank you for taking the time to consider me. Sincerely, Taylor Markgraf



    NEW YORK CITY Dec. 2, 2014 Kate Spade New York will host a spring preview of the

    2015 Spring/Summer collection at its flagship store on Madison Avenue on Dec. 13, 2014 (5:00-

    8:00pm). The store itself will be transformed into a showroom where the new collection will be


    The store will remove all of the typical merchandise and displays to create a showroom. The team

    at Kate Spade will transform this empty space by installing three walls covered in white flowers,

    one wall in their signature black and white stripe pattern, and the floor covered in grass. Models

    will be on display wearing the collection that was inspired by vacation, which translates into

    relaxed dresses and more flats as opposed to heels.

    Our customers will escape the ordinary to a place where swimming, lounging, and living in the

    moment are the only tasks at hand, said designer and CEO Kate Spade. There will only be 150

    customers allowed in the store at a time due to capacity regulations. There will be a designated

    waiting line area outside of the store. Once the customers are in the store, they will experience the

    private presentation of the collection and will have the only opportunity for pre-ordering all items



  • Letter of Persuasion Fellow Board Members, I may be the newest addition to the Madewell Board but I have been a customer for 10 years and an employee for five. You could say I know the stores in and out. Our mission statement set by our sister store J. Crew states, Its one of our top priorities to run our business with sensitivity to the world around us. Today, the world around us is grappling with the controversial issue of openly carrying guns in public places. It has come to my attention, from The Wall Street Journal, that 31 out of the 50 states allow open carry without a license or permit, 12 states require a license or permit, and seven still prohibit open carry. This suggests that there are people all over the country openly carrying guns in public places. The FBI recently did a study of 160 active shooter incidents in the United States between 2000 and 2013. What I found most alarming in this study is that 45.6% of the incidents happened in Commerce areas. Out of that 45.6%, 27.5% happened in businesses open to pedestrian traffic, 14.4% were in businesses closed to pedestrian traffic, and 3.8% happened in malls. The issue we face as a company is whether or not we should allow our customers to carry guns in our stores. When I think about the Madewell stores, I focus on their fun, energetic, and safe shopping environment. If we were to allow customers to openly carry weapons in the stores, would we be compromising our signature environment? I personally feel that we would. Pew Research Center shows

  • us that more men than women carry guns, and the majority of the people who do openly carry are 50 years-old and up. Considering that our clientele is made up of young women, I dont believe we would have an issue with this request. We need to give our customers the peace of mind that when they shop in our stores it remains a worry free and safe environment because not everyone feels comfortable around guns. By banning guns, no one would be openly carrying a weapon that eliminates the reason to feel the need for protection. Asking our customers to simply refrain from bringing their gun into our stores creates a win, win situation. In order to achieve this, I propose we take to our social media platforms and start a campaign about creating a worry free shopping environment for all. Some might argue that the guns make them feel more safe and protected rather than walking around unarmed. I feel that it is fair and still sensitive to the world around us. Thank you, Taylor Markgraf Madewell Board Member

  • Proposal

    Taylor Markgraf Event Coordinator Art Institute of Chicago Dear Maje Team, Welcome to the Windy City! The sophistication of Maje makes a tremendous addition to the shopping on Oak Street. It has come to our attention that the Maje Team is looking to put on a fashion show to establish its new presence in Chicago and is in need of a venue for the affair. We believe that the only venue that showcase the collection, but do so while demonstrating how the collection fits within Chicagos chic ambiance, is the Art Institute.

    THE VENUE The Art Institute of Chicago has been around for 135 years and has a well-established presence in the city as well as the world. We are home to many inspiring collections, a library, the modern wing, and our gardensall of which are used for grand events year round. Several of my event planning team members have been raving about the artistic beauty and structural elegance of the clothing at Maje and could not possibly imagine your fashion show anywhere else but at the Art Institute. The evening could start with an intimate cocktail hour in the Pritzker Garden where Chicagos elite could mingle and get to know the Chicago Maje Team. Following cocktail hour, the guests would walk back through the museum to the South Garden, which is lined

  • with canopied trees and dotted with glowing fountains, where the fashion show will take place. LOGOSTICS For the cocktail party: The Pritzker Garden offers

    o Indoor room o Outdoor space

    Each space can hold 400 people The spaces can be rented separately or together depending on how many guests you would have attending. For the runway show: South Garden is a threetiered structure

    1. The terrace o Large enough to hold the backstage of the runway.

    Because it is raised off the ground, this would eliminate the expense of bringing in a raised surface to keep the clothing protected.

  • 2. The walkway which is ground level o Where the runway and seating would be.

    The surface is made up of wide pieces of granite that can double as an area for the runway and seating. 3. A few steps down from ground level o This is where the fountains rest. o Unusable due to the height difference, but still important to the ambiance of the space. Because the fountains are lower than the audience, all the audience sees is glowing water. It is truly a unique aspect of the layout of the garden.

    SERVICES AND EXPENSES We trust that Maje will supply: models, staff members for backstage, hair, make-up, a photographer, DJ, tech and special effects, and advertising and printing. On top of the venue and event planning assistance, The Art Institute can supply the following: lighting, chairs, tents, flats, security, and luxury port-a-potties. The breakdown of costs would be: Pritzker Garden $5,000.00 South Garden $10,000.00 Event Planning Service $2,000.00 Lighting $4,650.00 Chairs (for 400 people) $1,500.00 Tents (to cover the backstage) $8,000.00 Flats $300.00 Security $1,000.00 Luxury Port-a-Potties $800.00 TOTAL $33,250.00

  • EVENT SCHEDULE Planning extensive events like a fashion show usually starts between six and 12 months before the event date. Because this is not Majes first fashion show, I would feel confident if we started meetings eight months before the desired show date. I would suggest that our teams meet once a month for the first six months to lock down a theme, create a floor plan, generate a drink menu, come up with the lighting designs, choose the chairs, and decide on how many tents we will need to shelter the backstage. For the two months prior to the show, I propose that we meet every other week to finalize everything. Lastly, the night before and morning of the event will be spent setting up. v

    This location is unlike any in Chicago. The architectural grandness of the Museum and the elegance of its gardens paints a picture of classic elegance that complements Maje perfectly. I look forward to the opportunity of meeting with the Maje Team. Thank you, Taylor Markgraf Event Coordinator Art Institute of Chicago

  • Formal Report Components That Makeup an Appealing Website By Taylor Markgraf Dec